Favorite Overwatch Character

  • Love or hate the game, it's very hard to deny that Blizzard does a commendable job of making characters in their world that are just brimming with personality. So instead of asking who you have the most fun playing as, I'll instead ask which character is just your overall favorite?

    There was one character I immediately knew I was going to love before the game even came out... Zenyatta. Robot? Check. Monk? Check. Absolute force of destruction on the battlefield? Check. Having a character so focused on zen and tranquility is instantly going to draw my attention, even if there's a bit of disconnect from all the murdering he gets up to.

  • Only played in beta and didn't get to try every character. But I liked Junkrat a lot. Also liked Demoman in TF2 so there might be a connection!

  • Zarya hands down. love that buff sexy pink haired Russian beauty.

  • Lucio's design may as well be transplanted from Jet Set Radio, he's easily my favorite design-wise. The only reason I played the open beta for more than a few matches was because I wanted to keep playing as him (even though I don't use him all that much in the game proper since I'm too busy being terrible at Junkrat.)

  • Character-wise, Bastion. But every game: "No support, yet. Might as well play Lucio."

  • @frasafrase said in Favorite Overwatch Character:

    "No support, yet. Might as well play Lucio."

    My pain, writ large.

  • @frasafrase said in Favorite Overwatch Character:

    Character-wise, Bastion. But every game: "No support, yet. Might as well play Lucio."

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that falls into the Lucio hole.

    That sounds way more sexual than I intended.

  • Genji. He is enhanced cyborg ninja!!!
    And he has the best voice acting imo.

  • Lucio is my best character to play.
    But my favourite character storywise is probably Soldier 76. I love the idea of the leader of Overwatch being "dead" and coming back as a vigilante. Winston is my favourite as a character though. He's just so adorable... and occasionally frightening.

  • D.Va (big surprise I know) especially Gremlin D.Va . Such a cutie :heart:

  • Lucio!!! Best support character. Rides around on skates.
    "Lets break it DOWN!!"

  • @Ellis There's also the way he can wall ride which can be super useful in some places (like crossing that gap in the back path in Hanamura.) and is just generally cool.

  • Junkrat.. I love the crazy ones..

  • Mercy as I enjoy the support type while throwing the other teams snipers off by taking them out with headshots across the map with the pistol.

  • I'll actually go another step and say my favs from each class!

    Offense: Genji. cyborg ninjas are ALWAYS cool to me (thank you MGS) but his agility and throwing stars are very fun to be a nuisance with and when you get in a good groove you can be zipping across the battlefield as an elusive force of destruction.

    Defense: Junkrat. his design is incredibly (especially his Legendary Hayseed and Jester skins) and his personality exudes insanity and fun in equal measures. Probably the character I play the best with overall.

    Tank: Reinhardt. this one was really tough as pretty much all the tanks (except sometimes Winston) are great and a blast to play in different situations, but the old over the top Knight who can just pin a character to a wall and blow through entire teams with a good charge while also working very well with other teammates by blocking for higher damage outputers makes Reinhardt #1.

    Support: Lucio. Hands down the best support character; good damage, great AOE healing and speed support to reach objectives faster, and his pushback shot is probably one the best counters to Roadhog I've seen so far. IMO he's probably over the best character in the entire game (in terms of gameplay not design)

  • I tend to play as Mei more than any other character. If not her, D Va is usually who I pick.

  • In beta I loved Junkrat, come launch I love Mei. Mei is Bae.

  • Offense: Tracer
    Defense: Mei
    Tank: Winston
    Support: Mercy for attack. Zenyatta for defend.

  • Character wise for me it's always been D,Va. Ultimately however, she's one of the weakest heroes in the game and virtually isn't even in the game on high level and thus she can't be my "favourite hero".

    As I am a tank I will have to go with Reinhardt, mainly because he is god tier and the only tank character that fares well against any other hero. His animations are well done in the way that you really feel like you're barging in on the enemy with your shield.

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  • Zenyatta - he's in my top 3 played as well. But just a chill ol' robot floatin' around. What a legend.