Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

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    I believe they held back on the games. They have to have something to show us on E3. Nintendo during E3 with nothing new would be a moronic decision. I hope that they've learned their lesson about properly spacing out their games.

    I don't think they held back on games. It makes no sense to keep the lid on games for E3 when the Switch comes out in March. You want to get people hyped for the system at launch.
    I mean why would you keep the lid on some fantastic games that might come out later this year or early next year just to save them for E3? Nintendo made it clear last year that they're perfectly fine with just showing off one game at E3.
    It would be especially wierd if they kept some games a secret for E3 when at this Switch event they padded it with just announcements and promises without anything to show from said games.

    I do however think that we'll see some glimpses of some upcoming games for the Switch at E3 considering the fact that the devs have had at least around half a year to whip something up. But intentionally holding stuff back? Nah.

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  • @suplextrain Nintendo has tremendous confidence in Zelda, and I don't think it's misplaced either. A lot of hype exists for this game. At E3 last year it was their sole focus, they wanted all eyes on Zelda. It could be (but most likely isn't) that the lackluster launch line-up for the Switch is because, once again, they want all eyes on Zelda. I don't believe it's crazy to think that Nintendo believes all they need come launch, is Zelda.

    They knew they had to show more than Zelda during this event, which they did, but come June Zelda will have passed. Other games will stand a greater chance of seeing the spotlight, games that might've been overshadowed. Nintendo have a hypetrain rolling and dumping all the fuel on the fire at once seems like a stupid idea to me.

  • Forgive me if someone already mentioned this, but it seems like Nintendo is changing things up and getting rid of Miiverse and StreetPass for the Switch. While those two services had some neat ideas, I'm glad to see them starting fresh with their ideas and infrastructure for online services. I'm excited for the inevitable thread about exchanging Nintendo Switch usernames/IDs or adding friends or however it works.

  • this thought just came to me today wouldnt it be awesome if from software made a zelda game with dark souls gameplay

  • @Fridge-man said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Nintendo has tremendous confidence in Zelda, and I don't think it's misplaced either.
    they want all eyes on Zelda

    I think it's a mix of confidence and the fact that they don't have anything else.
    If they intentionally kept the lid on other big games that are relatively around the corner for the Switch just to keep the spotlight only on Zelda then that would honestly border on megalomania. That they would be way too full of themselves. I don't think that Nintendo are that delusional.

    You want your system launch to be as strong and hyped up as possible, especially after how weak the WiiU was. One of the key problems with the WiiU was the lack of games, especially bigger ones. The last thing you want is to give consumers a sense of Deja vu with the Switch.

    @FF7Cloud said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    this thought just came to me today wouldnt it be awesome if from software made a zelda game with dark souls gameplay

    I don't think that's gonna happen in the near future. With Zelda and Mario Nintendo has consistently wanted to make them family friendly. Making an extremely punishing Zelda game and uppping the difficulty doesn't seem likely.
    I mean Zelda games have yet to surpass Alundra in terms of challenge and darker tone, so them going even further into Dark Souls territory seems unlikely.

  • It's insane to me that Pokemon isn't coming out, even a direct port of S&M with better resolution would have been acceptable.

    I understand Zelda is a massive game, which I'm sure will be amazing. But is 1 (one) game enough?!

    I've realised I'm being harsh on the Switch but I don't understand how you screw this up so badly.

  • The event was awful but I don't think that means this is all the games they have for 2017. I am hopeful on the likes of Pokemon and Super Smash being announced.

  • @Alexander-Parry
    Probably to keep a few surprises for E3 would be my guess.

  • Was luckily able to place a pre-order for the Neon Switch at BestBuy, then a Special Edition for BotW the day after. So stoked!

  • @tokeeffe9 their having a fire emblem direct next week so i wouldn't be surprised if the had another direct before launch

  • Yup.

    I'll be honest. My major concerns are coming from things after the event. An app for voice chat, matchmaking etc. The online service in three countries making no sense.

    They need to clarify some things.

    Forget if I mentioned it earlier, but right now I'm waiting for a Mario bundle at least.

  • Yeah, voice chat only through phone app is a head scratcher.
    I keep hearing these things and saying "That can't be right, why would they do that?"

  • The graphic that @Haru17 posted (that shows all the games coming out on the Switch) is missing one game: Yooka-Laylee, which releases on April 11.

  • @jifw52 That's because it has not been confirmed yet for the Switch. The dev team is talking about it, and once they get green light from Nintendo, it'll appear there. Unless Nintendo for some reason don't want Yooka-Laylee on Switch and says no, so it wouldn't appear at all on Nintendo platforms as the Wii-U port was cancelled. We'll see.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Yeah, voice chat only through phone app is a head scratcher.
    I keep hearing these things and saying "That can't be right, why would they do that?"

    I don't see a headphone jack on any of the controllers, only on the console itself, which would be cumbersome to use when playing in TV mode. For me personally if that were the case I would rather use my phone than buy a bluetooth headset (if the Switch even supports those), but it begs the question why not just include a headphone jack in the controllers in the first place given that they're already at premium price points. If the right Joy-Con can have an IR sensor the left one should be able to house a headphone jack.

  • @Excalibruh Could also do a headset with a wifi dongle like the PS Golds if there was any console level support for chat. Doesn't sound like there is though. It just kind of seems like an afterthought. Now you have to have a headset plugged into your phone, and your phone running on wifi or cellular data (which some people still pay for/are capped on) Probably with your phone plugged into AC so that it doesn't kill your battery...

    Seems like an inelegant solution to a problem everyone else already kind of solved. Dunno. LIke everything else, we don't know all the details on how it works yet. The communication isn't super clear.

  • @FF7Cloud Are they really doing a Fire Emblem direct?? That's so exciting!

  • @Billy yea on the 18th

  • also while not being at launch there seems to be a port of the 3 dark souls games in the works on the switch as myazacki (sp?) has said he has ds3 running in a manner hes happy wih ob the switch