Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

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    "Free" subscription NES or SNES rotating game confirmed changes monthly, not playable for free after that month is over:

    Any stuff on the price of the subscription? I'd be shocked if it is as much as Xbox Live and PSN

  • So I am a Nintendo fanboy. I have the Switch pre-ordered because Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild alone is enough to make me buy a console. That being said, I was extremely disappointed last night. Kyle summed it up perfectly during the post-show - the WiiU has had an astoundingly bad line-up overall, but particularly the last few years. Yes there have been some gems like Tropical Freeze and Mario Maker, but the WiiU is the only Nintendo home console to lack any exclusive "heavy hitters." No Mario (no 3D World doesn't count), no Zelda (better version presumably on Switch), no Metroid, nothing. I thought Nintendo was going to show "this is what we were working on" last night, to explain the bad WiiU lineup.

    I honestly thought the reason for this was when it was clear the WiiU was dying Nintendo decided to push all WiiU software development to the Switch. I thought that they would break the internet last night. I thought we were going to be shown BotW, the new Mario, BG&E2, Pokemon Stars, the Rabbids RPG, the WiiU upgrades (MK8, Splatoon, Smash 4), and Mother 3 all for 2017, and they would end by dropping the bombshell of Metroid Prime 4 by Retro Studios with a far off, tentative 2018 release, but still something to earn good-will. The conference would have still had a lot of people going "oh Nintendo only has Nintendo games" like always, but enough software push to make the hardcore gamers go "oh man, they understand! This has been what they've been up to! This is why the WiiU had nothing!" Yet here we are, and I'm asking myself: why does the WiiU have nothing? What were we shown last night? A trailer for a game that we already know a lot about because it was their entire E3 (although the trailer did have me in tears), and one cool new Mario game. That's it. That's not the blowout Nintendo needed.

    The worst part is that aside from Metroid everything I listed is heavily rumoured to exist for the Switch to the point where all those games probably do exist. But instead of blowing everybody away with one epic press conference, we're going to instead get a trickle of directs. While yes I do appreciate that Nintendo doesn't announce games 2 years ahead of release, this time they needed to. They needed to get people hyped. They needed to get people to jump aboard to Switch train. They needed to know that Nintendo has a plan. What's their plan? Milk and ice cubes?

    That was a long rant, but it comes from a good place. Like I said I will be buying a Switch Day 1, but I want my favorite company to succeed. I want them to be on top again. Nintendo has this focus on fun and innovation that has been lost in the wider gaming landscape since they dropped. I want them to be top dog once more.

  • @thenerdtheword before yesterday I would have been shocked that the pro controllers for the switch would be $20 more than a ds4. Lol

    But no word on pricing yet as far as I know.

  • Fire Emblem direct on the 18th
    For some reason I feel like a Nintendo Direct will happen just before the Switch is released, or maybe a week or 2 after.

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    That video sums up Nintendo perfectly. We get another console with Mario and Zelda games, weird motion control games no one will play longer than an hour, and promises of more games (they're coming, please believe us!). It's honestly just frustrating at this point to see them lack any awareness. That initial reveal trailer was succinct and showed us Nintendo might be willing to move things in a new direction, all while still having some unique ideas backing their product. Yesterday's conference had them unzip their recent suave costume and reveal the big dumb elephant that is Nintendo. $300 to play Mario and Zelda is not even close to reasonable. Being given "free" games that are then taken away at the end of the month is absurd. Having iconic developers like suda51 take stage to announce that he maybe wants to make a game for the console is so out of touch with any amount of sense or logic. To quote the wise AVGN.... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

    I don't want competition in the market to fail because competition is good. If we have one company that rules all, they will eventually become stagnant and lazy. At the same time... I honestly think Nintendo needs to step down from the console business entirely. As a developer, they make games we love. As a console manufacturer, they have made severe errors for generations now and have alienated large portions of their fan base.

    Youtube Video

  • Let Skyrim die already, geez..

  • @SabotageTheTruth While I think that the idea of Nintendo not making consoles is interesting, what would happen to handhelds if Nintendo wasn't making them? In no way is my smartphone a suitable replacement for a device actually built for gaming.

  • @Doctor-Professor They do well in the handheld market, I see no reason why they should stop. It could be argued that the Switch is a handheld but it seems like most of us view it more as an actual console. I personally love the Vita but I don't see Sony continuing that line unfortunately.

  • @Fridge-man But Bethesda has to virtue signal their "support" and give Nintendo gamers what they always wanted, the inferior version of Oblivion aka Skyrim. CELEBRATE DAMMIT!

    ALso seriously Nintendo? This should be 20 bucks max, this should be bundled with the system for free, not 50 fucking bucks
    alt text

    Also I'm offended that this gets a retail release but something like Phoenix Wright doesn't.

  • 1 2 Switch may be $50, but it comes with Milk!

  • I thought it was a pretty decent showing.

    The new Mario looks awesome and I wasn't expecting a Xenoblade 2.
    I'm also happy that they are bringing Puyo Puyo Tetris to the west but that's also on PS4.

    I really like the idea of a console/handheld hybrid but all that Joycon shit seems stupid and unnecessary.

    I'm buying one at launch with Zelda.

  • It's possible that Bomberman has microtransactions, let's hope not... well tbh, don't care about that game, give me Baku Bomberman 3, also friggin release Baku Bomberman 2 US version on european Virtual Console.

    I'm gonna assume while retails will be region free, the digital store will still be locked to your location.

  • Does anyone think there's a chance of a second, less expensive version with less capabilities in the future, à la the 2DS? A "Lite Switch," if you will? I love me some handheld games, but I can't justify the purchase of a home console for two games.

  • @Doctor-Professor You mean like a version without the docking station?

  • @Farsendor Yeah your right, the prices of the console and other stuff is discouraging. I'm actually starting to change my opinion a bit now lol. After hearing new stuff and letting it sink in, i see more issues with it. Im not to concerned about power though.

  • @Musou-Tensei I don't know how much that would affect the price, but something along those lines. Maybe just a single piece tablet so that there's no Joy-Cons (also meaning none of the bells and whistles that come with them) and bit more thickness for extra battery. Probably wouldn't do much in terms of price, but I can still dream.

  • I just think that this is an expensive handheld device and not a home console, considering the accessories pricing, games and power of the device.

  • Funny note. In Russia Nintendo Switch is currently available for pre-order in one single shop (not a network, one single shop) and after a day it's still in-stock. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Special Edition is also in stock. I don't know if we got too many units, or we simply don't care. For reference, PS4 was sold out almost everywhere for several months.

  • This is going to sound weird, but to me, the event was a big reminder that Nintendo is a Japanese company through and through. Sony has globalized a crapton, and that's evident in their marketing approaches. Everything about the Switch Event, from the technical approach, to the testimonies, and to the bizarre attempts at humor, all of it was just super Japanese. And that's okay! I just think that it could be why this didn't land as hard as it should have with western audiences. Yeah, I wish they would have shown more games off, but for me, all I wanted to see is if the tech holds up. And by all accounts, it does. There's actually way more to the console than I was expecting, especially with that sick HD rumble. My biggest bummer of the show was the lack of info on the eshop. Having a portable version of almost all of Nintendo's library would be insane, and a huge seller for me. I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo will wise up and provide subscribers to their online service "free" games, similar to Games with Gold (or whatever it's called). Either way, for people who are constantly traveling like me, this system is a godsend.

    As an aside, do you think this game could play like, a slightly worse looking version of The Witcher? I really want to play that game!

  • @Musou-Tensei 1, 2, Switch should be a pack in like Wii sports was. $50 is a suicide price for that collection of mini games.