For Honor Cinematic Trailer: Closed Beta Date Announcement - The Thin Red Path

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    Text for those who can't watch. I really enjoyed this trailer.

    Honor. What do you know about honor?
    You, who has never faced true fear.
    Learn what honor is before pretending you are a warrior.
    Know this before that thin red path, Where no mistep is allowed.
    Path that only ends when your legs fail to support you. When your heart stops beating.
    Path where sadness goes along with pain. Where glory is the color of blood.
    This narrow path goes only one way. A way covered with enemies...and brothers.
    And it will take you without any shame, unto the hands of death.
    For the name you were given, and for your descendants.
    For Honor.

  • I'm ready.

  • That is one sexy trailer.

  • I've been signed up for this on PS4 like 5 months before they even announced it.

  • I hope they fixed people running away in PvP, real annoyance in the earlier Alphas.

  • @dramaticslowmo The game modes and objectives is where they'd fix that. Make it so that running away doesn't help your team win. I can't comment on it further, but I feel pretty confident about this particular topic.

    Can chat more once footage of the closed beta comes out.

  • @Axel Seriously. I was expecting some stupid 1 minute commercial.

    Side note, Ubisoft US's thumbnail game is on point on their channel. Nice colored banners that just bluntly state what the video is. "XXXX HERO FOOTAGE" "CLOSED BETA ANNOUNCEMENT" - Really really smooth to surf their content.

  • The Alpha consumed my life far more than anticipating, so I am READY! Warden4life