Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • @DisturbedSwan Actually, the dollar is currently stronger than the Euro thanks to 2016. But only by 6%, so I would imagine the MSRP prices would resemble one another before tax differences.

  • @Haru17

    I was referring to the prices in British Pounds Sterling (£), the Euro is €.

    According to a quick google search £200 = $243 and £250 = $304 so that sounds about right to me (was leaked by Laura Dale of LPVG via an Internal GAME - UK Retailer - Email) guess we'll see on the 12th/13th.

  • I'm extremely excited for this and very optimistic. I'm also easy to please, so they will likely procure a purchase from me early on. Just having a means to play Virtual Console content on the go would sell me immediately, especially if we see GameCube titles eventually. I'm a grown man who easily sees myself toting a Switch everywhere I go, much to my poor wife's chagrin.

  • Prediction:
    The Rabbids RPG will have FULL voice acting and one of the actors from the game will present a live on-stage demo. - 2018

  • @TOPHATANT123 Interesting... if it is a Mario and Rabbids crossover, we can get Charles Martinet to voice his characters with more than catchphrases and grunts.

  • I couldn't be more hyped for this.

    Also don't forget that there will be a Treehouse live stream later on, where they will show gameplay of all the games and probably a lot of extra details about the console and its UI.

  • Not a lot of things I can say that others haven't. I'm thinking Zelda is a launch game still, maybe Mario. I think of all the re-released games we know about, Splatoon might be the most likely to be there at launch, if not all of them.

    I'm super pumped for the event, but honestly, my mind has been very much veering around the rumor that Mother 3 is making the Switch. Really hoping it's true, that series has been in my head for the past few weeks, and I'm just hoping it all leads to an eventual new game or something.

    Of course there's way more to be excited about, but I just hope we get some confirmation on that one.

  • @Jamicov yea id be surprised if mother 3's not available at launch

  • @DisturbedSwan Oh, of course. I always forget that those are different haha. My bad.

  • What I really want to know about is what exactly is going on with the third party support, because I imagine that what it will mean initially is that the third party Wii U games will be ported to the Switch, I'm particular hoping that is true for

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions
    Bayonetta 2
    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    If this happens in some capacity I'll be probably be getting a switch this year.

    They could just treat it like the MC's in the Persona series, they remain mostly silent only uttering the name of a attack, or the occasional line, but for the other 98% of the game they remain silent.

    Side note, finished my "Bingo card"

  • @DMCMaster Could you maybe possibly post that Bingo Card... I would love to shuffle around the positions and use it during the Switch presentation.

    Edit: Oh, you added some predictions to your original post; I assume those are the 25 you are using. I may make one less about predictions and more about what we're likely to see/hear at some point or another.

  • Final Bet: Final Fantasy 6 is being remade in the same vein as Final Fantasy 7 as a Switch exclusive

  • @naltmank
    If that happens alongside BG&E2 I'll probably die from a lack of oxygen

  • Bets

    • Retro is making "Super Metroid Returns" a 2.5D side scroller
    • From Software is making a Switch Exclusive
    • Smash Bros for Switch with Banjo and Rayman
    • Trailer starts, bizarre towns ominous music. You see a boy with a Red Baseball Cap walking away from the camera. Earthbound Logo. "Remake"

  • @RyanBates A man can dream

  • I'm a simple person with simple predictions:

    • BotW launch title
    • A Pokémon game titled Pokémon Eclipse. I don't think it would be called "Stars" because we already have "Sun," whereas an eclipse is an alignment involving both the Sun and the Moon.

  • @Doctor-Professor Yes! The first time I heard of Pokemon Stars i also thought why not call it eclipse. Good one!

    My prediction: There is going to be something that is really disappointing or plain stupid. Maybe a subscription service or some restictions in functionality.

  • I'm crazy excited for this event. Nintendo is still my favourite video gaming company. Their software output is unmatched IMO.

    What's Retro doing!!!???

  • I'm very excited for this event. Hopefully we'll see some sweet game announcements and a release lineup. Give me a price and I'll have it ordered before the end of the show.