Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread

  • That is pretty impressive. I haven't gotten around to watching yet, but pretty sweet he guess that

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    Briliant episode as always! But I really REALLY want to stress that he should play silver next! Its such a good follow up that to miss it would be bad! Make it happen kyle! after there however he can go to any bit. It just feels like Silver/gold are such a crucial step he must take.

  • I've been trying to think of a way to get Brandon to trade, but if he doesn't want to I don't think the issue should be forced upon him. That being said, I would still like him to see what can happen. I'm pretty sure at least 1 other ally has bought a version of the game on 3DS, which gave me a few ideas.

    I would like to see Kyle film a trade with that ally in the same setting where they film BPP, without Brandon in the room knowing whats happening, where he receives maybe a certain rock pokemon to use in his final battle with Jones. Kyle and the ally discuss the show a little bit and the trade they're making before it fades to black, and the episode with Brandon begins.

    The other option would be that the ally can be in the room with them while they're filming the episode. Imagine it starts with Brandon introducing the show, meanwhile Kyle and the ally are on their 3DS' doing the trade. Kyle can continue to talk to Brandon, but the other ally wouldn't say a word until the trade is complete and then leaves the room. Kyle saves and closes his 3DS and goes on about the episode normally leaving Brandon to wonder what the hell just happened.

    I say ally, I'm picturing Huber or Ben because they both said they were going to get at least a version during the Direct announcement reaction live stream.

    No idea, if anyone else likes this idea but I feel like it would be a fun way to have a contigency plan to introduce Brandon to the mechanic if he never pushes Kyle for a trade.

    Another great episode, honestly probably my favorite thing EZA has done so far.

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    I can't believe he guessed the final gym leader. What in the world. I guess it was less obvious at the time, but props to Brandon.

    I can't believe Kyle managed to keep a straight face when Brandon guessed right. Wonder if he saw it coming and had already steeled himself.

    Yeah there is no way I could have kept a straight face there.

    As for the trading evolution debate... I really feel Kyle should just tell Jones if he hasn't asked to trade by the end of the game. Maybe even before the Elite Four.

    Brandon Plays Pokemon is quite likely my favourite EZA show. Every episode is just so full of amazing moments and as a huge Pokemon fan I can totally understand the feelings Kyle gets while he sits there and talks to Brandon.

  • @Carmichael Yep, I love all the content they produce but they've really created something truly special with this series. When I explain the premise to other people that aren't into EZA (heathens, basically), they don't understand because it's difficult to communicate the magic of each episode through words. There's going to be a hole in my heart when it eventually ends... but I can always re-watch it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I too am sad for the day it is over. I do like the idea of them trying something similar with different games, but I think it would be very difficult to have the same magic as playing Pokemon for the first time as an adult and then discussing it with a Pokemaniac.

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    It's been a long time since I last heard anybody use that term...

  • Kyle still mixing up soul and marshbadge? I figured that someone would let him know about this shameful mistake from previous episode, but now Kyle even hold the marshbadge in his very hands announcing how its the soulbadge


    overall I love this series, hopefully tho there will be a long break before gold&silver brandon run, also keep it old school gameboy style and dont listen em heathens preachin about remakes, gotta have that gameboy weirdass spritestyle, baby!

  • I'm glad Kyle nudged Jones on ignoring the Eevee. I really want to see him join the main party

  • @Munkkiman Yeah looks like he just went with the order the badges are listed in, since the game puts the soul badge before the marsh badge.

  • Echoing most everyone's sentiments, this is the show I look forward to the most. Watching Mr. Jones go through the game in such a way that is different from a "regular" run is so great. The fact that Mr. Bosman keeps a straight face when Mr. Jones guesses some things is commendable. I REALLY hope Jones doesn't burn the Master Ball on what he's about to encounter (for episode 7 I imagine). Since the Eeveelutions have been teased, I wonder if the fossils will be brought back up pretty soon.... Also, IF there is an entire episode dedicated to just trying to find and catch as many as possible, that's probably going to be the point where trades and stones get fully explained. I posted in the Patreon section (I think) that it would be pretty cool if Mr. Jones would be willing to write out his current Pokedex so we all can know what he has YET to see and Mr. Bosman can direct him accordingly. And I just remembered the version specific pokemon like Electabuzz, Magmar, Scyther and Pinser. Wow. Mr. Jones I feel has about three or four episodes left within the series. Finally $102 K? Really? Stingy with his cash like his TMs....

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    I'm glad Kyle nudged Jones on ignoring the Eevee. I really want to see him join the main party

    I know Eveelutions have been teased by Kyle at a couple of points but I don't think Brandon has twigged that you need to use the Elemental Stones to do it. Also that each stone causes a different evolution.

    I think it would be bad for Brandon if he ended up just evolving his Eevee with the first stone he tried on it rather than choosing between Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon.

  • I'm pretty surprised he guessed it, too. I recall when I was 7 playing this game for the first time and wondering where the final gym was. Had to keep circling the map before finding it in Veridian City. I remember stumbling on it and being like "Oh, it's the locked gym from 2 months ago!"

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    I think it would be bad for Brandon if he ended up just evolving his Eevee with the first stone he tried on it rather than choosing between Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon.

    Nah, let him try it. Then let him become even more amazed when he realises he could've chosen later on.

  • @Krauser is there anyone in the game that tells you it evolves into different things? I haven't played R/B/Y in over a decade (since Fire Red/Leaf Green came out). I don't see Brandon playing another game of this gen, so it's better to leave him up to his own devices. I am glad, however, that he was told to save before something in the cave.

  • @SweetJohnnyCage I am not entirely sure, but I think there is at least one NPC that tells you there are 'several ways' to make Eevee evolve into 'several evolutions' or something. Also, Eevee's Pokedex entry already states "it may mutate if it is exposed to radiation from element Stones."

  • @thenerdtheword I think he shouldn't know about that to be honest. If he botches it and gets a Flareon then so be it. I honestly think that he wouldn't want any of the evolutions regardless due to his current team (already having water/fire/electric).

  • @Krauser ok that's what I thought. I keep picturing a table with 3 pokeballs in my head that bring up the Pokedex entries for the evolutions, but I could definitely just be imagining that that's a thing.

  • @SweetJohnnyCage You can get the different pokedex entries for each of them very early on when you visit bill (if you go back after transforming him and use his PC). I don't think he explicitly says anything though.