Hidden gem game recommendations

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    @Inustar I'd LOVE for a remake of Xenogears with a completed Disc 2. Dreams can happen sometimes

    I am normally pretty down on remakes, but damn... this would be a dream come true since I have since found I lack the energy to playthrough this game again. I would love to see some modern gameplay mechanics added in.

  • @Tommynaut21 All very true. I am SUPER HYPED for I am Setsuna myself :heart:

  • @Inustar The one dungeon with the jumping where if you enter a battle it messes up your jump and you fall is the sole reason why I dont go a replay that game every year. Who thought that was a good idea

  • @Mechanoid Really wish we were getting a physical version, that or a small discount since its digital only here. $40 is pretty steep for me.

  • I'll just say my favorite game, Azure Dreams. It is a fun little mystery dungeon game. Your goal is to reach the top of a tower, all while collecting items, eggs, and saving your town! You can use the eggs to hatch monster to take into the tower with you! When you are in the tower, you and your monster level up. When you leave, your level resets but your monster stays strong. You buff up your monsters (and weapons) until you feel you are strong enough to take on the highest levels! There is also small quests in town to get various girls to fall in love with you. This game is fantastic!

    @Mortambulist Hell yea! Love that guy. Need to play it more though.

  • @DeweyDTruman Seeing this reminded me of this lesser known classic:

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    There's also this "gem"

  • Nier - Really great OST and story. Has a little bit of a slow start, but very worth pushing through.

    Fishing Resort - Weird fishing RPG for the Wii. It's kind of like if the fishing in Animal Crossing got blown up and taped together with Dragon Quest. Just don't go in with super high expectations, or you might be a little disappointed. It's really good, but rough around the edges.

    Way of the Samurai - It's a Samurai adventure game. There are different endings depending on the choices you made. I've played the first and third in the series.

    Suikoden - I'd highly recommend playing the entire series, but if you don't have time for that be sure to at least play 1, 2, and 5 (In that order). Suikoden is a RPG series with a great narrative and world. You recruit 108 characters for your army, who then go hang out at your home base/castle. Go buy and play them right now!

    Dragon's Dogma - Another game with a slow start, but worth pushing through. Open World Action RPG. Bland story for the most part, but there is something incredibly special about existing in that world.

  • Kyle said it multiple times and after getting a platin a few weeks ago I have to agree with him

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    Fills the hole that was left by SSX, Tony Hawk , Pure and Split Second (I still hate Disney for closing Black Rock Studios)

    Also these two from Twisted Pixel

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  • Little King's Story on Wii. I think there was a sequel on PSP or something like that too. Regardless, the Wii one is great.

    • Catherine
    • 999/VLR
    • Puppeteer
    • Gravity Rush
    • Tearaway
    • Drakengard/NiER
    • Fragment Dream
    • Spec Ops The Line
    • SMT IV
    • SMT Nocturn
    • SMT Digital Devil Saga 1&2
    • The World Ends With You

  • JRPG fans who enjoyed the first 10 Final Fantasys; would like Legend Of Legacy for 3DS.

    Also if you enjoy pirate games and haven't played Sid Miers Pirates on PC, give it a go, I have gone back to that game so many many times over the years, and it still hasn't been equaled.

  • I'd highly recommend Vectorman for the SEGA Genesis. It's an extremely short platformer/shooter, but it's oozing with quirky charm.

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    Vagrant Story - A strange but amazing action+rpg hybrid from Squaresoft. Kind of lost to time and hard to find unfortunately.

    It's up on the Playstation Store, so it's actually easier to get a hold of than you'd think.

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    Another great game is "Cleopatra Fortune"

    Never thought I'd see that name pop up. But it's a fun little game with some catchy music.

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    I'm only going to recommend one game and its one I had a hard time 100% but it was fun. You did two things to attack enemys in this game. You Shook them and you Threw them. Great title from ENIX before they merged with Squaresoft.
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    I'm going to recommend a game called ADIOS - Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space. It's tucked well away on the PSN store (PS4). Judging by the leaderboards and trophy tracker sites I don't think the game has sold too well which is a shame because I really liked it and it doesn't cost too much (I got it on sale but even at full price I don't think it's more than $10.

    The elevator pitch is "Spelunky: In Spaaaaaaaaaace". Each level is a randomly generated solar system and you have to make enough discoveries in each one (by finding things of interest and useful materials) before you can "warp drive" to the next system.

    Your success depends entirely on your fuel reserves - it's used for everything; moving your ship about, repairing it when it inevitably gets damaged and even powers your personal jetpack when you have to land on planets and scavenge independently from your ship. If you run out of fuel, it's game over. What this creates is an excellent risk/reward system. You may spot a planet in the current system that seems to have a lots of discoveries and fuel reserves BUT it's currently under attack from a barrage of meteors, or orbiting dangerously close to its' sun. If you can pull this off you'd have enough fuel to last the next two or even three systems. But you're also putting yourself in incredible danger; one stray meteor finding its way onto your orbit path and you're going to end up like a bug in a windshield.

    Learning to measure those risks/rewards will help you advance further into the game but you also need to learn complete mastery of your spaceship. The amount of fuel you can waste with sloppy entry/exiting of planet atmospheres' is huge. If you cut your landing path too thick you're going to come into a very hard landing (which will cost fuel to repair - or kill you outright), cut your entry too thin and you'll slingshot straight out of orbit and have to waste a large amount of fuel just getting yourself slowed down and turned around again (assuming you weren't slingshot straight into the sun of course).

    If I had any gripes I would say I don't particularly like the art style. It looks cheap. I know you could argue that's because the game IS cheap, but scrolling through the PSN store you'd almost be forgiven for thinking this was a flash game ported from Newgrounds. The game is also missing the awesome power-ups you could get in Spelunky. There are items you can find to upgrade your ship for the current run but none of them feel like they'll significantly help your run if you find them. In Spelunky, stumbling on the jetpack or climbing gloves early on can completely change that playthrough. But I guess ADIOS lacking this doesn't hurt it too much considering the unpredictable nature of space travel gives each run a unique feel anyway.

    If Kyle reads this, I'd love for you to stream it. I know you like rummaging through the shadows of PSN to find hidden gems like this.

  • If you haven't played Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, you're doing it wrong!
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