Final Fantasy XIV (PC/PS4)

  • @Pikagreg You're in for a treat! I wasn't too fond of certain aspects of Stormblood in regards to the plot and overall flow, but the ending sequence of events is truly something to experience.

    @Swordfish00830 Nice! Just know that you could always get lucky with a roll should the weapon drop before ten totems are acquired.

  • Seems like an appropriate place to post the Stormblood review for anyone interested.

    Youtube Video

  • I've gotten this itch to dive back into XIV. I haven't played since Heavensward and I don't think any of the folks I played with on Cerberus are around anymore. How is the latency for fellow EU folks on Ultros? My internet isn't the greatest thing unfortunately.

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    @breadsaucebandit I've recently started FF 14! I played the beta and loved it. However the release was at the same time I moved abroad so kinda missed it.

    I am based in UK and playing on US servers with really rubbish internet, yet I dont really feel like there are any issues with lag or so. I get the very occasionaly spike on like 2 seconds, but its not very often and its often due to my own connection rather than the server.

  • @Lotias Hype! Are you on Ultros? I'm having to download all the patches which, with my internet, is going to be a while.

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    @breadsaucebandit Im actually on Diabolos, but I created a character on Ultros to play with more EZA EU people though!

  • @Lotias That's rad! Hopefully I run into you at somepoint. Guess I'll have to hunt down the EZA FC when I finally get on. Being from the EU should make getting on the server easier at least!

  • well I finally switched over to ultros

  • Resurrecting the dead to let people know that characters can transfer to any server on the same data center free of charge using the Aetherytes in the three main cities.

  • Hey I might be a bit late to the party but, I'm a european player coming back to the game with Shadowbringers so near, I'm in the Louisoix server, but I was wondering if it would be possible to play with people from other servers now, or what the easy allies FC situation would be like? I love this game but it's a bit annoying to play it alone and have eternal queues!