Final Fantasy XIV (PC/PS4)

  • @Fey don't know what timezone you are in but I am in CET

  • @YamiZetsumei I'm always cool with playing with anyone, so if you need to run a dungeon or trial or whatever and see me online, I'm always happy to jump in! There simply doesn't appear to be a lot of PvE content that really requires cooperation, and duty finder parties where everyone is just silently going through the motions are not what I'm looking for in an MMO.

    @fettouhi Nice! I'm in CET+1, so I guess we should run into each other once I can get back to FFXIV.

  • I just resubbed to FFXIV only to find I had been locked out the FC house and my chocobo was running wild in the Lavender Beds. I like the idea of jumping servers to find some Allies to run content with.

    Is Ultros a thing? Or is it still in progress?

  • @Calio I believe it's still a work in progress, however, the move to Ultros will be finalized come June as per the explanation by Damiani linked earlier by YamiZetsumei.

  • Anyone know how this Amazon Stormblood pre-order thing works? Still need to get my code and was wondering if that's how I should get it. Do you get the code for the items when you pre-order or when the game comes out? Saw some people flying on the cloud already so was wondering.

  • @YamiZetsumei You actually don't need to preorder the game to get the promotion. From what I can tell, if you make a gaming purchase on Amazon of $20 or more, you get the promotional code from them as a bonus which you then submit to get the items.

  • @YamiZetsumei There's been reports of some folks getting the promotional code immediately despite the terms stating that preordered items will have the code delivered after they're released and/or shipped. If you've placed a preorder for Stormblood already, you can try cancelling the order and placing a new one to see if the code is delivered instantly.

    Alternatively, you can purchase any video game related item for $19.99 or more to qualify for the promotion. Do note, it has to be sold by either or Amazon Digital Services LLC to be eligible. Personally, I purchased a Final Fantasy XIV Online: 60 Day Time Card as my qualifier and received the promotional code not too long afterward.

  • Letting everyone know. I pre-ordered Stormblood though Amazon 2 days ago and just go my Amazon items code. So it works if you pre-order, you don't have to wait. But now I'm having trouble registering my Stormblood Early Access code. X/ Anyone experiencing this? I was emailed my code and logged in to Mog Station to activate it, but it's saying its an invalid code.

  • @YamiZetsumei Did you register the promotional code here first before logging on to Mog Station? If not, you have to register it on that website first which will, in turn, grant you a new code to register on Mog Station for the benefits.

  • Not gonna lie, getting pretty hype for the new Stormblood expansion, even though I stopped playing FFXIV before Heavensward came out. Though if I do come back to it, I'm in the predicament of do I try to get into Gilgamesh where my cousin plays, or follow EZA to Ultros. I'd probably restart a new character either way. hmm decisions decisions.

  • @Anaithsol Yeah. I did that. It took me to a screen that had pictures the Red Mage Minion, Ear Rings, and Stormblood early access with my code for Mog Stations. It's that code that I'm using in Mog Station that it says is invalid.

  • @YamiZetsumei Pretty odd. Have you made sure the code you acquired matches the region on your registered license? If that's not the issue, you should contact support and explain the situation. Alternatively, you can cancel your initial preorder for Stormblood and place another to acquire a new Early Access code.

    @Kenny I just returned to the game as well after a long hiatus that started not too long after Heavensward was released. I've since planted myself on Ultros with a brand new character in preparation for the official server move, but I must admit that Gilgamesh is a pretty solid choice especially if you have family situated there.

  • @Anaithsol Another update. I called in to support. Turns out you can't preorder Stormblood though Amazon if you got the original game though Steam. My bad. I canceled Amazon and got it though Steam.

  • @YamiZetsumei Ah yeah, that would definitely explain the issue. If your license originated on Steam, you're locked to the Steam store for all future expansions.

  • @Anaithsol Yeah, that's what I'm weighing, I know Gilgamesh is a good server, just hard to create another character on since it's one of the more popular servers. But I kinda get the feeling my cousin is getting burnt out from FF14, though he might get rehooked with Stormblood. I guess I'll talk to him about it haha. Maybe just run two characters haha =P

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    I just resubbed yesterday. Me and a couple of other Allies currently have the Easy Allies Free Company name. I play on Ultros where the EZA crew was first pre Easy Allies when they were still at Gametrailers. Glad I didn't make the move to Gilgamesh when Damiani and everyone else left Ultros.

  • How does one go about joining the eza free company on ultros??

  • @bbangash I don't believe Damiani has opened it up to the public just yet on Ultros. Details regarding the move and Free Company are bound to be shared as we approach the early release period for Stormblood, so keep an eye on the Eorzean Allies streams, Damiani's Twitter, and this thread for updates.

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    @bbangash A few of us Allies have a Easy Allies free company with the EZA tag. On Ultros I'm currently the only active one for the moment. Send a whisper or apply to the free company it's called "The Easy Allies". My character name is Suguru Kinniku.

  • @Swordfish00830 I'll see if I join it for now, I'm just upgraded from trial to full game recently, if you see a Lyude Svent trying to join, it's me :p