What are you doing with your Xbox One?

  • Playing it, fairly regularly. I have a PC that's great, and was built for gaming, but I never expected MS to go the direction they're going. I won't sell it, I enjoy it.

  • Don't have one yet. Plan on getting one at some point, and will almost certainly wait for Scorpio. It would benefit me to own an X1. As while the PS4 is vastly outselling the X1. Its still hard to find used copies of games for PS4 locally. And my in urban area, its slighter easier to get X1 copies of multiplatform games.

    Having an X1 also opens the option to buy the cheaper copy of multiplat games. Which won't be an inferior version with the Scorpio model coming out.

  • Basically bought one in 2014 for MCC, and to play online with my pals. The online part has yet to work out, but playing games offline and cooperatively is a blast.

    More in depth:

    1: PC at that point did not have Xbox exclusives, which it's definitely getting now...
    2: I was a one-note Xbox knucklehead that barely knew basic internet & PC spec lingo. I was unable to understand how a rig was supposed to be built, and really didn't want to go through the trouble. I just wanted to play games as fast as possible without caring how they looked. That has changed.

    I'll probably keep my Xbone if I get a rig since allot of data, and games are stored on it, and there's high chance that some of those games will not be ported to PC for a while. Until then I'll use the absurdly large box to do what it does best: play games.

  • I just made the switch to PS4 a few weeks ago. I had been an Xbox guy since OG Xbox, so I stuck with it this time around mainly for that reason. However, this generation they've just been unable to offer anything compelling. Halo ran out of steam a while ago for me, and I don't think there needs to be another Gears of War either. They just have no good ideas it seems.

    I'm going to be enjoying the hell out of the Uncharted Collection, God of War, The Last of Us, and Bloodborne, and seemingly better selection of indie games for a while.

    Still holding on the the Xbone for now. May continue to use it for backwards compatibility games and free Games with Gold.

  • I'm gonna play video games on it. I might buy a Scorpio when it comes out if it's reasonably priced, otherwise maybe I'll eventually invest in a gaming PC. But I imagine Scorpio will be priced pretty well and still considerably cheaper than a good gaming rig, so I'll probably end up getting one. Until then my Xbone will keep on playing games since my laptop can't play most modern AAA.

  • I'm going to keep my xbone but plan to build a decent PC when scorpio comes out. It may have a higher entry cost but will be cheaper to upgrade, I like playing racing games with a wheel and neither console supports my g27....and perhaps more importantly, I'll get access to steam and all of the pc exclusives I've missed out on (not to mention old/current multiplats like the witcher 3/dirt rally that will run much better).

    I do have one question that hopefully somebody here can answer. I'm an older gamer that only has one friend that plays games. Unfortunately, he insists on buying a xbox and pretty much only plays call of duty. What are the odds that a multiplat 3rd party game like cod will support cross platform play (W10 and xbone)?

  • @ZyloWolfBane I think you're definitely right in predicting that the Scorpio will not be as powerful as the a higher end 4k gaming PC. That will never happen. However all I was trying to state was that typically when you build a PC that's the same price as a console, the PC will be weaker then that console, because the games are better optimised on consoles to use that specific hardware. That means that you end up paying double, triple or more when building a high end gaming PC.

    Having said that, when the Scorpio and probably the Neo get released, they'll offer a cheaper alternative towards entering 4K gaming, which ties back in to my original point that the Xbox will still be able to make a case for its self on the market.

  • I haven't touched my Xbox One since December.. But i'm hanging onto it for when they release some Microsoft only titles, my PC is not gaming savvy.

  • Well... I'm continuing to not buy one.

    Now, before anybody gets riled, I'm not saying this to be a dick or a fanboy. In fact, I think the XBox line makes up pretty much the most genuinely innovative products Microsoft has ever released. And though a long career in IT has conditioned me to never trust MS, I think Phil Spencer is a stand up guy who is doing everything he can to do right by gamers. And considering the mess that he inherited, the degree to which he''s been able to turn around the XB One's reputation and sales is remarkable.

    But because that mistrust I mentioned predates the original XBox, I've never bought an MS console and so have never built a connection to any of their flagship titles. That leaves me pretty indifferent to the future of the XB One.

    I do feel a little sorry for Spencer though, because my suspicion is that the Play Anywhere initiative is coming from above, from the Windows division. He's trying to spin it positive of course, but my guess is he's worried about the future of XBox and feels somewhat backed into a corner. I guess he said in an E3 interview that he wanted to release the upcoming first-party games through Steam, but if the top brass lets that happen, I'll live stream Superman 64 until I either finish it or go stark raving mad. Microsoft is not a company to give anything away for free unless it's significantly helping them leverage their products against their competition. And that's what Play Anywhere is about. It's about propping up the tanking Windows Store before Valve runs away with the entire PC gaming market (possibly running all the way to Linux with it).

    Once the dust settles, my bet is on the XBox brand fading away and Spencer becoming the head of the Windows Gaming division or whatever. I'd rather see him go work for Ubisoft though, because it seems like their heart is in the right place (or at least pretty close to the right place) but they could use a little direction on better serving their customers. A guy like Phil Spencer could do a lot of good at a company like Ubisoft.

  • I hear you man, a friend of mine asked me the same question and I strongly believe they will bring a lot of titles remastered/ported for Windows 10 in the future. The money they could make with something like a Gears or Halo Collection for PC/Win 10 users is just to much to let it pass. If you can use some extra bucks and want to get rid of your console you should do it fast because the prices will hit an all time low when the Xbox S hits the market.

    so long Rudolf!

  • I prefer playing on console so nothing will change for me.

  • My Xbox One has been mostly collecting dust since I bought it at release. I also got a PS4 at launch so I played all multi-platform games there. I've played a grand total of 3 games on the Xbox One. Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6. And now with a new GPU in my PC and all future exclusives being on PC as well I won't be using it at all. If you can use the cross-buy stuff to play on both at the same time I'll probably lend it to a friend that likes Forza or something.