Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

  • @ib0show EdgeHinck?

    Anyway, I thought the trailer was fine. Kinda regretting watching it because I feel like I'll have seen most of the plot before they even sell the game — like most open world games that aren't Bethesda-made, Witcher, or JRPGs — but what I saw looked great. Hopefully by the time I get to this game after Switchmas and 1000-percenting Zelda, I'll have forgotten all of this.

  • Ah I still don't know how I feel about this game. Everything looks really cool and I'm intrigued by the mystery pieces they teased in one of the trailers, but it'll still be a wait and see for me. Not that I can afford new games anyways heheh

  • @Haru17 What did I say that makes me ezaEdgeHinck. I'm looking forward to Horizon.

  • Also, Lance Reddick.

  • @ib0show You saw no spoilers in the story trailer? XD

  • @Haru17 I still have no idea what the game is about, we saw a bad guy etc. what was a spoiler.

  • @ib0show The bad guy we didn't know about until now. The new environments and the motivation for the plot. The new machines, etc. Some people will consider all these things spoilers.

  • I hate to break it to you guys, but if you expect an open world game to have a whole lot more story development than that in the first — say — 20 hours of the game, you're fooling yourselves. Witcher 3's first act ends at like 40 hours — it ain't likely!

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    Why is it seemingly so hard to balance out story and open worlds?

    I know I may be simplifying things, but just play optional cutscenes that add depth to the world, characters and main story after every handful of sidequests. Sure, you may miss them if you ONLY do the main missions, but that's what you get for rushing through a game.

  • @TokyoSlim If those people consider those spoilers then they shouldn't watch anything.

    @Haru17 This game imo looks like a game that's story is 20 hours and 40-50 hours to do everything

  • @ib0show said in New Horizon:Zero Dawn story trailer:

    @TokyoSlim If those people consider those spoilers then they shouldn't watch anything.

    Which is exactly why I warn of spoilers and those people don't watch this video.
    And now you understand. :)

  • The trailer seems fine, but I still haven't seen a real reason for me to be excited about this, I think I'll stick with waiting for reception and price drops.

  • I am back in!

  • I just got spoiled on the inside of one of the cauldron dungeons. Looks amazing, but if you're sensitive to spoilers, or are on blackout - watch yourself!

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    I've gone cold turkey on this game and cant wait for its release! I try to avoid the trailers and all.. but its so easy to klick haha

  • Looks like we'll get the Easy Allies review when the embargo is up on Monday.

    "Apologies for not streaming last night. I have a review due Monday morning that I'm kind of obsessed with."

  • I'm part of the Kyle Bosman camp of "I was so hype on this game until I found out the robot brontosaurus just acted as Radio Towers in Ubisoft: The Game: Dinobot Edition." Still, I'm glad open world collector fans will be getting something that looks genuinely interesting

  • @Galaxy40k I hear this mostly from people who are looking for excuses to write off Horizon for other reasons.

    Kyle knows that's a lazy and reductive statement and if he sits down to think about it, I'm sure he'd come to the same conclusion. I mean, he's still interested in Breath of the Wild - and it's also got "Ubisoft towers" in it. The Witcher 3 had job boards that were also mechanically "Ubisoft towers". You rarely hear anyone complain about them though because The Witcher 3 is good, and people want Breath of the Wild to be good. Why then the concern trolling over Horizon?

  • I wouldn't read into it too much. I think there is some truth to it but Kyle was also playing Devil's advocate to get a conversation going about Horizon.

    One part of the game shouldn't dictate the rest of it's qualities.

  • @TokyoSlim its not an excuse to write off Horizon because it's going to be a bad game, it's a reason to write off Horizon because it's not the type of game I am into. I personally don't like open world games of that nature. BOTW being that type of game is my number one worry about it by a landslide, and the Ubisoft Collecting elements of The Witcher 3 I completely ignored in favor of linear storytelling. It's not me trolling, its just me recognizing that it's not the type of game I get excited for. You have to remember the original presentation of Horizon just showed off the cool robot dino hunting segment; the subgenre still wasn't clear at that point, and so a lot of people had their interest piqued who wouldn't be interested in the final product.