Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

    EZA will do a preshow 1 hour earlier

    I'm predicting a $249 price point.
    March 24th
    Zelda to be released in June, 2018 2017
    Mario game will be a launch title.
    Creative Assembly Metroid game.
    Pokemon Stars is a Switch exclusive.
    Nintendo's trophy system will be Mario Power Ups for example the star is a platinum trophy.

  • Get your bingo cards ready folks, or make 25 predictions. Whichever is easier

    As for my predictions

    1. 250 and $300 launch price (Standard and Deluxe) Called it $300 launch price
    2. Zelda a lunch title in US and Japan (delayed in European regions) Launch title world wide
    3. Region free console Called it
    4. New Joycon variants shown, will be available shortly after launch Kinda?
    5. Smash 4, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, FExSMT, Mario Kart, and Bayonetta 2 will be ported to Switch So far only Mario Kart, wait to see what gets announced in the next few days
    6. Smash adapter will work with Switch in docked mode, a separate adapter will be released for portable mode.
    7. New Amiibos.
    8. 3 major permanently exclusive third party titles, on of which will be from Platinum, one from Capcom, and one will be a exclusive Dynasty Warriors game (either Hyrule Legends 2, Fire Emblem, or Smash Bros based) Fire Emblem Warriors, and SMT5
    9. Pokemon Stars for late summer, early fall release, will be akin to Black & White 2 (sequel in the same setting, but new...ish plot)
    10. Rabbids RPG will make it close to launch (maybe a 3-4 week gap between launch and release) Will feature more then just Mario and Rayman themed locations and enemy's, a handful of other Ubisoft and Nintendo themed places will be present.
    11. New Fatal Frame announced for Japan, along side collection of 1-3 in HD (rebuilt on the engine being used for 6)
    12. Retro will announce two titles, one of which will release 4-5 months after release, the other just being a general announcement of the project to the public
    13. One First party Nintendo game being made on Unreal 4
    14. VC will launch with almost 50 games, split between NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Genesis/Mega Drive, and GBA
    15. Mother 3 will finally get a international release, will a limited physical release for it, alongside that Mother 4 will be announced
    16. VC games will have wireless local multiplayer between multiple Switch consoles.
    17. New VC emulation designed by N.E.R.D, this applies to each system.
    18. Dragon Quest themed Switch announced for JPN release
    19. A demonstration of who the IR "touch" interface will work with the system docked.
    20. Bravely Default 3rd to be announced, alongside HD collection of 1 and 2.
    21. Nintendo announces media project deal for 3 different properties, one will be a movie, the other 2 will be TV
    22. Project X Zone 3 announced for Switch, will feature 3D character models,
    23. News about the Universal deal (Might be a Switch event, but I have a feeling that something Universal related will sneak in)
    24. Pikmin 4 will be a launch title
    25. Luigis Mansion 3 to be a fall release

  • Not really that excited for this event. Nintendo would need to announce something other than Mario and some ports for me for me to even get interested in the Switch.

    I'll watch the event with the EZA crew though.

  • Not going to waste my time with that, I will read more than enough stuff about it on NicheGamer and DualShockers.

  • I'm expecting very vague game footage which people will interpret as launch games but Nintendo won't confirm. Then they'll announce a Zelda delay.

  • Nintendo, I know you won't read this, and you don't have the rights for it, nor do you care about it, but if you announce Turrican HD collection for the Switch, I'll buy/pre-order a Switch immediately. Otherwise, you can wait to get my money.

  • My prediction is no matter what Nintendo does people will hate/bitch about them as always.

  • I'll add my predictions. Some of these are what I want rather than what I think will happen but there ya go!

    • £250 on release.
    • Yes, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart will get Switch versions.
    • For Smash Bros. they will release wireless GameCube controllers (this time they won't need AA batteries!).
    • We will have a new Splatoon called something like Spla2oon.
    • Zelda will be delayed in all regions and won't come out until something like June.
    • We will see at least one new IP for the console.
    • Retro Studios' new game will be shown and it'll be for an old Ninty franchise but not DK or Metroid.
    • Unfortunately, that Raving Rabbids Mario RPG thing will be real.
    • We'll see footage for Beyond Good and Evil 2 but it won't release for a while.
    • Shigsy (aka Miyamoto) will be dressed as Mario and announce the new Mario game, which will feature him going to locations throughout the world.

    And a final bet:

    • We will see a new Advance Wars game on Switch.

    Don't take half of these too seriously.

  • I'm actually really excited for this. The only system I ever owned was a NES when I was a kid and a Wii for a few weeks until I realized I hated it.

    This interests me for many reasons but one of the main ones is the portability and first party games. I hope they get a lot of indie development on it, because that's where I would like to buy all my smaller titles. The portability for playing smaller or simpler games will be nice. Then I can play all my AAA third party games on PS4 or possibly PC.

    Despite what ppl say I think it will be a successful switch up for Nintendo. I'm far more interested in Nintendo now then I've ever been. So they are doing something right.

    Let's just hope they improve their UI. I couldn't stand the wii or 3ds designs and sounds.

  • Some predictions

    • It will be shown that the thumb sticks have haptic feedback technology.
    • New Mario will be something to do with dreams or subcon, Super Mario Dream World.
    • The new Mario will have a free roaming local Co-Op mode when two switches are playing the game or online.
    • 199 dollar SKU without dock or joycon grip, just a charger and two joycons. 250 dollar or 300 for system, dock, joycon grip and game.
    • A new action rpg from Retro.
    • Luigi & Mario's Mansion, multiplayer ghost busting.
    • Emulated games with multiplayer support via local switch co-op.
    • A new Wario Ware game: Wario Ware Switched On
    • Life Is Strange enhanced port, maybe announce a sequel.
    • A non mainline Pokemon game, something similar to Pokemon Snap in scope.
    • New Kirby Claymation game, or a port of Rainbow Curse.
    • They will probably show off MyNintendo integration into the UI or Shop app, showing how it would work with achievements, similar to Miitomo.
    • Sakurai will debut a new game and it will be out of left field awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    • BoTW will unveil another land mass or location to explore in addition to Hyrule.
    • Super Smash Bros. will get a new single player adventure like sub space from brawl.
    • For Reggie, Mass Effect Trilogy port and Return to Arkham port. lol I would buy both.

  • Get ready to not actually get your hands on one, if the NES Classic condition is any indication

  • @Ruaidhri18 lol, That would be hilariously bad if they were only able to produce 2 million Switches world wide for launch month. It is a very plausible scenario with Nintendo.

  • @gerrhod Extremely! I am hoping that it is not the case, but I am fully prepared to not have one come March.

  • A few of my pretty pessimistic expectations of the event.

    • $300 on release
    • Smash Bros will have a Switch version with 2 new characters
    • Mario Kart will have a Switch version with a new cup
    • There will be 4 other Switch versions of games announced, one of which is Splatoon.
    • Zelda will be delayed
    • The main Mario game we are expecting will not make launch
    • The Rabbids Mario RPG will exist but will hardly be an RPG and not really focus on any main Mario characters
    • We will see at least one strange joycon that provides different functionality than the standard.

    Final Bet:
    Pokemon Stars is not a port but a fundementally different game based on Sun/Moon.

  • @Ruaidhri18 Well there are already rumors that every Gamestop will only get 20 units on release.

  • @Ruaidhri18 That's what they want you to think so they'll sell a lot day 1 because people will feel "lucky" for being able to buy one ;)

  • @Nesnomis Well this is Nintendo we are talking about. They have a history of not having enough supply to satisfy initial demand.

  • 299.99 price point (basic unit)
    Smash remastered bundled with cloud and bayonetta amiibos
    splatoon remastered will be bundled with the deluxe model
    xenoblade chronicles x enhanced port fix loading and pop in issues
    dark souls trilogy (this is pretty much confirmed by from software)
    zelda wont be delayed however mario game will be fall not at launch
    Mario rabbids rpg will however be at launch
    Pokemon stars will be a summer game and have 25ish new pokemon
    skyrim and fallout 4 will be availble at or near launch
    Tokyo rpg factory will be working on exclusive rpg
    persona 5 port or smt game

    sorry for the outlandish predictions i like to think big

  • Price point between £200-250
    Smash, Mario Kart and Splatoon Switch Versions
    Mario 3D
    Bayonetta, Cloud and Corrin amiibos (please)
    Zelda doesn't get a delay (but it will)
    Retro Studios and Monolith Soft reveal themselves

  • A lot of the info's leaked already.

    • £200 for base edition, £250 for deluxe (possible with a bundled game - possibly Splatoon Switch) Edition, translates to $250/$300 in the US.

    • Mario & Rabbids RPG being developed by Ubisoft (Grant Kirkhope of Rare fame is composing the score).

    • Zelda:BOTW at NA/JP launch, unknown about EU.

    • New Mario game

    • Beyond Good and Evil 2

    • Pokemon Stars late 2017