Sickday games?

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    Hey Allies!

    So, I am currently down with a heavy manflu and just are feeling sorry for myself. However, I am getting tired of just lying in bed shivering and need something to do. I feel like I need to pick up some good game to up my mood and stay busy.

    What games do you all recommend to play whilst being sick? do you have a specific "go to" game? It feels like it cant be something too heavy or with too much flashing colours and what have you. But perhaps a game where you can follow along and get sucked into, or even just a game which are quick and easy fun?

    When you are sick, do you prefer to play handheld from bed or cuddle up on the sofa with a controller?

    Give me all your tips on games that suits a poorly Lotias or games that you pick up on occations when you feel down!


  • Unfortunately my go-to sick game is full of flashing bright colors. I just love "We Love Katamari" (and Katamari Damacy/Me and My Katamari). This particular level is always comforting. The music is so chill.
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    My other favorite sick day game is Picross 3d. It's simple (kind of), fun, and addictive. You can definitely pass the hours (or just a few minutes), with this game.
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    I really like the look of the second game!

    I have been thinking of Katamari lately actually! But its quite... I dont know, much for my head at the moment I think!

    keep ideas coming! :D

  • Last time I was seriously ill I was having trouble sleeping, and Nyquil wasn't helping. For whatever reason i decide to play Peggle 2, played 3 or 4 stages before I passed out.

  • On sick days or snow days I would usually pop in something like Skyrim or Oblivion, etc where I can just walk around and explore while listening to the soothing world music.

    I also like to watch "comfy" movies that I don't have to think about. I really like the National Treasure movies or old Disney/animated movies for example.

  • If I've got my computer then Rocket League, since that game is basically chips and can be played mindlessly for hours on end.

    Since I've moved interstate and don't have a computer right now, The Last of Us multiplayer or Let it Die would be the things I'd just play forever if I ever got sick

  • Hey @Lotias

    As someone who's got some health problems to go through myself I know the feeling. For me, I played some old comforts from growing up like Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye 007, as well as games I wasn't good at when I was young like Tomb Raider II. It's been comforting for me as it's put me right back into the 90s!

    But alongside that, I went to series that I've missed certain entries on, so I get something new whilst still having a sense of familiarity. So I've been playing Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain for the first time. And I'm probably going to add Final Fantasy XV onto that or go through my backlog!

    Hope we both get well soon!

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    @Churchy Yeah! maybe I should pick up and continue my FF XV playthrough? I just dont want to loose out on the story for having my head full of flem, lol. Yeah lets hope we both get well soon! :D

    @Faaip The idea of Skyrim actually seems very tempting! I got the remastered version which Ive only played a few hours! could be a nice change to just walk around there and expore!

  • @Lotias Ah, if you feel you can follow the story then go for it. If not, I'd say go with something where you've got the muscle memory thoroughly chiselled into your brain. Mine is more anxiety brought on from a spike in tinnitus, so stories help a lot (as long as the volume is at an appropriate level!)

  • @Lotias Nice! There's a lot to discover in those games that you may not come across if you just play the quests

  • I hope you feel better soon! I was just sick this past week, so I can share what works for me. I generally like to play something handheld or on my Wii U game pad to facilitate lying in bed. That way, if I start feeling sleepy, I just set it down and doze right off in bed. Turn-based games like Pokemon are great, since they aren't demanding mechanically and are just cheery and fun. Another good approach is to play something you're very familiar with. Good, healing, nostalgic vibes and you're not having to expend extra energy learning new things. I default to something like Paper Mario or Monster Hunter for those aspects.

    All in all, just remember the basics. Get lots of rest, and always have something to drink close by to constantly sip on and stay fully hydrated.

  • I tend to play something like Mr. Driller on my DSi when I'm sick. (I think I should invest on a 3DS at some point) Pokemon games are also pretty good to play. I definitely recommend handheld titles, as they are designed (usually at least) for shorter bursts, and can often be put aside easily when needed.

    But if you don't have handheld consoles, and don't want to try mobile games, I tend to recommend older games, something that you have played before, that you know and like. I say this because I think playing something you haven't played before makes you think more, and when you are sick, you shouldn't focus too much on anything really. Instead, playing something that makes you happy is recommended, as when people are happy they tend to recover faster.

  • All of these people recommending rest and relaxation are dead wrong. You're fighting a sickness and you would show it kindness? NO. You must beat that sickness out of yourself! Only the most hardcore experiences will allow you to fully recover. Bloodborne while blindfolded. Xcom on Impossible Iron Man mode. The original Ninja Gaiden while using only one hand. Teach that sickness that you control your body, nothing else out there stands a chance. Good luck, soldier!

    Really though, hope ya feel better.

  • I rarely get sick and I ussually just keep playing whatever I'm playing, but I remember a day in High School I got sick, I played all of GTA SA from start to finish that day. That was a great day