Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

  • So my BF started to play the game after we went to see Logan on Friday.

    With that stuff with Rost...
    He had an emotional day.

  • @Inustar

    I am going to see Logan today. How is it?

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    Who here discovered the armor that makes you

    Literally invincible?

  • @Art I've heard stories about it. :) Like here in real world, not yet in the game. Gonna be sweet when I eventually stumble upon it.

    But aah, haven't been able to play in over 36 hrs now. Around four hours to go until I get my hands on it again. I'm in Meridian and I've got a bunch of side missions now, still even in the first area, Nora grounds. I think I'll put the main quests for a hold for a while now and come back there to find some collectables and do the hunting grounds stuff and just level up a little in general. I mean the way to Meridian was pretty threathening, gonna need some upgrades for those areas to better survive.

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    Kill as many real life animals as you can.

  • @Art Yeah, I've noticed that it's often some fox or boar "part" that I'm missing when trying to upgrade my pouches. Also some fish part?? Haven't seen any fish yet, although to be honest haven't actually searched for either.

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    Every once in while you can spot a single fish floating in the water.

  • I've seen a few places with like 5-7 fish swimming in the same place.

  • Yep, spotted them myself as well. Didn't get any fish bones though after killing five trouts. Gotta kill more.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Dude.. I just stoped playing TR at.. some point.. got really bored. The game is beautifull, animation is great... but it´s just so... whatever... I didn´t picked up Uncharted 4 becuase I was a bit fatigued of the "indiana jones/rambo" normal guy shooter. picked TR half priced so I went for the oportunity.. but I fell that I still am a bit fatigued of this genre.
    Horizon is NOT that! it fells more like a monster hunter game.. but with actuall mechanics that metters! just facing a new robot figuring it out and how to engage... it´s a thrill I was missing for a long time.


    let me state outright that I love this game and I play videogames mostly to enjoy great gameplay and this game delivers just that! but that aside...

    Many outlets, some Easy Allies and IGN included, have been stating that this is one of the most beautifull games this generation! Some even compare it to Uncharted 4! Im not a graphics bitch.. and I think this game has a gorgeous art style, some good enviroments and great lighting.. but Character models are just ok! Aloy is beautifull specially her eyes( and such unique facial estructure) but you can´t hope to compare this with Uncharted 4 rinkles and textures! hell it doesn´t even mesure up to Rise of theTomb Raider! And both are more like open worlds with deep craft and customization. I know TR has a much smaller scale but the way Lara moves, or how her closes get wet, damn!
    I mean how I said it.. Horizon is beautifull.. but its graphical prowess is much more comparable to Dragon Age Inquisition than those other big games that relly so much in graphics!
    I don´t know how people get to those conclusions.. but I have to state here that to this day the most beautifull game I played on a PS4 .. it is an open world, with great gameplay and just gorgeous models, textures, and effects.. it was Infamous Second Son!

    I remember back in the day being like .."this game could be possible in the PS3.. they are not pushing themselves too much." And to this day it´s still the most good looking (and one of the best gameplay) this generation! Now I see how special that game was. I don´t want to be critical about Horizon.. but just be fair .. horizon is not that great looking! But it plays heavenly! and that is what metters!

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    I've noticed that Sony's games do put a lot of detail into the eyes.

    It's like they have a studio that specializes in that alone.

  • If you think Horizon and Dragon Age: inquisition are graphically on the same level, I fear your television is broken.

  • This game is insane! I played for 9 hours today. Just now finished for tonight after three hours went by. I love this more and more. Earlier today I cleared the Nora lands by collecting every one of those things you can buy maps for, and I did all the side missions there, too. (This happened after I had reached Meridian the first time and picked some side missions to go along.) Now I headed to the Carja lands for the second time with so much more levels and weapons and upgrades and everything and it just feels so good! The fighting is way more fun when at one point I realized just to buy practically every weapon you can. Now you have something for everything. Yet still I'm afraid to face some of those monsters, and that's great!

    And the beauty of this game. I can't get enough of the Carja lands. The details and the distances and the colours! It's all just so full and dense, you know? Looks simply wonderful.

  • @MSBi Really good. Easily the best Wolverine movie, but that might not be saying much. Tied up there with X2 though.

  • @Inustar

    Just saw it last Sunday. The movie is spectacular. Easily the beat marvel movie Ive seen and probably the best Xmen movie.

    The feels and that ending though!

  • I got rekt by my first thunderjaw tonight. Those things are crazy!

  • So my BF tried to take on a stormbird. He was like level 18 and the bird was 28.
    He saw it and decided he must kill it.
    Did not go well.
    He now has his own arch nemesis.

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    I've been doing so many of those tombs that every new robot I run into is already hackable. :P

  • Been taking a break and catching up with tv the past few days, but I'm gonna try to bag my first Thunderjaw this weekend.