Scalebound has been cancelled

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    Actually it was more so canceled due to creative differences, from what I understand Kamiya's vision for the game was a single player game more in line with other Platinum developed games, along with a few sprinklings of Okami. MS wanted a big open world online coop action RPG.

    It is a shame the game won't see the light of day as intended, and I can't imagine the blow to the teams moral.
    Although I don't think thus will kill them, Platinum still has Nier, something called Granblue Fantasy, and one or two more games with Activision (I think)

  • @DMCMaster said in Scalebound has been cancelled:

    creative differences

    Platinum ... a few sprinklings of Okami.

    MS ... open world online coop

    Well, you've succeeded in making me angry about this. You invoked The Name.

    Fuck Microsoft. We need other platforms, but ones that aren't owned by such a totally artistically bankrupt, profit-driven and profit-dictated corporation.

    And I'm saying that as a Washingtonian and Halo fan.

  • Kamiya's response on the cancellation.

    alt text

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    The more I keep reading about this, the angrier I am at Microsoft.
    Apparently they decided that games like this, Phantom Dust, and a few other projects weren't worth the resources going forward, so instead of breaching contract and incurring hefty fines, they made the development milestones for them impossible to be met, refusing additional payment until they were, forcing the games to die.
    Similar with what happened to Human Head games and the original design for Prey 2 over at Bethesda.

  • I would not be surprised at this point if Platinum Games goes Nintendo exclusive since they seem to have a good working relationship with them.

  • @Stephleref I'd be doubtful of that happening considering how Star Fox 0 went.

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    @Stephleref I'm thinking it will more likely be a split between Sony and Nintendo exclusives with some B-grade side projects for Activision as usual.

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    Not that I was overly excited about this game, but it feels so... unexpected! like it looked like an almost finished game and now they pukk the plug? I feel bad for the people that have put in hours and hours in the making of this game and to see it canceled must be a bit blow. As others have mentioned, lets hope for a pick up by Sony or Nintendo!

  • @dramaticslowmo I don't think Star Fox Zero's problems came from Platinum. And Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 are both great games, so I'm pretty sure Nintendo would love to have them make more games for them.

  • Microsoft is losing a lot of exclusives they need right now.

  • It wouldn't surprise me if someone new took over at Microsoft, or a new influence entered the board meetings.

    There's a lot of politics behind the scenes at Microsoft, and the corporate cliche of everyone looking out for themselves/wanting credit for themselves is super common.

    They desperately need someone to properly manage these different projects and teams. Maybe the cancellations and lack of games right now is a sign of them shifting resources and focus to new projects. It's a hope for E3 2017 at least.

    Side note, Sea of Thieves looks better every day.

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    @Stormcrownn Microsoft's shareholders have been begging for them to kill off the games division for years now, so for a rather niche project like Scalebound to have even been announced in the first place is almost surprising.

    I was really hoping when stuff like this and Phsntom Dust were announced that we might see a side of Microsoft that actually cared about games other than Halo, Gears and Forza. Guess I was being too optimistic.

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    That's what I'm guessing, unless they are contracted to do so, I highly doubt any future Platinum games will see a X1 release. I know Miyamoto and the gameplay team for SFZero butted heads a few times, but It never reached the level of anger and betrayal that Kamiya must feel right now.

  • @Axel That's my point, Nintendo (miyamoto) interfered too much with Star Fox whereas Bayo 2 and W101 they were left to make the game they wanted to make.

    With Star Fox selling badly, I doubt either will want to do too much if it isn't Bayo or W101 related.

  • @dramaticslowmo Ah ok gotcha! But hopefully they didn't care that much since it wasn't their IP, their "baby". We'll see what they end up making for Switch.

  • watch we'll get bound by scales at the switch event tomorrow

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  • I fear that Microsoft are putting all their eggs into a dwindling number of baskets. If Project Scorpio isn't as big of a success as they want/need it to be I wouldn't be surprised if Mircrosoft ditch home consoles and only publish games on PC from their biggest IPs (Halo, Gears, Forza).

  • I think MS played a big hand with commission developers at the start of the console gen and now it's starting to either backfire a little, or they're getting the meddles and tinkering around too much.

    What I'm guessing happened at the start of the Xbone's life was that they went to a couple of developers asking for exclusives and either didn't really understand what they were going to get or just wanted the exclusivity more than they were prepared to actually manage working with the outside developer.

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    I don't think Scorpio will be what they want it be. I stilll believe Microsoft is marketing it like a mid gen upgrade and pro like console, but really want it to be a next gen type console that everyone flocks to. But of course they can't tell you that. It will be interesting to see the future of Xbox that's for sure.

    It really sucks this game got canceled. Like the easy allies podcast talks about, it starts to cast doubt for other games. I bet Microsoft can't wait to leave this generation behind (another point for above). For a console to flourish it needs variety of exclusives even if they don't sell call of duty numbers. If not what's the point? You want ppl to be invested in your Eco system. I see no point personally investing in that Eco system because I can have everything I want on PS4 plus more.