Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • @DisturbedSwan Oh, of course. I always forget that those are different haha. My bad.

  • What I really want to know about is what exactly is going on with the third party support, because I imagine that what it will mean initially is that the third party Wii U games will be ported to the Switch, I'm particular hoping that is true for

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions
    Bayonetta 2
    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    If this happens in some capacity I'll be probably be getting a switch this year.

    They could just treat it like the MC's in the Persona series, they remain mostly silent only uttering the name of a attack, or the occasional line, but for the other 98% of the game they remain silent.

    Side note, finished my "Bingo card"

  • @DMCMaster Could you maybe possibly post that Bingo Card... I would love to shuffle around the positions and use it during the Switch presentation.

    Edit: Oh, you added some predictions to your original post; I assume those are the 25 you are using. I may make one less about predictions and more about what we're likely to see/hear at some point or another.

  • Final Bet: Final Fantasy 6 is being remade in the same vein as Final Fantasy 7 as a Switch exclusive

  • @naltmank
    If that happens alongside BG&E2 I'll probably die from a lack of oxygen

  • Bets

    • Retro is making "Super Metroid Returns" a 2.5D side scroller
    • From Software is making a Switch Exclusive
    • Smash Bros for Switch with Banjo and Rayman
    • Trailer starts, bizarre towns ominous music. You see a boy with a Red Baseball Cap walking away from the camera. Earthbound Logo. "Remake"

  • @RyanBates A man can dream

  • I'm a simple person with simple predictions:

    • BotW launch title
    • A Pokémon game titled Pokémon Eclipse. I don't think it would be called "Stars" because we already have "Sun," whereas an eclipse is an alignment involving both the Sun and the Moon.

  • @Doctor-Professor Yes! The first time I heard of Pokemon Stars i also thought why not call it eclipse. Good one!

    My prediction: There is going to be something that is really disappointing or plain stupid. Maybe a subscription service or some restictions in functionality.

  • I'm crazy excited for this event. Nintendo is still my favourite video gaming company. Their software output is unmatched IMO.

    What's Retro doing!!!???

  • I'm very excited for this event. Hopefully we'll see some sweet game announcements and a release lineup. Give me a price and I'll have it ordered before the end of the show.

  • @Ikataishou As long as they don't form a Switch band and play the Mario theme....

  • @Doctor-Professor It's a supergroup composed of members of Switchfoot, Killswitch Engage, Switchblade Symphony, and Witch.

  • Just want a better online ecosystem more than anything to be honest. It needs to be a lower price than a PS4slim to break out too. Zelda and a Mario will be enough for launch titles but its really the question of third party which is the only thing up in the air. They have a load of "Partners" but so did the WiiU. Excited but cautious.

  • I can't even be bothered with predictions. With all the rumors and "leaks" I just want some solid information already.

  • @Vin said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Just want a better online ecosystem more than anything to be honest. It needs to be a lower price than a PS4slim to break out too. Zelda and a Mario will be enough for launch titles but its really the question of third party which is the only thing up in the air. They have a load of "Partners" but so did the WiiU. Excited but cautious.

    Third party games will depend on people like you, if the system sells it will be supported, if it doesn't sell it won't be. This is literally the only factor that matters for third parties. It could have the spec of an Atari and sell and Capcom would probably find a way to port Resident Evil on it. Nintendo did their part by showing a list of devs who are willing to work on the system but if the system doesn't sell at retail those publishers may change their mind and there is nothing Nintendo can do it at that point, they can't babysit or force people to work on their system (if they could they would). Only gamers can help by actually buying the system. People didn't want the Wii U because of a lack of third party games so nobody bought the system and because nobody bought the Wii U nobody made third party games for it. Funny how that works, gamers actually helped create one of the reason they didn't get the system in the first place. Anyway that is what the list of publishers that Nintendo showed was for "Hey we showed our system to these guys and they think it's pretty cool and they are totally on board and willing to work something out"

  • Nintendo has three major parts that will make or break the Switch's success. Performance/battery, the online ecosystem, and Third Party Interest/3DS Market Success.

    I'm not going to talk much about games specifically, because it kinda goes without saying. They need to have good launch titles, and capitalize on the mobility of the device with ported/upgraded 3DS titles.

    3rd Party & Handheld/3Ds Market Success;
    The big draw the Switch to third parties is the ability to access the market that the 3DS/DS currently dominates. These companies already have access to Xbox/PS4 markets, so a home-console demographic really isn't a valid reason to make a game for the Nintendo crowd. A business executive for a publisher would look at the 3DS as one of the few remaining demographics they aren't selling their products to. Not to mention the cost of developing a game for the new console.

    The Switch is likely to be the most accessible Nintendo console to develop for. Developers already have experience with their game engines running on an Nvidia Tegra chip, which means lower costs overall. 3DS games also use less resource-intensive assets and art styles. This is relevant mainly as a marker for what is acceptable to a current 3ds-gamer in the graphics department.

    TL;DR: Switch is appealing because game companies can make cheaper games and sell them to the handheld market that they currently have limited access to. Historically not true for Nintendo platforms.

    Online Ecosystem;
    As @Vin mentioned, the online ecosystem could really make or break Nintendo as a whole right now. I have some high hopes due to the core of what the Switch is, an Nvidia-supported tablet. That's the most universal a Nintendo platform has ever been, so there's countless android apps and various examples that they can pull from. You could realistically port entire interfaces/apps from existing platforms. I struggle to see how they could find this difficult to pull off, but Nintendo does consistently surprise us.

    We really need to see the full interface of the Switch, and how non-Nintendo apps/programs will run.

    Hardly needs explaining, but consumers will need to be at least content with the battery life. USB Type-C means that it will likely be easily chargeable with battery packs, and "Battery Cases" could be common place. I mention performance because higher performance=more battery consumption. If the battery life is amazing, but the performance suffers, it causes a potential deal breaker for people due to the same root cause. If the Switch runs at that Docked performance level when charging, or its in the settings menu, this is less of an issue.

    As far as the presentation, I'm interested in what points Nintendo will focus on with Battery. Will they ignore it? Focus on charging speed? Will they even mention the battery life?

  • One last addition, Tekken 7 and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are getting Switch ports, and both will have exclusive Switch Content (Come on Captain Falcon as a playable character for Tekken)

  • @DMCMaster said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Come on Captain Falcon as a playable character for Tekken

    This. Now that you said it, I need it. Please deliver Nintendo.