Danganronpa Thread (Spoilers Ahoy!)

  • Hey everybody! I've just finished the first and second DR games and I need to discuss.

    So tell me! What are your favorites and least favorites! Characters, trials, executions!

  • Best Girl

    Best Girl

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    Real best girl. This was also probably my favorite trial.

  • I think my favorite trial was the one on the strawberry and banana? lemon? room

  • obvious best girl
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  • Ooooooo, I like this thread. Really tough to pick favorites, especially with the girls, I legitimately love them all and will support anyone in their best girl pick.

    Best Girl: Sakura Ogami
    Best Boy: Byakuya Togami
    Best Trial: Chapter 3, because it was so satisfying to out the culprit, watching them crack was the best, and I appreciated the multi-tiered killings.

    Danganronpa 2
    Best Girl: Chiaki Nanami
    Best Boy: Gundham Tanaka
    Best Trial: Chapter 2, because of Twilight Syndrome Murder Case. It really put the wheels in motion for the whole backstory with these characters being revealed.

    Least Favorite moments... Mecha Nekomaru. I normally love my robots, and they are usually an easy sell, but this just never really clicked. It certainly has a place thematically but it just didn't work for me unfortunately.

  • Ummmmm the real Best Boy....
    alt text

  • @logic__error Gotta love the 4 Dark Devas of Destruction and their master.

  • @michemagius The 4 Dark Devas are the real heroes. Chapter 4 was another really great trial, I was very glad that I had completely befriended Gundham beforehand. It made things a more impactful. Also, invisible underwear.

    I think the girls in the first game overshadow the male characters a lot, Ishimaru is pretty endearing though.