Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

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    @lotias IIRC much of the base version of Horizon's facial animations were done using an algorithm, similar to how ME Andromeda did, but obviously with much more care.
    Frozen Wilds facial animations were almost all done by hand.

  • @el-shmiablo Interesting, I did not know that. I was watching them thinking they looked pretty good but didn't have any major issue with them in the base game either.

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    @tokeeffe9 Yeah I remember watching a video about it. An animator was going over how MEA's original development timeline had a lot of facial animations being done by hand, but after they scrapped most of the game they were forced to use an algorithm for the animations to reduce workload, resulting in the clusterfuck that was MEA.
    They then gave Horizon as an example of a game with algorithm based facial animations that still manages to end up looking good.

  • I got the game this week and I'm loving it so far. Just arrived at Mother's Crown. I'm spending plenty of time roaming around, exploring the gameworld. I scaled what seems to be a giant mechanical neck, covered in greneery, and got a clear path to a snowy mountain that unfortunately I couldn't explore further, as it was a border in the game map. I also climbed my first brontosaurus mecha, with a disc-like skull. I'm a fan of the art direction, the scenery is gorgeous and the concept of the diverse wild machine beasts is interesting. I like the dialogue system and the character animations, particularly Aloy's. Her voice acting is stellar, she speaks as a real person and that helps with the immersion in the game. I really like that one should approach the enemies carefully and ponder on a strategy to engage, with several tools and options to consider.

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    @irongrey I highly recommend playing The Frozen Wilds. It integrates a whole new region with it's own enemies into the game and just feels like all the best parts of the game. They even did all the animations in that region by hand, so you may notice a leap in quality compared to the main game.

  • @El-Shmiablo I'm going to play it, I bought the complete edition. Animations by hand sounds good, I'm curious.

  • I'm about to play the final level. Should I try the Frozen Wilds expansion before or after?

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    @irongrey Doesn't really matter. The story of that area is pretty self contained.

  • HZD coming to PC this summer.

  • This is great news, I'm excited to see how good it looks on the PC.