Final Fantasy XIV (PC/PS4)

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    WE HAVE A HOUSE! Damiani set us up with one yesterday.

  • Jones' Garage lol ! That's just perfect :) How do we access it ?

  • I just subscribed today, made a character on the Ultros world. I've never played the game before, so if anyone has any tips or things for a newbie that would be awesome.

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    @Whiskeyjack If you are in the Free Company there is an option to teleport to it in your Teleports

  • @RiceEater22 as someone who just started 2 months ago, I can only say "Welcome!" :p
    If you are feeling as overwhelmed as I was at first, take your time. Things kind of become more clear the more you play the game and you start to get familiar with everything. I'm loving it, it is a really cool community, at least from my experiences.

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    @RiceEater22 There are also helpful videos on where to go if you are lost. Also don't be afraid to ask I found most of the FFXIV community has been friendly rather than negative.

  • I've decided to jump into FFXIV, and I'm trying to find some sort of leveling guide to catch up to Stormblood content.

    Or would i be able to start a new character (One of the new Stormblood classes/jobs)?

    Side note, the character creation is super overwhelming for someone who likes to pick the 'best' stuff. Any sort of best class/race/creation stuff is welcome.

    also, Ultros is the server?

  • @Stormcrownn said in Final Fantasy XIV ARR - Allies Assemble!:

    ide note, the character creation is super overwhelming for someone who likes to pick the 'best' stuff. Any sort of best class/race/creation stuff is welcome.
    also, Ultros is the server?

    You'll need to find a leveling guide. You wont be able to start Stormblood content or classes until you beat the Post Heavensward (3.5) Main Story Quest. They do have jump potions if you wanna skip Leveling or the Story (those are $40 together though I think :/ ). The story jump potion would put you at the point to start Stormblood but you may still need a Level 60 job to get one of the Stormblood classes (I don't know about this).

    I'm not sure how race factors into stats and stuff. Maybe someone else can speak to that. But after you have subscriber for 30 days to the online service, you get a potion you can use to change your race/gender/appearance so if you just wanna get started, you have that as a back up.

    Ultros is correct. The Free Company (guild) is "The Easy Allies". Let someone know on here when you start and we can find you and add you.

  • @YamiZetsumei ill start the journey with people when its out. I am at the moment level 35 and also need to move to the realm people will migrate too

  • @Stormcrownn @YamiZetsumei You can unlock Samurai and Red Mage as early as level 50; It's unclear if A Realm Reborn needs to be completed fully to gain access , but it'll definitely call for the initial batch of main scenario quests to have been conquered at the very least.

    Your character's race plays a very minor role in statistical progression and gender has zero effect whatsoever, so I wouldn't bother trying to go for an optimal setup. Feel free to pick whatever combination you find most agreeable to your tastes.

    As for the jump potions being introduced: the main scenario option will only complete the quests necessary to access Stormblood's content, thus should you be lacking a level 60 Job, it's essentially useless and must be paired with the other potion to properly be utilized. The combined total will be $50 all said and done, however, if you're a new player and in no real rush to play with veterans in the most relevant content, I strongly recommend you avoid both options and engage the game as properly intended.

  • @Anaithsol I've only paid for the $30 package of Realm Reborn/Heavensward, and dropping another $40 on a game i may or may not be playing doesn't sound all that attractive.

    Also, paying to skip content of a game I paid for doesn't seem all that smart...but the hype does get real.

    Is doing the content normally (questlines, etc?) the efficient way to level up, or are there stages where grinding is useful?

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    Play regularly and you will be fine.
    Just make sure you get your chocobo as soon as possible and you should breeze through most of the game.

  • @El-Shmiablo Best site for quest guides/etc? UI Mods/UI settings? - I'm use to WoW where very few people use the default UI, and the game gets better when you use someone else's settings.

    Appreciate the help. I'll probably have to talk myself down and take my time. I'll be tempted to skip all the dialogue/rush everything.

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    @Stormcrownn You really only need to look up guides for dungeons so you don't piss off the turbonerds who throw a fit if you wipe even once.
    Just fuck around with the UI yourself. It is fully customizable from the menu.

    I pay attention to MSQ dialog but mostly just skip sidequest dialog, unless it is a Hildebrand quest. Those shits is hilarious.

  • @Stormcrownn I hear ya and it only lends to my strong recommendation to avoid skipping the content even if the Stormblood hype can be overbearing at times.

    As for your initial question? You'll be perfectly fine following along the main scenario quests while fulfilling secondary objectives such as your Hunting & Challenge Log. Should that not prove sufficient in terms of experience, there's a location called The Palace of the Dead that will serve perfectly well as a leveling option. In fact, I highly encourage taking advantage of PotD should you wish to try out various classes/jobs before making a more long-term decision.

    In regards to UI, FFXIV actually offers a pretty robust interface that's leagues above that of World of Warcraft. You'll be able to customize a good amount via the in-game tools should the default positions and sizes not meet your needs. As for helpful websites, I don't recall too many with dedicated guides, however, you can't really go wrong with the subreddit or MTQcapture on YouTube.

  • I started playing, character name is Luthais Stormcrown.

    Currently in a FC that someone randomly invited me to, but I'll leave whenever I get hit by you guys.

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    @Stormcrownn I think you can applyto the guild by searching for it. I'm about to log on my characters name is Suguru Kinniku. Send me a whisper if you see me online.

  • @Swordfish00830 Don't seem to see anyone online.

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    Accepted your application you are in the FC

  • @Swordfish00830

    I created a character on Ultros on the PS4 version. I am in Limsa and wondering how to apply. I'm level 14. My PSN is Toastylightning.