Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • @SabotageTheTruth Sterling always waits a bit too long to release a video, after the score has settled and he knows people will likely agree with him. He never makes a video that's actually contentious. He never adds anything to the conversation. Its always a repeat of what better content creators have been saying.

    I really enjoyed TotalBiscuit's video, which covers the same talking points in a much better manner and with more detail.

  • @Stormcrownn also doesn't rely on assumptions which is what a lot of people are doing. like assuming the price tag of the online and such

  • I've been reading a lot of opinions on the Switch since the presentation, and while I agree that Nintendo could have done a much better job, I also think that the backlash has been disproportionate.

    If you just glance at Reddit, Neogaf or this very forum, you'd assume the Switch is a complete disaster and nobody is ever going to buy it. Same for most articles and YouTube videos. That's sadly representative of our society: negativity sells, controversy sells, doom-mongering sells.

    That's why a video titled "Everything that's WRONG with the Switch!!!" will always get more views than "A level-headed discussion about the Switch".

    That's why I really value EZA.

    Anyway, here's my two cents about all the criticism thrown at the Switch

    What I agree with

    • Price: Although in the US it seems reasonable, Europe is definitely getting the shaft. Where I live (Singapore), pre-orders are up but prices are not available yet and I've got a very bad feeling about this. The price of games is what worries me most. Super Bomberman R would be a great impulse buy... at $10-15. But the current (placeholder?) price seems to be $49.99. Come on now Konami.
    • Free online game: Granted, we don't know the full offering of "Nintendo Plus" yet, and that's obviously because they're still figuring it out themselves. One free NES/SNES game rental a month is downright insulting. I'd rather have no game at all.
    • Presentation: It started off well, with the switching between announcers, I thought it was going to be slick and punchy like the reveal trailer, but it went from bad to worse from there. Blunders like Suda51 and his translator shouldn't happen, did they even rehearse this once? And spending so much time on ARMS and 1, 2, Switch, fair enough, they are experiences unique to the Switch. But bundling all the other games in one montage trailer without any details, that was ridiculous. We were left guessing what some of these games were, whether they were planned for launch or not, etc. When your one-hour presentation leaves people with more questions about your system than they had beforehand, you did a bad job.
    • 1, 2, Switch: Should have been included for free, take the loss there Nintendo. You know what, make it free only for the Day One Ambassador Edition of the console. That first 2 million shipment. It would make your faithful fans feel like they're getting something out of supporting you for once! And by making sure everyone has this game and can show it off to friends, you get your word-of-mouth marketing that worked wonders with the Wii. You can then make the game available for sale separately, for $20, for everyone else who jumps in later down the line. Be aggressive with your marketing!

    What I disagree with

    • Line-up: Yes, on day one, there's not much to choose from. I understand that it "looks bad", but realistically, does it actually affect day one buyers? I'm sure that 90% of them will be hardcore Nintendo fans, or at least informed gamers. People who probably already have a PC, PS4 or Xbox One too. They wouldn't buy 5 games with the Switch anyway, they've got more than enough choice elsewhere. Day one buyers will get Zelda, pretty much all of them. And that will last them a while. Then there's Mario Kart a month later. Granted, as a Wii U owner, I won't buy it. But for everyone who didn't own a Wii U, this is an amazing new game! AND it will attract a whole new crowd to the system, if marketed well. That's your third million consoles sold in April right there. Between then and Splatoon 2, you can count on a decent amount of third-party and indie games to tide you over. I imagine Yooka-Laylee will sell pretty well on this system. And then you get Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the hardcore, and Super Mario Odyssey for Christmas, and THAT is when they expect to start selling the console to a wider crowd. Compare this 9-month strategy to the first year of Wii U, and it's miles better!

    • Extra accessories: They're not cheap, but neither are the PS4 or Xbox One controllers. And at least with the Switch, you get 2-player local coop right out of the box. That is something to emphasize! People complaining about having to buy the expensive Pro Controller, why do you have to buy it exactly? With the two Joycons and the grip, you've pretty much got the same thing. Yes, Nintendo is short-changing us on the charging dock, but again, those things have a 20-hour long battery, so it only affects those who play for longer than 20 hours in a row, i.e. not many of us.

    • Voice chat: I tend to agree with @Stormcrownn here. Again, maybe it "looks bad" on paper, but taking a step back, I doubt it will affect me in practice. I would probably never play online on the go anyway, I can't see myself voice chatting while on the train or in any public place, and I don't want to burn through my mobile data for online gaming anyway. So when I play online at home, I'll have my phone with me, connected to my WiFi. What difference does it make that I chat through the phone or through the Switch? Sure, I could use Skype or something else instead, but it virtually makes no difference. "But they're making us pay for this useless app!!", I hear you say. Not exactly, they're making us pay for online services, this app being a part of them. They've merely aligned on Microsoft and Sony here, who also make us pay for online. We don't know what this subscription will offer, we could have discounts and other advantages.

    • Companion app: To expand on the app itself, who says it will only be used for online chat? I would actually imagine that it does many more things. Maybe you can browse the eShop through it, consult your activity log, message your friends Miitomo style, watch trailers, and so on. Maybe it's a portal to all sorts of Switch services. And then it actually makes a lot of sense to me to have this as an app, because you can then do all these things even when you don't have your Switch with you! I would love an app like that actually. Granted, that's pure speculation on my part and we could end up with a bare-bones shitty app too. Just don't assume the worst, is all I'm saying.

    So that's how I feel about the Switch so far. Let's all be cautiously optimistic, or reasonably pessimistic, and wait for more details, there's still time until March 3rd.

  • my thoughts on the switch ive let it settle a few days

    Games: zelda is the killer app at launch and games like i am setsuna and bomber man near launch if priced decently can be great secondary experiences. 6 weeks later you get a enhanced version of Mario kart 8 which i will re-buy. splatoon is a great choice as a summer game kids hanging out playing a few rounds of splatoon between base ball games and swimming. then that fall/winter you have mario. i highly doubt xenoblade will be this year but if it is thats almost as big as zelda for me if its more like the first then it is the second.

    Price: 299.99 is a decent price however Us in Canada are getting shafted at 399.99 CAD, our dollars weaker then the u.s.'s but only by 17-18 percent so i dont see the 100 dollar price difference. The pro controller is pricey but no more so then a xbone or ps4 controller. the joy cons are expensive but why do u need more then the one that comes with the system.

    Online: its a payed service id wait and see how much its gonna be and what services its gonna provide before i offer my opinion (i cant see it being more then like 40 bucks a year)

    Functionality: the console looks good ill probably never use it as a handheld after the newness of it wears off but i could be good as i can go upstairs and sit with my family and be social and play a bit of switch as well its probably got a sleep mode.

    im looking forward to it as i havent bought a nintendo system as my main system since n64 and wasnt expecting it to change this time.

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    Saw this pop up in the Internet... And I laughed my ass off...

  • As a heads up the Fire Emblem Direct is at 5pm for the Eastern Standard Timezone, and one of the reveals might have been leaked thru the source code, albeit a rather obvious one.

  • @jipostus
    I swear I have seen some version of that for the PS4, and X1

  • @DMCMaster thats 6pm my time so ill have to hurry home after work

    fire emblem warriors date
    mobile date
    and my bet fire emblem fates complete on switch for launch day or soon after

  • @FF7Cloud @jipostus And PC master race xD

  • Just thought to drop this here:

    Youtube Video

  • Xbox and Switch should have crossplay. MS is open to it and Nintnedo would greatly benefit from the large Xbox Live user base.

  • @LordBaztion said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Xbox and Switch should have crossplay. MS is open to it and Nintnedo would greatly benefit from the large Xbox Live user base.

    I think that was just a PR stunt. They only said they were open to it because they knew Sony had no reason to agree to something like that from a business perspective. They could only say this because they were behind.
    If memory serves the situation was somewhat reveresed a couple of years ago and MS said no then.

    In any case I don't think Xbox/PS4 will share a lot of multiplat games with the Switch because of the weaker hardware, differena audiences, etc.

  • @suplextrain Sony was the first one to openly say they had no problem with crossplatform multiplayer, when MS had actual policies against. Then MS opened their policies and Sony has remained silent since. I agree that Sony has nothing to win from crossplay but that's their problem, while MS and, specially, Nintendo have a lot to gain.

    I hope Switch gets Rocket League and Gwent to see if crossplatform between Xbox and Switch becomes a thing.

  • @LordBaztion said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Sony was the first one to openly say they had no problem with crossplatform multiplayer, when MS had actual policies against. Then MS opened their policies and Sony has remained silent since. I agree that Sony has nothing to win from crossplay but that's their problem, while MS and, specially, Nintendo have a lot to gain.

    My point is that it's all just PR talk and that it won't happen.