Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

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    Here's a stream of the game. Not sure how long its been running,


  • I'm fine with open-world games, so long as they don't fall into the same pits many of the mediocre (or bad) open-world games fell into (which I can list at the end of this post). Maybe like 10 years ago the open-world style was my favorite type of game and that is still probably true so long as it's executed well. All an open-world means is that you have a bigger world to explore, the negatives doesn't necessarily have to come along as baggage by default.
    I mean Gravity Rush 2 is an open-world game but you don't hear people complaining about it being one.

    Also I remember Brandon "ranting" a bit about towers a while back and I agree with him. Climbing a "tower" isn't a problem, it's the reward for climbing said tower. Marking out a bunch of pointless collectibles, overused activities, etc. is the problem.

    As for my thoughts on Horizon so far I'm not really hyped for it, but it seems like it will be a fun game and that's good enough for me, because games are about fun. I didn't want to spoil myself too much on the game by watching tons of trailers but from what I've read, seen and heard the game generally seems to avoid many of the pitfalls while doing some interesting stuff. So all I'm doing now is waiting for some reviews to read through.

    As for the promised list of some of the pitfalls of open world games:

    • Unsatisfying collectibles, especially too many of them (like collecting the 100 flags/feathers or whatever from Assassin's Creed). More meaningful items to collect is so much more enjoyable.
    • No real reason to explore the world, eiher due to a lack of things to look for (as in the world feeling empty) or the things are just marked out on the map, meaning there is no need to actually look for them.
    • A world that is either uninteresting (for example designwise) or too big, meaning you not want to explore it.
    • Too many rehashed elements just to fill the game with tons of stuff to do, this can be things to do, enemies to fight, etc. Take the Mad Max game for example, the Big Dogs (or whatever they were called) was the exact same enemy. Basically the same model, same weapon, same moveset, same intro, etc. You fought "him" 5-6 times in the exact same manner throughout the game since "he". was also present as a miniboss in other parts of the game. It didn't help that the way you fought him was never exciting (big dude that charges, you have to dodge and hit him in the back).
    • This is not always a problem, but generally a kind of gear loot system further makes open-world games less fun. This is because this kind of system typically makes meaningful items extremely hard to do. When you go through some dungeon or whatever but the reward is some rare randomized item that is worse than your uncommon one that dropped from a random enemy it quickly makes it less exciting to reach the end of said dungeons or whatever.

  • I wish more games like mass effect/ xenoblade and this get away from those awkward back to back close up to face interactions

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    @Bigdude1 Two camera setups where characters stand still while exchanging dialog is totally what's in, brah.

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  • @TokyoSlim the Ubisoft style of open world. If that was stated right after launch I missed it. Because I typically go into games as dark as possible I pretty much only know about games what comes from a couple pre-launch trailers and headlines.

  • The biggest turnoff for me is the writing. I was so in love with the concept art of the game I was totally sold at first, when the first gameplay came out and she was pumping out the one liners nonstop I was hoping "well maybe it's just for the trailer or something" but nope, this is bombshell level annoying except worse because it destroys the style and atmosphere of the world

  • @Sieghardt I am worried about that too. Dropping one liners all the will either get extremely annoying or you'll get used to it. Hopefully there will be a way to turn it off (maybe in a future patch).

    This game right now is like watching an athlete do a high jump in slow motion. It's the last few critical second before we know if the athlete either will make it over the bar and everyone cheers, or tear down the bar and make everyone disappointed.
    I.E. if the game will end up a being an average 7 or a glorious 9+ game.

  • @Galaxy40k You might as well be calling it a Rockstar Style open world where you have the option of using a mount or vehicle to traverse the environment. You're not complaining about the genre, you're complaining about an optional mechanic that's common in many other games. Some of which, I'm going to assume you have played and probably enjoyed. You already mentioned The Witcher. If you could ignore the job boards in The Witcher, why could you not ignore the tallnecks in Horizon? What's the difference?

    It's a lazy argument. You aren't criticizing the game based on it's own merits. You're criticizing the game based on something some other game did wrong.

  • I'm gonna spend so much time looking for ants in this game.
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    there's no colon in the game's title

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    Stream is starting up again.


    Looks like he's gonna beat it tonight.

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    So much talking to uninteresting npc's in this game. The robot dinosaurs take a backseat to everything.

    Where's the gameplay, Guerrilla Games?!

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  • So EZA's review is up:

    Youtube Video

    Also for any Danny O'Dwyer fans, here are his thoughts on it:

    Youtube Video

    I'm gonna read a couple of reviews as well, but so far it seems pretty sweet. Just the kind of game I need after playing through Hitman Season 1 and RE7.

  • Looks like Horizon is getting pretty good reviews. I think it'll definitely be a game I'll pick up in the future.. though the usual repetitive sounding open world and lackluster writing will keep it from being a day one purchase for me. There's just something about the Ubisoft style that doesn't always work for me

    My single Q1 purchase is now between Mass Effect and Nioh

  • @Faaip Mass Effect will have repetitive gameplay and lackluster storytelling as well though :P

  • @Exist-2-Inspire Heh you're probably right. I'm just getting nostalgic and remembering how amazing ME1 and 2 were.. I'm still holding out hope!

  • Great review by Jones, he explained everything good about the game and why he liked it while still informing me exactly why I personally would hate it

    @Exist-2-Inspire said in Horizon Zero Dawn - (PS4):

    @Faaip Mass Effect will have repetitive gameplay and lackluster storytelling as well though :P

    I'll be getting Nier instead, I think it's much more my kinda thing in terms of story/gameplay/design

  • So far reviews are pretty good. Congrats to GG for making the game you wanted to make!

  • I never really expected Guerrilla Games to deliver an amazing story. It's not what the Killzone games are known for. Having said that, the review helped me conclude that this will be worth giving a try.