Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

  • Bought The Frozen Wilds as it's on sale currently and returned to the game after 10 months or so. It took a good hour or two to get familiar with all the things again and just remember how things operate, but now that I've got around five hours soon in with the game again I gotta say the groove is on again! Such a beautiful game on many levels, I love this.

    The new northern environment might sound kinda boring at first, thinking it's just all snow, but Guerrilla Games manages to create astonishing things out of this (too). I mean just now as I'm playing it's night, which is surprisingly dark, but as I'm climbing this mountain ridge the sky is full of aurora borealis that together with the snow cover create an amazing colour palette of turquoise, blue and white against the blackness. And at the same time it's snowing big snowflakes perfectly slowly all around me, which creates such a silence and peace that I'm just mmm! Pretty af!

    The enemies are tough in this DLC. They've got this kind of an extra layer, so to speak, so the big ones tend to take a lot of damage. Granted, I'm still remembering ways all the time to overcome them more efficiently with different weapons I have, but they're still a scary sight to tumble upon. Luckily there's new levels to be had as well as new and more powerful weapons and outfits, so I'll bring some more ass-kicking eventually!

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    @Sentinel-Beach Yeah I agree with every point you make here! I love that they scaled up the difficulty another notch which brought back the challenge.

    I was worried I was gonna get tired of the world and not wanting to continue after already spent 80+ hours in the base game. However Guerilla really managed to make it fresh and the new towers are a great addition in order to re think base mechanics of the game.

  • Finally got 100 % with The Frozen Wilds. Means all the missions, all the collectibles (both mission-type and data points etc.), all the new outfits and weapons (and their upgrades), hunting grounds with golden suns, lvl 60 and just all the new trophies as well. Really, really appreciated this DLC. Made me remember way better why I loved the main game so much last spring. Beautiful snowy milieus, both day and night. And the story, too, worked again very well. Interesting stuff, I like it a lot.

    Now, I've done pretty much everything in this game, except for one thing. There are still rest of those text datapoints left in the world. It seems I only ever found 11 out of 67 of them last spring, and now I'm "in the zone" again, so I might as well go after them. Luckily I had all the quest related data from the main game, it pays to search every corner.

  • So I managed to collect the rest of the data points from the game world, I think that's the last thing for me now with this game. Unfortunately about a third of those were just some future ads and spam parody, but luckily the majority was still interesting to read. Scenes from around the world, and the few last ones opened an entirely new door or direction next to the game's main plot, so that was really cool to read about.

    And while I was hunting these things I finally broke 100 hours with the game. Damn! 30 minutes extra even. I feel like this is a good spot to move on to next ones now.

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    @Sentinel-Beach Would you say its worth it? I have Platinumed this game and collected everything else. I was thinking about getting all of these but it seem like such a hassle. Is it some great lore though I might go for it.

  • @Lotias It's kinda 50-50, to be honest. It started to get a bit boring collecting them like this, all at once, and it took over three hours with a guide. Like I said, it was disappointing to stumble upon just a new "space age advertisement" time after time at one point, it felt like there were 12-20 of those, but the rest of them were from "ok" to "pretty interesting". Stories from different countries and what had happened to their societies etc. And from about #60 up or the final five were the most interesting to me.

    If it's in the back of your head like it was in mine, saying you still have this one thing to do, then go for it. Maybe multitask, though, put a podcast on or something. And depending on what you already got and how you're collecting them, have a good bunch of fast travel packs in your inventory (unless you want to just ride from one to another, which I did too for the ones close each other).

  • Just some thoughts on The Frozen Wilds after playing it over the weekend, posted the below in the Last game you beat topic

    This was my first time getting back into Horizon since playing it back around the summer of last year. So initially it did take me a little bit of time to get the controls back down and reacquaint myself with the weapons I had. Anyway, there is a new area to the north east of the map. The new area is pretty cool. You have the volcano in the distance, spewing smoke and pretty much constant snowy weather and conditions which I’m all for. This was also the first time I actually had Horizon on a 4k HDR tv and it does indeed look gorgeous.

    To get to the main points, this is essentially more Horizon, no bad thing. It adds a few new weapons that you can upgrade, new skill tree basically focused on your mount (which didn’t seem that useful to me), new machine and of course quests. I actually think the story was done pretty well. It doesn’t necessarily add anything to the main story or what to expect from the next horizon (at least if it did I missed out on it) but it does flesh out a few things a little more. The one thing that they did seem to focus on in this dlc was more puzzle type elements. There are a few sections where you have to create a path, or go through a type of maze using lights and sounds and they did add kind of an extension of how you open certain doors. So before, you’d see what position they had to be in and that would open a door. Now there are these centre area and you go around moving the position of valves essentially to get it from one point to the other. It’s a nice little aside.

    But ya, that’s kinda it in a nutshell. It’s more horizon with one more of pretty much everything you’d expect, tall neck, landmarks, cauldrons. Oh and the new machine is pretty cool. Makes me pretty excited to see what they’ll add in the future.

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    @tokeeffe9 oh! Glad you enjoyed Frozen Wilds! More horizon is never bad and I cant wait for the next game (must be another one in a few years, right?). Also I dont know if you noticed but I felt like the animations of characters were improved a lot from the base game. As well as the bits with the new tower-things to take out made it much more challenging as it kept healing the enemies.

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    @lotias IIRC much of the base version of Horizon's facial animations were done using an algorithm, similar to how ME Andromeda did, but obviously with much more care.
    Frozen Wilds facial animations were almost all done by hand.

  • @el-shmiablo Interesting, I did not know that. I was watching them thinking they looked pretty good but didn't have any major issue with them in the base game either.

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    @tokeeffe9 Yeah I remember watching a video about it. An animator was going over how MEA's original development timeline had a lot of facial animations being done by hand, but after they scrapped most of the game they were forced to use an algorithm for the animations to reduce workload, resulting in the clusterfuck that was MEA.
    They then gave Horizon as an example of a game with algorithm based facial animations that still manages to end up looking good.

  • I got the game this week and I'm loving it so far. Just arrived at Mother's Crown. I'm spending plenty of time roaming around, exploring the gameworld. I scaled what seems to be a giant mechanical neck, covered in greneery, and got a clear path to a snowy mountain that unfortunately I couldn't explore further, as it was a border in the game map. I also climbed my first brontosaurus mecha, with a disc-like skull. I'm a fan of the art direction, the scenery is gorgeous and the concept of the diverse wild machine beasts is interesting. I like the dialogue system and the character animations, particularly Aloy's. Her voice acting is stellar, she speaks as a real person and that helps with the immersion in the game. I really like that one should approach the enemies carefully and ponder on a strategy to engage, with several tools and options to consider.

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    @irongrey I highly recommend playing The Frozen Wilds. It integrates a whole new region with it's own enemies into the game and just feels like all the best parts of the game. They even did all the animations in that region by hand, so you may notice a leap in quality compared to the main game.

  • @El-Shmiablo I'm going to play it, I bought the complete edition. Animations by hand sounds good, I'm curious.

  • I'm about to play the final level. Should I try the Frozen Wilds expansion before or after?

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    @irongrey Doesn't really matter. The story of that area is pretty self contained.

  • HZD coming to PC this summer.

  • This is great news, I'm excited to see how good it looks on the PC.