Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

  • @TokyoSlim Your quote collection there might have turned me around, to be honest. This is sounding really interesting again, as my mood continues to sail. I hadn't read that many reviews before.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I'm not trying to prove the story is good, I'm just pointing out that enough people are specifically taking the time to praise the story and alleviate fears that the sidequests are mostly pointless collectable hunts that it's not where I feel like this game will fall down.

    Combat vs human AI, lip synching, and jumping mechanics during platforming and traversal are the gripes I'm watching out for. And even then, people are saying these are mostly minor issues.

  • @TokyoSlim

    I agree with you and ofcourse I can't dispute what the reviews are collectively agreeing on. I'll definitely give it a go and I hope it turns me around completely and really gives me the open world feeling I am looking for. But eaahhhh!. There is something putting me off dammit. There is gotta be people like me that feel the same. I can't be totally wrong.

  • I take it back, the USGamer review is the harshest I've read. It's the lowest review on MC at 5/10 and is the obvious statistical outlier.

    Reading it though, I kinda feel like maybe this guy hates games. It's a little spoilery, so i won't repost here.

    He gives two specific sidequest scenarios that he feels are "pointless" and they read to me very similarly to the unfolding of most typical sidequests in TW3, a game praised by most for being some of the best general handling of sidequests in the genre. In a world of "go fetch 10 werehog pelts to exchange for a sword" the sidequests he's describing sound pretty well fleshed out.

    Also, people often forget that you don't always need a direct motivation or reward to engage in sidequests. Sometimes you help people out because you feel like helping someone out. Just like in real life. Sometimes you stop to help someone change a flat tire, sometimes you drive on by... there's not always a trophy at the end. :)

    So if you're looking for someone seemingly very critical of the game, that's your review.

  • @TokyoSlim

    But I do get the feeling where you are totally convinced the game is spectacular and anyone saying anything about it are wrong and lost in their heads or rather hate video games. You gotta admit it you are being that way.

  • @MSBi I'm not sure where you're getting that. In fact I pointed out several issues that keep coming up in various reviews. The game is not infallible, I just would rather address the problems that are actually being revealed to be in the game rather than ones that are just people's preconceived notions.

    It's entirely possible you won't like the game's story, but that doesn't mean the game has a bad story. It's become clear at this point that in context of most people, it doesn't. Assuming you won't like it doesn't get you anywhere as there's no real points of discussion that support that at the moment. You'll notice that I posted a debate I had with the worst review I could find. Namely that things he describe as pointless and repetitive in comparison with other like games seem to be similar to the best of what's currently out there as he's describing them. I'm not saying he doesn't think they suck, but if those are really his standards, there's not any games I can think of that meet them.

    It has become clear from reviews and early copy that the human enemy AI in the game is lacking sophistication. That's an actual thing that is not implimented well. Most reviews mention this, even the perfectly scored ones. Most people agree that this isn't a major issue and that this is a very good game despite minor flaws. Very few people seem to think otherwise.

  • Let's just say that I expected and was open to this being a good game. I liked the premise.

    What's being described in reviews is significantly better than that, and the consistency of the praise cause me to anticipate a better game than I was originally already interested in.

  • @TokyoSlim

    You are being defensive about the game like its the only game you had been waiting to get and you will go and find anything that justifies how right you are. I am just put off by the world, story and characters and by no mean I think they are badly done. I, me personally haven't found them interesting. Plus I hate the sketch menus which I think are god awe full. If I hated on the game in its entirety then why would I give it a chance and play through it. Obviously I like GG and I want this game to succeed but its not convincing me in my eyes its still a decent game based on my pre conception.

    Nier Automata is coming as well as Persona 5 - The masterpieces are still coming. This is just the beginning. How every reviewer unanimously praises the game make me curious whether Sony has paid them which is obviously not the case is it but you never know.

  • The only person justifying anything here doesn't seem to be me. You just said you question whether Sony might have paid off reviewers because their reviews don't match your preconceived notions of a game you haven't played yet?

    Oook? Good luck to ya, I guess.

  • @TokyoSlim

    my pre conceived notions are just temporary and I aim for them to be wrong. Thats how I am looking at it as. I'm still getting the game either way and i hope I am speechless playing it. If you had given thought to my earlier post you would comment more wisely. The things I most looking forward to that reviews have praised is the opening and the ending which obviously needs to be strong. It just feels odd to me that every reviews is consistently similar thats all. I can voice my opinion. you can too. doesn't make what you or I say is right. its just what we believe based on the evidence.

  • Generally speaking, reviews consistently mention similar things because they are true, or relevant. Not because there's a conspiracy to fool you.

  • @TokyoSlim

    Your right. I hope you don't feel i'm hating on the game because im not. I haven't played it so Im a little negative towards it which i am as with other titles too. We are all gamers and we play games because we enjoy them. I hope to enjoy this title not until I sit down and get dirty with it. I'll just end it here.

  • I hope we both enjoy it! It sounds like an awesome game to me!

  • I am definitely digging the game. Its good to hear reviews have been overall pretty positive. I played a demo at PSX and enjoyed the little taste I got. I personally want to hunt robot dinosaurs.
    Alas, it comes out too close to Zelda which I have been patiently waiting on for much longer. I really want to play Horizon but I have a feeling it will fall off to next year for me, much like how I really want to play Uncharted 4, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dishonored 2, and Watchdogs 2.

  • Digital Foundry tech analysis of ps4 vs PS4 Pro mild location spoilers

    Youtube Video

    Summary: Decima kicks a lot of ass.
    Very stable 30 fps in both 1080p and 4k Checkerboard with only minor drops in full multiple enemy combat with destructions and particle effects. On both versions. Except mysteriously inside one house that just looks like someone forgot to optimize.

    Frame pacing looks good and smooth.

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    @Tragosaurus I think I'm in the opposite camp. Zelda and Horizon both come out around the same time, but I'm vastly more excited for Horizon.
    I think Im just soured on the big Z after the last few entries were so lackluster (with Skyward Sword being downright abysmal imho) so I'm a bit apprehensive to buy into the hype.

  • I'm still trying to wrap up Yakuza 0 before Horizon hits. I've also got Mass Effect, Nier:Automata and P5 preordered. It's been an insane Q1 for gaming this year.

  • @El-Shmiablo I can definitely understand that. I'm personally not so down on the past [console] entries. I remember (its been a while) not liking Wind Waker at all, loving Twilight Princess, and thinking Skyward Sword was alright. From what I've seen of Breath of the Wild I have numerous concerns but at the same time I think it looks great. We'll see how I feel about it after playing it for a bit. On the other hand I think Horizon looks so fresh/fun and I can't think of anything that is dampening my excitement for it. It was a day one purchase for me until it got matched up with my nostalgic love for Zelda unfortunately. Then with the games that are being released later in the spring/summer Horizon is sadly going to have to wait.

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    @TokyoSlim It's easy to maintain a good fps when half the game is covered in fog.

    Enter photo mode and the fog mysteriously disappears.

  • @Art it's literally the best looking game on any console upon its release. :)

    I kind of doubt that it's that "easy" or everyone else would be doing the same thing, and there aren't many games that look like this that perform as well. The Witcher ran like trash for 3 months and several patches. Still dips in swamps.

    Even Horizon fog looks good.