Final Fantasy XIV (PC/PS4)

  • I've been on Gilgamesh since the beginning, but I haven't put in a lot of time since Heavensward came out, and so I don't have a single level 60 class.

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    I've kind of given up on playing since its been over a month and I still haven't been able to make a character on Gilgamesh.
    I have a 52 WHM on Adamantoise but my regular crew doesn't play anymore. Boo.

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    Yeah has ANYBODY been able to create a character on Gilgamesh? Ive been trying like morning and night for a month and it is NEVER open for new characters.

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    Sorry for the triple post. I guess this thread is dead?

    FINALLY got on to Gilgamesh. Even got a level before work. Add Horatio Velveteen to the guild plox

  • I just re-subbed a few days ago and created a new character on Gilgamesh to join the allies. But it seems there's no way to join a free company without one of the member being online, and so far I couldn't get a hold of anyone.

    Does anyone know if the company is even still alive? If so, any recommendations at what times I could catch someone online?

  • If anyone still wants to join the EZA community on Gilgamesh, try doing a player search for "Fey Nafilia" and right-click my name > View Company Profile > Submit Application. I recently managed to get in and will do my best to keep my character online as much as possible so it’s easier for others to apply.

    I should be around Monday to Friday from around 10:00 - 20:00 GMT (04:00 - 14:00 EST). If you can’t find me online, just drop me a message here and I can keep my character logged in over night as well.

    If you’re having trouble creating a character on Gilgamesh because the server is full, you could try this:

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    Currently leveling a new character, Horatio Velveteen.
    alt text
    If somebody who is in the fc invite me, that would be swell.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Final Fantasy XIV ARR - Allies Assemble!:

    If somebody who is in the fc invite me, that would be swell.

    Unfortunately it's impossible to invite people who are offline, which makes the whole process pretty cumbersome. Your best bet is to do a player search for one of the members (I'll try to keep my character logged in again for the next few days) and access the company profile through them to send in an application.


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    @Fey Yeah one of my major points of contention with ARR is this fucking clownshoes ass friend/FC system.

    I'll try to add you the second I get home. Thanks! Love and Respect!

  • Hey,

    I've created a new thread for FF14 Free Company added and inquiries. Please check it out if you have any FC questions or need an add to the FC.


  • This thread seems to be inactive but I'm looking to find the EZA Linkshell if there is one. I'm already in an FC so that's why I'm looking for the LS.

  • @Bakas I posted the on the Multiplayer forum as well but here it is again in case someone didn't see it there. I have made an EZA Community Linkshell on Gilgimesh. No one has actually joined so I'm the only one on it. XD But if you wanna be the first, you're more then welcome to send me your info and I'll add you.

    FF14 Name: Yami Zetsumei

  • Finally got on gilgamesh! Can someone invite me pleaseee :)

    Name is Rikkuu Yunah

  • I would love to start up playing again with a new character with all the allies but sadly gilgamesh looks like is closed for new characters at the moment :(

  • They'll apparently transfer to the Ultros server before the release of Stormblood (June 20), probably precisely because Gilgamesh is constantly locked:

    @EZA said in Eorzean Allies - Snowcloak & Shiva (Hard):
    NOTE: We will be moving to Ultros right before Stormblood releases. If you are considering moving servers for the EZA FC and to be a part of our Stormblood activities, please consider moving to Ultros instead (or at least Primal Datacenter).

  • @Fey well then maybe I should just start making a char there then

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    I think that is kinda lame, considering I spent about 3 weeks trying to make a charactet on Gilg.
    If they offer free server transfers with the expansion I'll do it, but if not, see you guys.

  • Anyone else jumped in with the enhanced trial? I'm enjoying it a lot, and I'm curious if there are other allies just starting it.

    I'm not sure I'll be ready for Stormblood, but I guess I might just make a char on Ultros in any case

  • Hey Allies,

    I'm trying to compile people response to the move to Ultros, and get an idea of what people are planning to do for it. I've made a survey at the link below. If you could find a few moment to take it, that would be AWESOME!!! I'm mainly doing this to get the response of the people who are in the FC on Gilgimesh, but if you are making a new character or transferring from another server, I'd love to hear those story as well. Thank you for your time and being wonderful. Love and Respect.

  • I havn't been able to make a character on gilgamesh or ultros and i really want to play with everyone. i'm just starting FF XIV and made a character on a different world but every time i log in i check to see if i can make a new one on either server but they're always full. how do you guys do it?