Hidden gem game recommendations

  • Let's show each other our favourite games that we feel like they don't get the recognition they deserve !
    Mine would be Beyond Good and Evil, an action-adventure game for PC (and a whole lot of other older consoles like PS2).
    You can buy it on steam for €4,99 (around $5,60). Give it a shot, if you like what you see.

  • Zero Escape Series. 999 and Virtues Last Reward are some top level visual novels with the final one, Zero Time Dilemma coming out Tuesday. Danganronpa really overshadowed them in popularity even though I feel Zero Escape blows them out of the water. Absolutely recommend to anyone who enjoys well thought out stories

  • Spec Ops: The Line! Yeah its got generic (but adequate) 3rd person cover shooter combat. But the story! holy moly. Inspired by the same book Apocalypse Now is based on (Heart of Darkness), but in an entirely different setting. Asks some super interesting questions of the player.

    Once you're done (or if you've played it) enjoy this fantastic analysis of why its so damn clever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlBrenhzMZI

  • ADOM... it has really high learning curve, UI is somewhat archaic, there are tons of controls and keycommands you need to learn, or at least know that what commands do exist. But it is a true roguelike, and it's one of the best true roguelikes ever made. Proper RPG mechanics with some added tweaks, Deep story, multiple quests, tons of items and monsters, whole bunch of artifacts to find and flexible combat.

    And best of all, there is a free versions available that will keep updating (someday, hopefully) that can run on pretty much any compter that is somewhat modern, and there is ASCII version that can run on even older compters like pentium 456 and Amiga. You do need keyboard with Numpad, even if has some form of mouse support.

    There is a steam version available for $14.99, but I suggest you to try out the free version before spending money, as I said, it has a very steep learning curve... and you are going to die... a lot.

  • Most underrated game imo, is SWTOR, but I want to give attention to In Verbis Virtus.
    One of the rarest games that utilise microphone to play, the tone is amazing and narrative is really well done.
    A challenging and enjoyable puzzle game with great atmosphere.

  • I would really recommend FTL (Faster Than Light). It was popular when it released, but has not received much attention since.


  • Vagrant Story - A strange but amazing action+rpg hybrid from Squaresoft. Kind of lost to time and hard to find unfortunately.

    Oh and any excuse to recommend Lunar: Eternal Blue and Grandia, I'll be there :laughing:

  • I just made a post about this game earlier, but I totally recommend the Penumbra series!

    The first two installments are some of the scariest horror games I've ever played.
    I think the best one of them all is Black Plague, which is a direct continuation of the first game, with several improvements!
    The third installment can be skipped though, it's more of a spin-off I think.

    So good!
    alt text

  • A Kingdom for Keflings and A World of Keflings. They are city builders where you are this giant who has to control a bunch of workers to collect materials and then you build stuff. Very therapeutic.

  • I have a bunch more that I need to note down but here's a weird one to start: Utopia.


    It's a browser game! A fucking old one. A friend's father introduced me to it, it's actually one of the longest running MMO games, though don't go in expecting WoW.

    It's quite hard to describe but essentially you're in charge of a kingdom, nested within a set of kingdoms. You gain power by raiding other kingdoms. Whilst it is possible to play mostly solo, better success is found via good team communication and constantly scanning for new targets, then planning organised raids.

    Deep strategy and a dedicated if somewhat odd player base, if you need something to ease the pain of wage slave desk work then give Utopia a go, though going by the guy who introduced me you'll probably get wrecked by retirees the first few times.

  • There's so many, but one game I really loved that didn't get a ton of attention was Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. I have had a general interest in the 40K series mostly because the minis for the tabletop game looked insanely cool. Once I read up on it I feel in love with the Lore of these space marines. How they genetically altered those worthy into these mix of the Hulk and Captain America. Then if that wasn't enough, top that super being off with this freaken power armor that puts Iron Man to shame (I dont know this for a fact, just that their power armor is the shit). What makes these game so cool though is they make these Space Marine feel like they are these uber powered beings.

    You get a scale for how big these guys are when you walk up to normal humans that are like waist high, and the loud hollow thud their footsteps make when in a full sprint. All of this bleeds into the combat as well where you're encouraged to thin the horde of orcs from a distant with your ranged weapons then slam into them with extremely satisfying hand to hand combat. Hitting big orcs with a chainsaw sword just feels so good. When you've beaten an enemy down enough you can perform MK style finishing moves that give your character health back. This aspect of the gameplay loop is forcing you to get into the griddy battles face to face with your enemies, which is exactly what the space marines do.

    Lastly, while I love Space Marine a ton, this first entry just showed a ton of promise while barely scratching the surface of the 40K universe as I understand it. There's so many things they could add to a second game that would just put it over the top. I would love to go up against different armies, be able to use vehicles like their tanks, mechs and motorcycles. The real killer would be if they could make it a Co op campagin where you could play with a small squad of space marines.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post.

  • Binding of isaac.

    It looks like such a simple game. I showed it to my friends who straight away told me it was stupid or too hard but there is so much more to it.
    Its a rogue type game where you run around and collect power ups and defeat enemies.
    The main attraction of the game though is that instead of losing your last power up when you pick up a new one, they all merge together.
    For example. I can be walking around, pick up a power up that makes my "bullets" magnetic, so they draw enemies towards them. Then i pick up a power up that takes away my "bullets" And instead gives me one "bullet" that floats around the room. Combine that with my magnet power up and i have a kind of black hole that is destroying everyone.
    There is literally hundreds of power ups and the creator of the game has stated how much hard work it is to hard code the game so that all power ups work with each other and create new scenarios. There is literally thousands of different ways you can end up. As you play the game you unlock new powers ups so they can appear in future runs of the game.
    It is the ultimate rogue type game.

  • Tokyo Jungle. If your PS3 is still hooked up and you haven't played it, I can't stress just how great it is. Sure, it's a little ugly, and the two-player is horrifically broken, but man... There's just no other game like it. You play as animals trying to survive in a post-human, decaying, side-scrolling Tokyo. Fight, eat, breed. Unlock new animals and buff items. It's all about tight gameplay and progression. Cost me 99 cents on a PSN flash sale, and I sunk over 100 hours into. Best gaming value ever!

  • @Ellis I thought Blinding of Isaac was really cool as well but the art direction just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I wonder if you're friends might have felt the same. A similar game that I ended up really enjoying was Enter the Gungeon, have you gotten to try that one?

  • @TheMarcV said in Hidden gem game recommendations:

    @Ellis I thought Blinding of Isaac was really cool as well but the art direction just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I wonder if you're friends might have felt the same. A similar game that I ended up really enjoying was Enter the Gungeon, have you gotten to try that one?

    I have not to be honest. I watched jim sterlings video review of it. He talked about how he liked the art style of that one, everything was bullet and ammo based. He praised it, and it takes alot for him to praise a game haha. I will have to have a look

  • @Ellis
    If you fancy an LP from a dedicated fan, Something Awful forum member Xaiter has a great set of videos on it, a couple of the goons did real work in digging around the code and working out many of the game's idiosyncrasies.

    Youtube Video

  • @flower_arrangement I will have a look, thank you mate. I used to watch northernlions play through videos but he was more concerned about keeping up his win counter then trying to finding out new things in the game.

  • Echochrome rates in my top 3 all time puzzle game list, and even when it was on PSPlus I never saw/see people talk about it. 100% worth checking out if you haven't.

  • There's this game on steam called "Before the Echo" (though I usually just call it Sequence since that's what it was called when I played it, not sure why the name changed) that I got years ago in a steam sale and figured "eh, this might be okay." Instead I got a really, really solid rhythm/RPG game that mixed the two genres excellently. If I had any complaints it would be that it could have used more songs to play against mobs and the like but the ones it did have were a blast. I just looked it up and it's dirt cheap right now due to the summer sale so I say you should definitely buy it.

    Another great game is "Cleopatra Fortune" which I only know about because of an arcade game collection on the PS2 that was dirt cheap at the secondhand shop. Really cool game, not sure how to properly describe it so just watch some footage from youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDxqNEwcwiA

    Last game I want to highlight is one you might have heard of since Kyle did a video about it back in the GT days, but "Gitaroo Man" is seriously one of the best rhythm games ever (in my opinion) if not the best. Definitely an underrated game that deserves more love.

  • Bruce Lee for Game Boy Advance. Great action platformer. Not exactly hidden, but deserves as much attention as it can get, Power Stone games.