Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

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    I reeeaaally want to play this game but I'm a poor ass lil bitch and have prioritized Ghost Recon Wildlands since some buddies are planning to play together.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    I think on a budget that would be the best choice. You can play a single player game anytime but multiplayer games tend to drop off after a certain point except for the really good ones.

    I'm completely happy with Horizon though.

  • I have opened half the map now. I have picked up the outfit for various resistances and resistance melee attacks too. I love the ropecaster and precision bow is my jam

  • I crunched last night with climbing that first tallneck. That was fun.

    I think the 2 mods i put on the bow I first got (might have been a DLC item?) Make it stronger than any of the other base bows available at vendors right now. I'm a few skill points off from unlocking Tinkerer, which will allow me to take off the enhancements I'm using right now.

    I got a +25% damage on there I don't want to lose.

  • I took down the bird robot machine thing and he dropped a 37+ damage slot enhancement and 38+ freeze enhancement. I was blown away

  • Damn, those are some numbers! Can't wait to get to those. I'm currently in the first Cauldron. There's so much to do in the world right now! And some of the new robots are like really OP at the moment. Fortunately I have a ton (well two) of money so I'll be able to upgrade all my stuff pretty easily when next possible.

    And I really like that there's so much dialogue between so many characters in the world. I wasn't expecting that at all.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    My only gripe with that is the lip syncing is way off and it kind of breaks the immersion. The game is technical masterpiece. I haven't had one, not one frame rate stutter while playing o 4k. Guerrilla should be proud.

  • @MSBi those are some nice buffs!

    Also, I am nearly broke again, I spent like 2k shards yesterday somehow. I think I'm still in the Yakuza 0 mindset of money management and it may come back to haunt me.

  • @TokyoSlim

    Hahahaha. Needs those shards later in the game mate when they become scarce. Oh year thanks for reminding me **** I need Yakuza 0 so bad.

  • Do shards become scarce? Or can I just go kill some stuff and get more shards?

  • @TokyoSlim

    What I mean is that the shards themselves don't become scarce but you will get tons of stuff to spend shards on hence you will have very little. Sorry I didn't make myself clear.

  • I'm still in meridian. You guys finished the game yet?

  • Can't believe anyone's finished this yet, right? Right?? I mean I'm expecting something like 40 hrs for the completion time. And as I'm surely going for the platinum trophy, it could be closer to 100 than 50 hours with me.

    But damn, is this a great game or what! Yesterday as I was walking through the remains of a once big city with the imagery like something from The Last of Us to the power of three it just. felt. so. good! Somehow fantastic, if you look the word in the perspective of 'fantasy' itself. So nice. Then some robo dinos make a sound and I immediately crouch and become cautious. I love these feelings.

    There's so much more depth in this game than I was anticipating. World-building and all that stuff. It really surprised me, like I said previously. The characters have so much to say etc., which I really like. Like some lite version of an RPG, but done well. Just enough for a game of this sort.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    Yh I know right. I did accidentally stumble upon a Death Stranding Easter egg too so that was rad. Ok I am just being honest here when I say I don't feel the that I like any of the NPCs so far. Everything else is great. I'm not getting bored yet and looting creatures is so much fun.

    Previously I my early impressions rated this game at 7/10

    After spending 15 good hours into it after I would rating this game an 8/10. Its great but it hasn't blown me away in terms of plot and gameplay although satisfying I must say but I have to be honest and say what i feel.

    I hope this rating goes up by the end of the game. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone without question. Its definitely a game every PS4 Owner should try out at least.

  • 17 hours in and I'm in mother's crown. Haven't even seen Meridian on the map yet. Tonight, I'm clearing some corruption zones, doing hunting lodge 2, and maybe hitting up the first cauldron.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Horizon Zero Dawn - (PS4):

    17 hours in and I'm in mother's crown. Haven't even seen Meridian on the map yet. Tonight, I'm clearing some corruption zones, doing hunting lodge 2, and maybe hitting up the first cauldron.

    You are really taking your sweet time and that's good to see man. The game has a ton of content. Meridian is just gorgeous. wait till you get there. Its a real eye candy.

    I need attempted few corruption zones, a couple of hunting lodge which I feel I can delay and do at a later stage and I have also attempted a few cauldrons which I think is one of the best things in this game.

  • @MSBi just out of curiosities sake, what's your main quest/side quest/errands at?

  • Yesterday, I fought a couple different battles against groups of 2 Sawtooth. I beat a group of 3 Bellowbacks, and I cleared out a bandit fort.

  • I am at the The Sun Shall Fall part of The city of the Sun main quest. Sunstone Rock at meridian for side quest and Collateral for errands. I hope I haven't spoiled anything for anyone. I apologise if i have.