Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread

  • @SweetJohnnyCage I'm pretty sure he doesn't know, no.

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    Brandon said a bunch of times they aren't planning on doing a "Brandon Plays Pokemon" for Sun & Moon.

    They don't need to, just the fact that Brandon will jump from Gen 1 to Gen 7 is going to be hard for him to keep up with, even if its a casual playthrough.

    I'd much rather have a Brandon Plays Pokémon on Gold/Silver/Crystal. Release those on Virtual Console, Nintendo. Make it happen.

  • And it makes more sense because Gen2 is kind of a direct sequel to Gen1...

    Imagine his reactions to Team Rocket coming back, seeing old characters in the Elite 4, going back to Kanto, and battling against Red. I'm especially concerned about the last one, Red has made many appearances since then and it would obviously spoil the surprise.

    I really hope they reconsider, for Jones' sake.

  • Easily the best EZA videos,alot of fun to watch.

  • Damn super nostalgic. After this episode I went to my basement and looked around for 5 minutes if I still had my link cable. Yup still there with my green gameboy pocket.

  • The live trading is cool. Bosman's great idea with the phone camera cut was genius.

    There was something that sparked an idea in me during the trading conversation. When they were talking about how Bosman revealed his lineup, that's when I realized this idea. It would be super cool if your friends in your whatever Nintendo friend list thing become mini bosses in your game. It's like the Old Monk boss battle of Demon's Souls where you get pulled into a PVP battle with having all of your gear, and you're the boss for that player.

    So the idea would be that the friends would occupy a certain spot in various areas (not Gym masters) in the world with their line up, but having all of the Pokemons and skill set. Also, it would only take the Pokemon that they had up to the point they cleared that area so that it would be fair in terms of levels and skill set. You would also be able to tell it is a special PVP friend npc because it looks totally different from other NPCs. Have these scattered around the world to alleviate the 'dumb Pokemon trainers with no 6 pokemons' problem. I think it would be super sweet to fight your friends in an asynchronous PVP system.

  • Really hope Jones plays Heart Gold/Soul Silver at some point. It's soooooo good! Am thinking of going back and playing it myself, it's been over 6 years since I played it.

    Would be really cool to have a community playthrough with a knockout tournament at the end too!

  • Honestly I'd find it much more interesting to see how Brandon copes with the "This is how it is now" aspect of diving right into a brand new generation. So much stuff mechanically has changed, but at the same time there hasn't been a pokemon game in ages that didn't have a "Pokemon School" or something that straight up teaches you every mechanic in the game so he really should be fine in that regard. The whole flow of Gold and Silver would spoil how the new ones present it anyway, and that's something I'm pretty sure should be saved as a wow factor (for better or worse).

  • @Whoaness said in Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread:

    The live trading is cool. Bosman's great idea with the phone camera cut was genius.

    Absolutely agree.

    Also, I'm so damn proud that Brandon

    found the Power Plant and Zapdos on his own.

  • I wish Kyle would take a look at this, especially now that we are getting into final adjustments soon enough

    alt text

    I think I already said it once already in this thread BUT, if brandon decides to pick up gen 2 Johto after playing the newest gen ---> Gold/Silver > HeartGold/SoulSilver

  • No episode today FeelsBadMan

    So I have a feeling that next week will be the climactic finale of the series.

  • @theabram

    Brandon Jones ‏@TrailerJones 3h3 hours ago
    Gym (the non-Pokemon type), then Brandon Plays Pokemon, then SDCC Cup of Jones, then training for tomorrow's BPP Battle!

    Kyle Bosman ‏@KyleBosman 1h1 hour ago
    @TrailerJones please stop leveling up. You're going to embarrass me

    I sincerely hope Kyle's Grimer is now a Muk if that in fact was his team. I really liked his Hypno's moveset and nickname. Excited to see what trick he has up his sleeve to blow Brandon away.

  • Can't wait for either new generations in Pokemon GO or Sun&Moon release (which ever comes first). Just the flood of new creatures for Brandon to gobble.

  • So there was an episode at last :D

    My last wish is for Brandon to watch Pokemon Origins, it would be cool to hear his toughts on it. He would love it just because of Reds Charizard :D

  • Next week:




    Get those bets in now people, who's gonna emerge victorious?

  • @Krauser said in Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread:

    Next week:




    Get those bets in now people, who's gonna emerge victorious?

    Bosman. He's always got something up his sleeve...

  • I think Bosman has honor where pokemon is concerned, haha.

  • I think Brandon is wrong about the ending being bad for viewers if he loses (which is pretty unlikely at this point, anyway). Brandon losing would just go to show that there's still more for him to learn about Pokémon, and that his Pokémon journey does not end with him becoming the champion or this game. It's going to continue with Sun & Moon, even though they won't make a show like this about it.

    Bosman really should get a Mewtwo and a legendary bird for his team. For some reason, I have a feeling that he would rather use his own non-legendary party of weirdos, though. I'm kind of the same way, but the legendary Pokémon would at least give him a better shot at beating Jones.

  • This show is such a delight, I am genuinely going to miss it

  • I hope they'll start a new show with Sun and Moon, where they both go through their progress in it. Discussing their findings, and what they think of the progression etc. I would tune in for that.

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    @TheHashtag0nist said in Brandon Plays Pokémon - Official Discussion Thread:

    This show is such a delight, I am genuinely going to miss it

    Me too! so much! this is my favourite show on the internet at the moment! I hope for a "season 2" in the future! just wish it was Gen 2, not sun and moon.