Easy Allies at Mega64 GameDays 2017

  • I want to get a general feel if there's any Mega64 fans within the Easy Allies community.

    I was wondering what we could do to get Easy Allies to attend, maybe do a panel, or host a tournament, and have a community meet up.
    Maybe record a live episode podcast of Frame Trap or even Tabletop escapades! (The possibilities are endless)

    Day 1 is usually at a small scale convention center in Anaheim with panels, prizes, and meet-ups
    Day 2 is a casual day at Disney where there are meet-ups at certain times for rides, pictures, or events, but mostly spend the day meeting other fans and hanging out in smaller groups.
    (Usually happens in early November)

    I know Brandon Jones has been asked by several people if it's foreseeable in the future of Easy Allies to attend, and he has "accidentally" attended the Disney portion of GameDays before, but I would love to see what I/We can do to have them as an official guest for Day 1 and 2.

    The first step is showing an interest for it. and if enough people support this idea, I could send this thread to Mega64, to show they have mutual fans/community.

    I just feel like a convention of this size and unique vibe is perfect for Allies and Mega64 alike.

    Love and Respect!
    Thank you so much for reading!

  • Here's a link to GameDays 2016 and the type of schedule/set up they have if you're interested.


    You can attend the day 1 or day 2 event (OR BOTH!)

  • Sorry for seeing this a bit late, but I would love for Easy Allies to be the guests at Gamedays. I've been wanting to make it out to Gamedays for years, but I keep holding out on actually saving up the money to go. If the Allies were guests, it would be the easiest decision to attend.