Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • So that actually was Bomberman I Konami trying to do good?

  • Pricing:
    $300 with no game.
    $80 Joy Con bundles
    $70 Pro controller

    Paid online coming in the fall with 1 month loaner SNES and NES games and discounts.

    Zelda BotW Master Edition: Map, box, Master Sword model, Switch case, soundtrack, and coin is $129.99

  • Inklings and Splatoon track coming to Mario Kart 8

  • @TokyoSlim I can not believe the online "loan games" deal. This has to be false, or misinformed. I haven't found it on an official site yet.

  • @TokyoSlim Where is this collectors editing of Zelda I MUST HAVE IT

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild will get
    1 2 Switch nope
    Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 maybe
    Nobunaga no Yabou Power Kit thingy meh
    I am Setsuna aint buying again unless its physical
    Puyo Puyo Tetris S nope
    Disgaea 5 depends on price
    Super Bomberman R meh

  • @frasafrase

    Monthly game download
    Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super NES) game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month.

    Official Nintendo US Switch site.

  • @TokyoSlim
    SNES games getting online play? Fucking awesome

  • @TokyoSlim Only giving a single NES/SNES game is ridiculous. Only letting you keep them for one month is just ridiculous on so many levels. Adding online isn't enough to justify it in my eyes. You're basically paying whatever it is for online itself (which I never liked on any console) and demos of 20+ year old games that, let's be frank, you either bought a dozen times on other nintendo consoles or just pirated by now anyway. Unless it's much much less than $60 a year it's highway robbery.

  • @DeweyDTruman
    Do have to agree, although I have a feeling Nintendo wont charge $50-$60

  • @DMCMaster Considering what they're charging for everything else on the Switch I wouldn't put it past them.

  • I'm wondering what their sales pitch for this console actually is, other than "play anywhere for 3 hours". They didn't go into new software or speccs, so they're not trying to sell you on better quality. Also they didn't go over why these games (mario and zelda) has to be experienced on the Switch instead of just being a game on wii-u. Also the promise of being a unified system, yet there were no examples of how handheld franchises would look like on it.

    The idea of playing anywhere is great, even if it's just taking it to play in bed more reliably. Though I don't see why the Switch needed to exist other than the fact that they can get away from the wii/wii-u naming problem and charge more for their hardware again.

    It will be an exciting future for Nintendo and their games, that's for sure. Just not as much information as you'd expect about the system.

  • @Nesnomis said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Though I don't see why the Switch needed to exist other than the fact that they can get away from the wii/wii-u naming problem and charge more for their hardware again.

    I honestly get the feeling this is the only reason the Switch exists. Everything I've seen of it looks closer to a (drastic, far more than PS4pro for example) new model for a Wii U rather than an actual new console that succeeds it.

  • As a non Nintendo fan I really came into this presentation with high expectations. Play console games anywhere with nothing in between like remote play had me hooked.

    I watched and turned it off disappointed. I haven't bought a Nintendo since the gamecube and I guess that will continue for another 5-6 years.

  • Amazon preorders are finally up....At 4am EST, now to wait for that BOTW collectors edition to pop up

  • @Nesnomis I kind of get your concerns, especially if your a wii u owner. However, this is targeting all the ppl that never bought into Nintendo for Wii U. I think it's clear what the console is. There's no point talking about specs, we all know it's not a PS4 or Xbox. The reason that it's not insane specs is because of what it is, it's a lightweight console you can take on the go. I guess in some ways, yes it's a portable Wii U. That's the trade off. It's also using tech that makes it really easy to develop for. Nintendo needs this. It's a great step forward. Now to wait for games.

    I think they will have great support from the indies, which is important. Also they are probably not clear about the hand held market because they don't want to make it official that your 3ds is useless now. It's not time lol.

    Anyways, I'm sold on it for the most part. waiting for games.

  • @Farsendor im impressed with the switch. I don't get your hesitancy about it. Even in the other thread you commented on it. What about do you not like?

    The only thing I don't care for at this point is some of the prices and lack of games. Everything else is impressive to me. I haven't owned a Nintendo since NES.

  • I'm happy with what was shown. It is a versatile piece of kit and the initial list of games both for launch and in the future is nicely balanced with core focused titles, Nintendo staples and some new stuff. I also think it is a smart move by Nintendo to spread out their first party and second party releases for the console over the rest of the year. It is clear they are wanting to avoid what happened in the first years of the 3DS and Wii U which had long gaps between big releases.

    Battery life isn't too big of an issue for me because it is about the same as the 3DS's (well mine anyway!) and I do just fine with that. The price in the UK is also what I expected because in the UK we always get shafted on the pricing for tech. I'm really looking forward to it and I hope that this is the start of another fruitful console cycle for Nintendo because when things go well for Nintendo we get some damn fine games out of it that you can't get elsewhere.

    At launch I will hopefully be getting:

    • The Switch with the Red and Blue JoyCons
    • Zelda
    • 1, 2 Switch
    • I Am Setsuna
    • A bunch of VC and digital indies if they're available at launch

    Finally, Mario Odyssey* looks amazing!

    • I would like to be smug and say I was close with my World Tour or something similar prediction from a while ago :P

  • Well my expectations were pretty low, still disappointed, I mean Xenoblade 2 fuck yeah, looks awesome, but depending of how NoA fucks this one up I might have to wait till someone hacks the system so I can play the JP version with fan subs.
    SMT, no gameplay, also probably censored again to shreds like TMS, can't have exclusive M rated anime games on Nintendo.
    As far as I see it right now, i will not buy the Switch till Mario comes out and the price goes down, I will, if at all because I get SotC syndrome from the empty open world, buy Zelda for Wii U, but only a few days later a much better game aka Nier Automata will come out, so probably not a release purchase, amybe in a month where nothing else of interest gets released.

    Also there is no NMH3 so far, he said he is working on a game starring Travis and something about wrestling, could be anything, not necessarily a NMH (I hope that translator was fired afterwards, he was awful).

    Also WTF EA? That arrogant piece of shit gaijin stands there and all he has is soccer, great EA support.

    300 withouw game is too much, infact the EU price is 330€, without game this is ridiculously overpriced.

    Well at least Platinum and Marvelous are on the 3rd party list, but that doesn't mean much.

    No, I have to deal with the fact, Nintendo lost me, new full 3D Mario looks great but they just can't get me anymore with their gimmicks and novelty shit, 1,2, Switch my ass.