Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • @suplextrain It's not their job to win you over. It's their goal to sell more units. If by ignoring your desires they gain more customers and you do not matter. Right now they are pushing the smart phone integration. If it fails, I'm sure they could add those things to the Switch. They couldn't this the other way around. At worst, people would say "Finally" - and forget about the whole thing weeks later.

    As far as business goes, it's the safe option to go with the smart phone first and leave your options open.

    @TokyoSlim Then we can agree to disagree. As it is hard to convey tone over the internet, I very much so enjoyed our conversation. L&R.

  • Again though, lets not act like the Switch is a guaranteed success. It remains to be seen whether the people unsatisfied with the price/hardware/launch games/form factor/design are a minority or not. Or whether their lack of satisfaction in certain areas will keep them from ultimately purchasing the device or not. Just because people are critical of a thing doesn't mean that they won't buy it - it just means that they are critical of a thing. Calling us a minority and asserting that we're just going to be ignored by everyone else without actually knowing how well the Switch will ultimately be received is hubris. :)

    The Switch is not a perfect device. It's trying to be everything to everybody and its going to fall short. That's probably as close to being a fact as there is in this thing. Acting like people who have concerns are being unreasonable is not a good way to address the concerns.

    I'm always down to have conversations.

  • I think we all need to remember that feedback and constructive criticism is almost always a good thing. Personally, I have high hopes and have already preordered, but other people are going to be approaching this system from different positions and experiences. Nintendo absolutely needs to acknowledge and address concerns that potential consumers are posing. Several individuals have been burned or disappointed in the company's products and choices over the past years. This generally comes from a place of love and nostalgia. We want Nintendo to deliver incredible things to us as they have before. We want those momentous releases that set the bar for quality and innovation. Can they please everyone? No. They will weigh the different options and approaches and make decisions that they think are best. But voicing our desires and concerns can only lead to better decisions and better content down the line. So please be excited, and please be critical. I'm probably pandering to a problem that doesn't exist, but I just want our conversations to be constructive and informative.

  • on a really interesting note;

    There are headsets available for the Switch that market voice chat/microphone functionality.

    Laura Dale said that the Pro Controller doesn't have a headphone jack, but she later specified that she was only referring to the pro controller.

  • @Stormcrownn So back to my previous statement about home use - I hope they have bluetooth or a wifi dongle or something so that you can still use headsets while it's in docked mode. (so you don't have to have like a 8 foot headphone wire crossing the room and getting in your way)

  • @Stormcrownn said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    It's not their job to win you over.

    In fact it is. They need to convince people like me to buy their system. If it's not their job, who else?

    If by ignoring your desires they gain more customers and you do not matter.

    So you believe all these things that makes people sceptical and de-hyped for the Switch is in fact part of a brilliant strategy to win over some myserious group of people that likes all of these wierd decisions they made? Basically only Zelda at launch? 1-2-Switch being a full-price game? Voice chat via an app on your smartphone? You don't get to keep the NES/SNES games at the end of the month of your online subscription? Etc.

    As far as business goes, it's the safe option to go with the smart phone first and leave your options open.

    The safe option is to go with a simple integrated solution. Even just a simple blue-tooth function would've been superior.
    You seem confused. The smartphone option isn't safe, it's cost-effective. It's the cheapest option since all Nintendo needs to add is a smartphone app. They don't need to add more hardware to the Switch or anything.
    Even so at its cheapest the Switch costs 300$. For me the Switch is 500€ and that is for a device that doesn't even have some form of integrated voice chat, but has to use an app for a smartphone.

    No offense, but so far you come off as either a Nintendo fanboy or someone that thinks this smartphone voice chat is absolutely brilliant for some mysterious reason. Because I really can't wrap my head around why you seem so enamored with this idea, especially when in practice it creates so many problems.

  • @TokyoSlim but to assume it might even be bad seems crazy because the demos have only had great reactions, you cant say the same about final fantasy, even 15.

  • @TokyoSlim or they would have wifi when playing online. same with your phone, connect to wifi

  • @Bigdude1 Nobody is assuming it's going to be bad though. :)

  • @TokyoSlim reread i sad assume that it might be bad, that there is even a possibility

  • @Bigdude1 There is always a possibility. They have shown slices of the game. Just like any other game, it could have issues they aren't showing. Why would they show them? Demos are advertising. FFXV showed off the first 5 chapters. Not Chapter 13 or whatever most people disliked. We won't know until its released and people have played through it.

  • @Bigdude1 said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    that there is even a possibility

    You're saying that there isn't even a 1% chance of it being bad? People thought MGS5 (and many other games) would be amazing 10/10 games but look how that turned out.

  • @TokyoSlim it just seems like a poor argument, like x game could be bad, so could the next 10 exclusives on any console. if we are talking percentages, its pretty high chance.

  • @suplextrain mgs5 was tons better than mgs4 i was happy with it

  • @Bigdude1 salty people are salty. Looking for more salt to justify their current mood.

  • @Bigdude1 It's not an argument though, it's a fact. Acting like an unrelased game is automatically a 10/10 is not realistic at all. If you think it's a surefire thing that Breath of the Wild is the GOTY right now, and that it'll be a unanimous pick - then put money on it in Vegas. If you don't want to bet money on it, then we have the same outlook.

    People automatically acting like Zelda is above reproach because of history are not anyone I want selling me anything. There are even Zelda games people who like Zelda don't like.

  • @suplextrain And you come off as someone who thinks they are being forced at gun point to purchase something.

    You ignore entire portions of what I'm saying so you can dismiss it with completely flawed and circular logic. You don't want to respond to any specific point, you just want to keep listing what you don't like and that nintendo needs to fix everything for you.

    Thanks, but this has been enough for me.

  • @TokyoSlim As Huber said, Zelda doesn't get a free pass. Mario and Zelda haven't let him down yet. He doesn't have a valid reason to doubt it. (Partway through the latest Talking Syndrome, if anyone has the timestamp, thank you =] ).

    I agree with that logic.

  • @TokyoSlim its still a argument, and the thing about zelda games is its not that any game is necessarily better than the other, its mainly down to personal preference. there are people that say wind waker is the best, i think its pales in comparison to skyward sword. but both of those games are better than most games other platforms.

  • @Stormcrownn said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    @TokyoSlim As Huber said, Zelda doesn't get a free pass.

    Good then we're all in agreement that treating Zelda as an automatic GOTY before you've even played it is silly. :)
    Play it first, then tell me why it's a great game. Don't assume it's a great game, then play it. At that point your only option is to overlook/explain away it's flaws, or to be horribly depressed that it let you down.