Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • @jbluzb it is what it is, a hybrid console. im excited for it, 3ds is getting hard to look at

  • @Bigdude1 No, Reggie said they have decided against including a game so people can choose themself what games they want, and to keep the price "low".

  • @Musou-Tensei i know, its a dumb decision because the game cant stand on its own. Nintendoland is a more justifiable full price game than 1 2 Switch

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    I think this is a better first year than Playstation 4 / Xbox One (they were the exact same), and I hate online games and Xenoblade. Please send angry messages to me.

  • breath of the wild i will get (maybe bomber man)
    then ill get i am setsuna if it gets a physical release
    mario kart 8 is a must buy i cant see it being full price
    then maybe disgea and spa2on
    and if xenoblade comes out this year ill eat my hat

    and of course ill get mario

  • @Haru17 Hot take: The only game catching my eye here is Snipperclips. PuyoPuyo Tetris and Sonic Mania I can play on PS4, Splatoon 2 just isn't enough to justify paying for online yet again, I already own Mario Kart 8, I don't care about Zelda in general and especially not Breath of the Wild (sue me) but if I did I could get that on Wii U too, most of those other games don't interest me and/or are multiplats anyway, 1 2 Switch is a Wii sports-tier good bundle title but making it standalone and $50 is, frankly, a really stupid decision by Nintendo, and while Mario is probably gonna be super good it's just not a series I have any real love for aside from 64 and 3D World for whatever reason.

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  • @DeweyDTruman said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    I don't care about Zelda in general

    This can mean two of two things: You're Brandon Jones, and you're wrong.

  • It's about a year too early to look at this and say it's got better launch titles than the PS4.
    It's got LESS games than the PS4 at launch.

  • @TokyoSlim Important clarification : the Switch will have less games the entire first year of being released than the PS4 did on its first day. If you add in the reality of delays, it may look even more dire. So the counterpoint naturally is quality over quantity and while this new Zelda might actually be one of the few rare worthwhile titles in the franchise (yeah, I said it), that still doesn't justify the price. I've been anticipating Persona 5 with such a reckless fervor since the 4th was released but if it became exclusive to a console I didn't own and cost me around $360 total to purchase, I certainly wouldn't be defending the decision.

    Luckily, I own a WiiU so... If I really, really have to play Zelda this year, I've got a cheaper option that honestly doesn't seem much different from the Switch option. Are there any notable differences between the two versions?

  • @TokyoSlim Yep, but these re-released and new Nintendo games are of a high order than Black Flag, Battlefield 4, etc.

    I'm not saying the year is packed or even 'good,' I'm just saying that I didn't buy a PS4 until late 2014 because literally none of the launch titles interested me.

  • @Haru17 How quickly you forget the PS4 launched with Knack... It doesn't get any better than that.

  • @Haru17 See, and that's where I vehemently disagree. It's quite possible that a cross gen open world Zelda isn't actually any better than ACIV:Black Flag, a cross gen open world AC game - but you're too invested in Zelda to even consider that possibility before you've even played it. You've already decided it's better and that's that. That's fine, just don't expect me to just take your word for it. :)

    FWIW, I don't even like the other AC games, but Black Flag inspired me to learn how to sail boats. So I count it as one of my favorite games of the generation.

    Otherwise, you've got Skylanders and Just Dance, which you also weren't interested in when they were PS4 launch titles. And 1 2 Switch, a $50 collection of minigames.

    Bomberman might be as fun as Resogun, if you're lucky :)

    What else you got?

  • I think the biggest problem with me is that I actually had faith in Nintendo. There was a chance that maybe they would actually learn something. But of course not!

    It's really annoying because the machine actually looks great. However the price point, the lack of games (I have a Wii U for Zelda), the insulting online subscription (I'm happy to pay for a service as good as XBL).

    Honestly it's actually hilarious how bad this is. I'm sure I'll buy this console but at launch their is no point considering how many games are coming out in Q1 for the other consoles.

  • @Haru17 I should probably clarify that I love Wind Waker, but that it's absolutely an exception to the rule in my eyes and that like 99% of my love comes from the fact that sailing (along with flying) is my favorite thing to do in a game and I didn't care about things like the dungeons or bosses much at all.

    Which is why I'd also disagree that the Switch's launch has better games than Black Flag. Man I've literally never even played another AC game (besides some godawful DS one) but I really dug Black Flag.

  • @Haru17 This is a non-argument though and a waste of time even mentioning it. The Switch isnt competing with the PS4 and Xbox One at launch. It's competing with them now and one game isn't good enough.

  • @TokyoSlim Let's just step back a bit and address the ridiculousness of this situation. Assassin's Creed, a game near universally reviled or filed under 'meh,' has a boat gimmick one year and everyone goes crazy. Meanwhile, Breath isn't a top down side game or Hyrule Warriors — it's a no expense spared 3D Zelda blockbuster. Just look at it! The oozing polish its replete with is self-evident.

    I haven't played Breath, but I've (so far) seen all of the weapons, all of the enemy attacks, seen the incredibly complex and yet easily readable physics system. Fire burns grass which causes updrafts, Link can leap from a horse's back to ride updrafts upon the paraglider, and the guardian minibosses' lasers set fire to the fields of grass that they are found within, dynamically creating weaknesses and moments of opportunity to attack them from. All of these systems are super complex and unattainable by almost every other developer, and yet so easily understandable at a glance. Moreover, it's Zelda so everyone who has played one knows how perfectly it will control.

    There are a myriad of more particular reasons backing this, but just understand that Breath of the Wild is The Wind Waker 2.0 in terms of being another open world Zelda with similar design sensibilities. I don't know how you've only enjoyed The Wind Waker — I guess you might enjoy the sparse open world one with the worst dungeons and puzzles if you don't enjoy dungeons and puzzles for no good reason. The Wind Waker is the thinnest a 3D Zelda game can be while still being a 10 in my book, with Skyward Sword unremarkable by both Zelda series and the lesser standards of normal games.

    But yeah, I think you'll probably enjoy Breath if Wind Waker was your favorite / the only one you enjoyed for some inexplicable reason that haunts your soul like a happiness-draining dementor. It's got similar elements to The Wind Waker while replacing all the shit ocean bits with a real, terrestrial open world that isn't as poorly shaped and utterly slow to traverse as your Witchers, Xenoblades, or basically any other open world game. The word is still out on dungeons. And horses are better than boats because you can stab people while riding them. (And they don't hit trees.)

    @Alexander-Parry Lol, the Switch isn't competing with other consoles. It's the only handheld on the market until someone else steps up. Which is why everyone's doom and gloom and reactionary lamenting is going to seem laughable come E3, the holiday, and into next year. Not to mention how Zelda looks more promising than and other game this gen.

  • @Haru17 said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Assassin's Creed, a game near universally reviled or filed under 'meh,'

    That's just your opinion, though, not reality. Unless you care to explain the 9/10 Steam score or the fact that it was the highest rated user score game of the entire PS4 launch year. Or it's 83 PS4 Meta. Or the fact that two people in this thread have just told you that they like the game. That's not a "near universally reviled game" Take a poll, Black Flag is generally a fairly well thought of game. Hell, GT gave it a 9.2!

    Until it comes out, you can not judge, nor tell anyone else how to judge the quality of Breath of the Wild. You are just making hype based assumptions based on the marketing you've seen. Might it be great? Sure. It might also drag in the middle and have a bunch of fetch quests, or totally obtuse mechanics, or disappointing resused dungeons, or any number of other things. The game isn't out yet.

  • @TokyoSlim I first referred to AC as the series, which was when I said 'near universally reviled. If you think the boat one is great, great. It's still a tacked on feature to a game series that so many people — may of them melee combat buffs — found unappealing otherwise.

    And Nintendo's made let's plays of Breath of the Wild for chrissakes, it's core gameplay isn't exactly an unknown quantity. Not to mention that the pedigree carries a bit of weight to most people.

  • @Haru17 Why are you bringing in every AC game ever when we are specifically discussing launch titles for the PS4/Switch? Cool, What's the metacritic score on Breath of the Wild right now? Since the full quality of the game is already known, it must have review scores already...