Tweet for EZA Rocket League Flag (Starting 11am PST 10th January)

  • Hey all, I had posted this on twitter and just wanted to post it here for any allies I may not know on there.

    Basically, while listening to the monthly Q&A, a commenter (sorry I forgot the name) had said they had reached out to Phyonix on twitter and asked about getting an EZA flag, which they had said they would look into.
    I was wondering if we could all maybe give this an extra little friendly push and am trying organise to get a bunch of us to all tweet the @RocketLeague Twitter account on Tuesday of this week, with just a simple message along the lines of

    "@RocketLeague I'd really love to have an Easy Allies community flag in Rocket League. Please make it happen. Love and Respect".
    (does not have to be this, whatever you want to send is fine)

    Free feel to contact me here, or on Twitter if you have any questions. Thanks in advance L&R

  • Who doesn't want an EZA flag?

    What we really need is a dlc emote pack with Sophie :D

    Anyway this is a cool idea and I hope people help out. Maybe for the day you do it I might pin this and update the topic title.

  • Psyonix is usually pretty open with community flags, although they update them with the next big update, so the timing can be a bit weird.

  • @Stormcrownn Good to know, thanks. :) Well hopefully we can at least let them know we want one.