Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

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    I hope so too. I am going to dig deep again tonight. I have a day off from work tomorrow. I'll am really interested in the story and how it develops. Ofcourse my previous post was based on thoughts in the first few hours. I have yet to invest at least 30 more hours before I get to the end so I going to sharing my thoughts about the game then and give a final verdict of how I felt the game did in terms of lore & story and gameplay. I'm glad you are enjoying the game though.

    I'd be surprised to see if my opinion changes about the game and I very much hope it does.

  • I stayed up until 3am passing the "Proving" last night and getting out of the intro area.
    I wake up to go to work at 6am.

    Worth it!

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    Which difficulty setting are you playing at?

  • @MSBi thanks for clarifying.

    In all honestly, I'd preordered the game just based on the initial reveal/core concept. I wouldn't say I had any extraordinary faith that the game would turn out this well. That's why the overwhelmingly positive reviews were so exciting for me. I must say too that I have no issues with the combat or writing so far. 8ish hours in, I'm pretty well invested in the story and world building has been top notch. There are easier enemies in the opening areas, but even in the first area, there's a couple of mini boss type encounters that kicked my ass once or twice until I started playing around with the ropecaster, which may be a little OP.

    The trip caster us fun though, because larger enemies can totally path in unexpected ways that make all your carefully laid out traps non effective.

  • @MSBi hard

    How far are you along? Did you leave the first area yet?

  • Yh I am at the proving right now but it took me quite while there playing on very hard atm. I did a lot of side stuff and got used to the menu and inventory and skills etc.

    Every time you talk about whats upcoming in the game is making me more excited yo. I unlocked the ropecaster. Investing a lot skills points on health and increased loot and sneak skills because i'm playing on highest difficulty. The bow hardly damages the machines even if I shoot them head on in the face. Thanks for the rolling mechanic though.

  • @MSBi yeah, I'm like 8 or 9 hours in and just past you.

    I spent a long time exploring the map and doing stuff like going back to the original spot where Aloy first found her focus, and exploring up in the mountains.

    I killed so many machines I had enough metal shards at one point to buy all the weapons at one time. I'm mostly fully upgraded in my carrying stuff department for now. I've upgraded all my weapons and bought the medium stealth armor set. Nearly got full potions too, but I haven't actually figured out how to use them yet!


    Also, aside from the watchers who's weakness is their eye, I'm not sure shooting robots in the face does much more damage than shooting them anywhere else. You can disrupt bigger enemies mid-attack with a good shot to the eye though, it's not a full stun, more of a knock back.

  • @TokyoSlim Dude you're overpowered. Any way I got a day off work tomorrow so I'll try and get as far as possible tomorrow. I find the heavy attack with R2 better than the light attack with R1 because I feel its more effective or it could be that I haven't yet upgraded that stat. I really think stealth the best thing to invest in this game because I feel it has the biggest payoff and reward.

    I didn't know if you add the perk to the slot it would just be replaced and I would loose it. I thought it would just swap.

  • Damn right I'm overpowered!

    The cool thing with the heavy attack is it's range is really far. I used it a bunch during the proving and was like, "that's not gonna hit" but then it hit.

  • gave me that Souls feel with heavy weapon. That was cool.

  • I wish I had money for a PS4pro and a decent 4k tv

  • I played around six hours today (on Normal difficulty), now I'm ready to leave the home valley next. The combat's no joke, I tell you. Even on this difficulty and against these first few enemy types. I feel like I really need to collect every red flower to keep my pockets full of bandages in case of robo fights. And I mean that in a good way! It's great that you can't just breeze through them, it keeps you on your toes in a sense.

    It feels like the story is really building a base for itself in these first hours, there were a few cool spots that surprised me in how "wide" they're building the foundation here. And some of the conversations are actually in RPG measures, meaning you spend minutes with just one character going through all their lines. Good world-buiding, I feel.

    There's so much to upgrade and buy in the options, this'll be a great adventure. Tomorrow I'll head into the vast wilderness leaving home turf behind. :)

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    I really believe everyone should play on the highest difficulty because it feel very easy for me

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    I wish I had money for a PS4pro and a decent 4k tv

    I already have one but its 4k 27 inch monitor. It has 10 bit deep colour but no hdr which suck but the game looks too gorgeous

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    Thank you to everyone that share your thoughts and impressions of the game! Im kinda glad I haven't picked it up yet, I will but just really busy at the moment so haven't had time to play anything lately. I will pick this up and really hope I will finish it in the end!

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    That's the exact same outfit I am using.

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    That's the exact same outfit I am using.

    Yeah, the stealth one. I've noticed that stealth is very very strong in this game and outfits that increase stealth can make you feel invisible. Too bad it doesn't look as good as many of the other ones.
    Also, not a fan of most of the things she puts on her head with the higher tier outfits.

  • @MSBi I'm actually using a variety of outfits for various environments. Most of what I did last night was the hunting lodge. I've also picked up cold weather gear and some other various armors. :)