Nintendo Switch January 12th Event

  • @Haru17 Why are you bringing in every AC game ever when we are specifically discussing launch titles for the PS4/Switch? Cool, What's the metacritic score on Breath of the Wild right now? Since the full quality of the game is already known, it must have review scores already...

  • @TokyoSlim Because the reviews stated that it had the same core gameplay as every AC game ever.

    And did you really just say 'that's just you're opinion,' then site Steam user scores?

  • @Haru17 Yes, because you posited that your opinion was universal, and i rebutted with evidence to the contrary. Other people have opinions on Black Flag that do not match yours. We are talking about a game that is known, that people have fully played and judged, vs a game that's not even actually out yet. That's the issue.

  • I really hope for your sake that the game lives up to your expectations. Even if it does, there's gonna be people out there that don't like it as much as you. And that's totally ok.

  • @TokyoSlim I think it's hilarious you're resorting to 'that's your opinion' argument when there's a prominent new Zelda game coming out. It's like how everyone writes off this huge launch game. It's just like the Wii U, Nintendo isn't putting out a scattering of forgettable titles. They're launching with this one game, because they expect everyone to buy the system with it. And plenty of people — nostalgia-driven and otherwise — don't comment on subjectivity when they see the new Zelda.

    Meanwhile, the online gaming enthusiast crowd are screaming in their loudest nihilistic voices because they want choice like all the multiplatform games whose third party developers decided long ago to stop developing for Wii, when the Switch isn't offering that. It's another system made for Nintendo games, this time the only system they'll be putting stuff out on. It looks like a steady current of very particular games that can only grow more interesting with each E3 and direct.

    And don't worry about my sake, worry about spoilers. One of the greats.

  • I think it's hilarious that you're being so aggressive and patronizing to other people about a video game.

    I'm just saying, not one time did I insult or belittle your opinion about how excited you are for Zelda. So far in this thread, you've told someone that they are flat out WRONG for not caring about Zelda, you've read someone's opinion on how their love of the sailing part of Wind Waker was their favorite part of the whole series - and then turned around and told them that they are wrong, and the bits they like are shit. You've continually claimed here (and earlier on Twitch when I brought it up) that the Switch is the only handheld gaming device on the market, when that is objectively false. Not only does the Vita exist, and have damn near as many games coming out for it as the Switch this year (supposedly) - but Nintendo themselves still make another handheld and have repeatedly denied that they are killing off the 3DS when the switch comes out.

    For some reason, you fail to see that nobody is "writing off" the Zelda game you're so intently defending. Nobody in this thread has said it's shit, or that nobody gives a crap about Zelda, or anything, or that Breath of the Wild is garbage. You're antagonizing people who are waiting until the game is released before we judge whether or not we want to spend over $400 to play it or not, or just aren't that interested in Zelda. If that's seriously that upsetting to you , you may want to chill out and just sit out the internet for a while.

    Also, I'm not sure what you're talking about in regards to people being mad about the Switch not having third party developers. Like 85% of the games coming out for the thing are third party games.

    Anyways, I hope you get yourself sorted out. L&R

  • @TokyoSlim That's quite ad hominem.

    I'm sorry that I came off that way and that you feel that way, I'm just very excited for the damn thing and I see a lot of alarmism and bitterness in a community typically more than happy about every other kind of game (see: the other thread). Particularly the notion that it's 'Wii U all over again.' I think that is hilarious (the choice of words I use not to belittle others but rather to state a strong opinion in a less affronting way) because the whole time Wii U was out, people were waiting for Zelda and Metroid, and here this console comes with Zelda all wrapped up as the key launch title.

    Furthermore, the nihilistic sentiment that the Switch has failed before release, which ignores the entire of Nintendo's so-far quiet studios. I talk about the Switch as the only handheld on the market because — in the long term — it is the only one on the market. Sony stopped pushing the Vita in NA a while ago now and it's hard to even find in stores. And with reference to Nintendo still selling 3DS, they are doing so because that system was a success and they're trying to ride it out still as the generation changes. Just like with every other third pillar period, Nintendo does not sincerely intend to continue supporting the 3DS year after year. Ultimately, the Switch is going to be the only handheld because it's the only HD / current gen handheld, which is my point. The DS and back are not still on the market.

    My point with Wind Waker is the same meme-adjacent criticism that's always been thrown around in this community. 7.8 and too much featureless water. I think it's very clear that Breath is an improvement over the open world in that respect. I'm sorry that my opinion bothers you. I stated it bluntly, but that's what I meant by it. It is not an attack on your personal enjoyment of the game, I am stating my own perspective.

    Let's not trade insults, but rather opinions. Although I think I'm done with this particular conversation.

  • I've never played Wind Waker. You were telling someone else their opinion was shit, not me. I'm just here trying to get things back to being civil. You can express yourself without putting down other people.

  • @Haru17 said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    That's quite ad hominem

    Dude, that's literally what you're doing.

    I'm just very excited for the damn thing and I see a lot of alarmism and bitterness in a community typically more than happy about every other kind of game (see: the other thread)

    Yes people have differing opinions. This is normal. You attacking them or claiming that opinions are wrong or whatever does nothing but upset yourself and others. If you just took a step back and realized that it's perfectly ok for people to not be hyped for the same things you are you would be a happier person.
    I have heard tons of people say that my favorite games are garbage. Heck my best friend thinks that my favorite game isn't good at all. I don't get upset about this at all.

    Also people being sceptical and not super hyped for the Switch (and Zelda) is perfectly understandable.
    I think you'll agree that the Switch launch isn't exactly flawless and that the launch lineup isn't stellar. Even Zelda is doing some things differently which justifies people's scepticism. I for example am very sceptical to the new Zelda, especially in regards to the open world aspect. I personally always liked the more handcrafted aspect of the series with significant upgrades and meaningful exploration. This new Zelda seems to have lost some of that.

    I mean I could go on but I think the main problem here is that you don't like people being sceptical about things you're hyped for. You view (using your own words here) this as bitterness and nihilism. Which by itself is a very negative mindset to have.
    Seriously so what if some people are sceptical? So what if some people even happen to be bitter and cynical? You either ignore it or look to see if there is merit in what they say (which could in turn change your perspective on things). The way you lash out comes off as insecurity or close-mindedness. That you can't handle people thinking differently from you. This could be wrong but that's the way it's perceived.

    Just remember that in the same way they are sceptical about things you like, you are sceptical about things they like. Most people (not all) don't just show up to shit on things for no reason. They don't show up just to piss you off so you getting this upset to the point where you start taking a less than civil tone only makes the entire discussion more unpleasant for everyone involved. So either learn to ignore comments that annoy you or accept that the people you're talking to is just like you, people with differing opinions.
    At the end of the day having differing opinions is healthy, because never challenging your ideas an living in a bubble is detrimental to you as a human being.

    Heck feel free to ignore this entire post I made if you get upset about it and think that I'm a big doodoo head. Just take a step back.

  • My biggest problem with launch lineup is that there really isn't many exclusives coming out at launch. There is 1,2 swtich (a 50$ collection of minigames that should've been bundled imo) and Super bomberman R, which is not really a console seller. Zelda, while it does look amazing, is sill out on the WiiU, so there isn't that much initiative to get the Switch. I'm really excited about Mario an Xenoblade chronicles 2, but that's some way of. I hope there will be a bundle of sorts.

  • I believe they held back on the games. They have to have something to show us on E3. Nintendo during E3 with nothing new would be a moronic decision. I hope that they've learned their lesson about properly spacing out their games.

  • @Fridge-man said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    I believe they held back on the games. They have to have something to show us on E3. Nintendo during E3 with nothing new would be a moronic decision. I hope that they've learned their lesson about properly spacing out their games.

    I don't think they held back on games. It makes no sense to keep the lid on games for E3 when the Switch comes out in March. You want to get people hyped for the system at launch.
    I mean why would you keep the lid on some fantastic games that might come out later this year or early next year just to save them for E3? Nintendo made it clear last year that they're perfectly fine with just showing off one game at E3.
    It would be especially wierd if they kept some games a secret for E3 when at this Switch event they padded it with just announcements and promises without anything to show from said games.

    I do however think that we'll see some glimpses of some upcoming games for the Switch at E3 considering the fact that the devs have had at least around half a year to whip something up. But intentionally holding stuff back? Nah.

  • Mod Note: Okay the back and forth about BotW and AC is done with. No one needs to add more between @Haru17 & @TokyoSlim. I love seeing the passion for certain games but it's safe to say some posts are bordering on hostile. So let's get back to a more friendly debate.

    Love & Respect

  • @suplextrain Nintendo has tremendous confidence in Zelda, and I don't think it's misplaced either. A lot of hype exists for this game. At E3 last year it was their sole focus, they wanted all eyes on Zelda. It could be (but most likely isn't) that the lackluster launch line-up for the Switch is because, once again, they want all eyes on Zelda. I don't believe it's crazy to think that Nintendo believes all they need come launch, is Zelda.

    They knew they had to show more than Zelda during this event, which they did, but come June Zelda will have passed. Other games will stand a greater chance of seeing the spotlight, games that might've been overshadowed. Nintendo have a hypetrain rolling and dumping all the fuel on the fire at once seems like a stupid idea to me.

  • Forgive me if someone already mentioned this, but it seems like Nintendo is changing things up and getting rid of Miiverse and StreetPass for the Switch. While those two services had some neat ideas, I'm glad to see them starting fresh with their ideas and infrastructure for online services. I'm excited for the inevitable thread about exchanging Nintendo Switch usernames/IDs or adding friends or however it works.

  • this thought just came to me today wouldnt it be awesome if from software made a zelda game with dark souls gameplay

  • @Fridge-man said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    Nintendo has tremendous confidence in Zelda, and I don't think it's misplaced either.
    they want all eyes on Zelda

    I think it's a mix of confidence and the fact that they don't have anything else.
    If they intentionally kept the lid on other big games that are relatively around the corner for the Switch just to keep the spotlight only on Zelda then that would honestly border on megalomania. That they would be way too full of themselves. I don't think that Nintendo are that delusional.

    You want your system launch to be as strong and hyped up as possible, especially after how weak the WiiU was. One of the key problems with the WiiU was the lack of games, especially bigger ones. The last thing you want is to give consumers a sense of Deja vu with the Switch.

    @FF7Cloud said in Nintendo Switch January 12th Event:

    this thought just came to me today wouldnt it be awesome if from software made a zelda game with dark souls gameplay

    I don't think that's gonna happen in the near future. With Zelda and Mario Nintendo has consistently wanted to make them family friendly. Making an extremely punishing Zelda game and uppping the difficulty doesn't seem likely.
    I mean Zelda games have yet to surpass Alundra in terms of challenge and darker tone, so them going even further into Dark Souls territory seems unlikely.

  • It's insane to me that Pokemon isn't coming out, even a direct port of S&M with better resolution would have been acceptable.

    I understand Zelda is a massive game, which I'm sure will be amazing. But is 1 (one) game enough?!

    I've realised I'm being harsh on the Switch but I don't understand how you screw this up so badly.

  • The event was awful but I don't think that means this is all the games they have for 2017. I am hopeful on the likes of Pokemon and Super Smash being announced.

  • @Alexander-Parry
    Probably to keep a few surprises for E3 would be my guess.