Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

  • This is the first game in a long while that I took the time to platinum. If Guerrilla is considering turning this into a franchise, I'm totally okay with that.

  • I love hearing about all of the love for Horizon. Once I finished Zelda and play a palate cleansers or two I am definitely going to play it.

  • 68 hours, and now I'm finished. Platinum trophy and all. My God this was a fantastic game! I would never have thought I'd be SO into this. Guerrilla Games, seriously. How'd you do it? After Killzones you gave us this? This was so polished. So huge. So pretty. So smooth. So well written! I loved the story. Once the main missions started to touch on the backgrounds of everything, the events that transpired long ago, I was sucked into a really cool science fiction story. Very well done. One surprise more, that one.

    What a joyrney. Two weeks of intense playing, and I truly loved it all the time. I even had a 10 hour session one day, which hasn't happened in ages. This was something I'd never seen before, everything felt just so new and exciting. Maybe this was finally the thing for me that took the leap into the next gen of games. Current gen, whatever. I've owned PS4 for three years now, but this was something else in technical terms. I just feel it in my gut.

  • 60 hours spent on this game. Completed the story of Horizon a few days ago and also platinumed the game just yesterday. Completed every Quest and unlocked nearly every item in the game. When playing the game had noticed a lot of flaws in the game as well as many factors that I adored. Here are my thoughts on the game.

    Horizon Zero Dawn had a spectacular intro and was one of the best compared to other video games. This game consisted of an amazing landscape, with its day & night cycle making it seem realistic (Graphics = SPECTACULAR!). There’s variety of options in the ways you hunt machines and enemies. There’s also an array of options when using photo mode and also an option of Quick Save, which is probably one of the fastest save option in video games. The ability to Fast Travel is a great feature, as it reduces stress over traveling further distances in the game. Got to say, the soundtrack is a masterpiece, this was the main thing that sold me on this game.

    Conversely, Horizon had an ordinary and weak narrative with a boring end to the game. It had plain acting and unnecessary and cheesy dialogues. The fighting mechanics of some machines were clumsy and not well programmed. There were also a bunch of glitches within the game, which is quite common in an open world game.

    My overall summary of this game, is that it’s innovative in the sense that it has futuristic elements such as high-tech machines and technology but also has primitive features such as using bows, arrows etc. But the game itself is a coalition of aspects of other games such as Shadow of Mordor, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Uncharted 4. To be completely honest, I love this game but the story was a big let-down for me, as I believe it wasn't as strong as it could've been. But this game was a big improvement from Killzone: Shadow Fall and I'm glad Guerrilla shifted their team to work on this brilliant new IP as they started to milk the Killzone franchise which I needless.

    My Final Verdict: 8.5/10

  • I haven't played the game, but I just wanted to note how great it is that the characters are all clean, their clothing is clean, and there's no rough stitching to be found anywhere on their clothing. I'm so sick of this imaginary notion that people of the past, or people who aren't living in civilisation, are all caked in dirt and mud, and their clothing all looks like it was sown by a 5-year-old. People had artisanal skill long before the 20th century.

    Might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but it's one of my pet peeves in film and gaming. This false idea that people in the past were filthy barbarians with no standards.

  • I put about 2 hours into Horizon earlier today. Wow is it a beautiful looking game. Haven't messed around with photo mode too much but I can see myself trying it out.

    The first 30 minutes or so are a bit of a slog really while they build a premise and hit the tutorial beats. Once you finally get out hunting and exploring it really picks up and I finished off where you fight your first Sawtooth. That thing has a presence! I was seriously impressed by that feeling that I was tackling something kinda daunting and planning out my attack. I just found it really fun.

    Looking forward to putting some more time in tomorrow.

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    I feel like I really need to get back into this game! I played about 15 hours the first week when I bought it end of march. Then Ive been busy and I feel like once I play I want to sit down a couple of hours, which just hasn't been possible lately.

    I really enjoy the game and it looks amazing even on my old screen! I've just climbed my first "tower" and cleaning up the area before I move on. I really like how alive the whole world feels like... plus I'm a sucker for collecting things!

    I hope I get to learn more about the machines soon rather than just "they are dangerous and a bit corrupt.. for some reason".

  • I was able to put a lot more time into Horizon today, I reckon I'm about 8-10 hours in now.

    First thing I'll suggest is going into your HUD and assuming you're already on dynamic, going one step further and turning off waypoints on the screen. This way you'll only have an idea on the direction of a quest. I just found it better. I didn't like seeing the marker constantly appear in front of me, showing me exactly where to go.

    On the game itself, I'm loving it. It just feels really good to play. All the encounters with the machines are really entertaining and coming across new ones and deciding how to approach that fight feels really satisfying. I wasn't a big fan of fighting against people though.

    I like where the story is going so far and want to find out more but I keep on coming across other things to do. I've just been going from one side quest, to searching bunkers, doing all the hunters lodge trials, etc. I just love doing all of it. Also climbing the tallneck felt really good too. There's nothing particularly challenging once you're on but again that scale and feel is really good.

    My biggest complaint so far is that I went in and claimed a bandit settlement and then I talked to a guy who was waiting for me there to take it on. I assumed the dialogue would change but we had a whole conversation about what to do etc and afterwards I just talked to him again and mission success. It bothered me that the game didn't react to what I'd done.

  • I've put in a lot more time now. I imagine I'm at least 20 hours in.

    To get a better indication, I've heard Lance Reddick for the first time tonight. That probably indicate to you that I'm just doing a tonne of side stuff and it's no surprise as I'm having a blast with this game.

    The more time I've put in, the more fun I've had. It feels like you keep coming across more impressive machines and having a lot more fun dealing with them creatively. I think the Hunter's Lodge trials really bring this out in you too. I didn't love the first lodge that much but after that, I think they've been really fun.

    The first time you see and attack a thunderjaw is incredible. Oh man, I loved it. Just a proper towering behemoth that can really destroy you if you aren't prepared.

    Also nice one with npc walking speeds guerrilla. They go as fast as you are going, I love that.

    On the negative, I find some of the conversations to get really choppy at times. I mean the camera does these weird cuts at time, or the person talking will randomly gitter to another spot. Just weird little glitchy things.

    Other thing is I really hope they just allow you to rappel down any height in the next game. Can be a little frustrating not having an easy way to get down from somewhere, especially when rappelling looks so cool.

    Overall.. loving this game the more I play it.

  • I'm back after platinuming the game. I don't think this post will be too long, my other posts covered a lot of my feelings. Overall I love this game. The core gameplay is so much fun to mess around with and that is absolutely what makes this game as I think a lot of things around it can be improved a lot.

    Before I get too negative, I want to give credit to the story. I think it's really enjoyable. What happened in the past is fleshed out really well, we get a lot of information and things aren't exactly what I expected in the past or present.

    Onto more negative stuff.

    The side content - I really enjoyed doing the content outside the main missions but it was because the game itself is so fun. The actual missions themselves were extremely generic and I didn't care one bit for what I was actually doing, bar a handful. These need to be more impactful, interesting and less pointless dialogue options.

    Also they have to tone down on the tracking mechanic. It's ridiculous how much you do that.

    As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed the story and a lot of the way it was told but at the same time, it is extremely lore heavy. Those main missions generally involved me standing in a room of 5-6 items, scanning them and waiting for them to finish before moving on. Now I'm hoping since a lot of the lore is out of the way, we won't have to deal with that in future but I think it really drags out the missions and could have been handled a lot better.

    The gameplay side of the game is amazing, everything runs and looks really good. However that can't be said for when you're having conversations. I'd a lot of moments where characters would glitch, the camera had weird angles, lip sync was way off. I didn't mind this too much but I hope it can be resolved.

    The last thing is on traversal. Now I haven't played Zelda but even without it, I think Horizon took a bit too much from earlier Uncharted games (1-3) as the climbing is way too automatic. I feel like Uncharted 4 did a much nicer job (not crazy open but better) of giving the player choices in where they wanted to climb. So I hope this is something they can improve on. I found myself just not being able to get over surfaces that looked really easy to get over but instead Aloy can't grab on or hop over and I just found that really jarring.

    So ya, that all looks really negative but it's only because I actually had a blast playing this game and can't wait for the dlc. They have an amazing core gameplay experience and they just need to make the things you do around that more interesting.

  • The newest patch comes with New Game+ and Ultra Hard mode, nice!

    Patch Summary

    • New game+ added for players who want to play through the game with their existing gear.
    • Ultra Hard mode is added for the players that are up for another challenge!
    • Added two new trophies to the game: One for completing New game+ and one for completing New game+ in ultra-hard mode.
    • Added support for all EU and US text Languages on EU and US games.

    That trophy text makes it sound that you can go into NG+ with the Ultra Hard mode, which is kinda... weird, maybe? I mean those two together sort of cancel each others out. But I don't mind. It's also an inviting combo for me that way. I'll just have to see whether I'll dive into NG+ first or wait for the DLC and play it first.

    ...which, by the way, is still without a mention here, so let's sort that out.
    Youtube Video

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    Yeah, there's no way in Hell I'm doing ultra hard mode in new game plus+.

    I already Platinumed the game so to Hell with that shit.

  • Just finished new game+ on ultra hard. Was a fun speedrun. Didn't hurt that I was pretty maxed out on gear and mods before I started. Though they did introduce more expensive gear and weapons with 4 weapon slots that I never got to try out, since I wasted all my shards after I finished the game last time.

    Only deaths I had was being one-shot by a tailswipe from a corrupted thunderjaw and a fall. Other than that ultra hard didn't really pose any challenge since the enemies still died easily. And the shield-weaver armor took most of the damage, even after they nerfed its potential a couple patches ago.

    10/10 would recommend if you are beefed out and just want to wreck some machines.

  • I think I'll wait for the dlc. As has been mentioned, that armour makes you insanely OP so I might remove it for the dlc. I actually hope they do something just to make it defunct for that section.

  • @Nesnomis said in Horizon Zero Dawn - (PS4):

    Just finished new game+ on ultra hard. Was a fun speedrun.

    What the actual f? :D Just how fast was that exactly? You just went through all the story missions in a row? I just can't wrap my head around that after my initial, what, 68 hour playthrough with the game. Seems insane, but such is the nature of speedruns, of course.

    A nice report, nevertheless. Thanks.

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    I wanted to finish this game and platinum it as it didn't seem too hard. Now I kinda feel bummed out after reading the patch notes where I have to play through it on ultra hard - something Im not sure I'll be able to do! :(

  • @Lotias Those two new trophies are not needed for the platinum. It doesn't luckily work that way. They're added to the game's trophy list as an additional +category, it's been that way for many, many games.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Oh well you bring some excellent news! Just got to get around and finishing the game now then haha! It is currently second in the pipeline after Ive finished some other stuff off. Then I got Nier: automata and Persona 5 to get through

  • @Sentinel-Beach The run took just under 5 hours. I was not expecting to beat it in under a sitting myself, but when you skip all the dialogue and cutscenes the game gets surprisingly short. Also new game+ starts when you're an adult, so you skip the entire child section too. So that's a little more saved time.

    Also, since it was a speedrun I just kept on running past most of the enemies that I didn't need to fight. Those I had to fight still went down easily, since all my weapons were pretty much maxed out on beefy modifications. Some fights could have gone a lot cleaner, but despite my bad aim and it being a while since I played last, I still know how to properly "exploit" the weapon combinations and slow-motion. So when the muscle memory came back it went 90% smoothly. Though I could have been even stronger if I had saved my shards and excess modifications as they released those new versions as mentioned earlier.

    But I guess the biggest time saver is the fact that you keep all your stash on new game+, so I had the crafting materials for almost the entire run on me or by randomly looting on the way. Only had to purchase some wire and health potions. This in combination with the skill to always summon a mount means you get around quickly.

    Streamed the entire run with the PS4 share, so the quality isn't anything to brag about, but if you're curious what new game + on ultra hard looks like just take a peak at The archives.

  • @Nesnomis said in Horizon Zero Dawn - (PS4):

    @Sentinel-Beach The run took just under 5 hours.

    That's actually really nice to read. I've played Horizon on easy up to a section where you get a mount and ride to a new town, but the game just feels such a chore due to the shear size and what not, that I gave up on it. Is it really possible to speed run the main story like that, even on easy for a first time run? I'd be willing to finish it if I honestly knew it wasn't going to set me back 30 odd hours.