Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should)

  • Rockstar Cyber Punk GTA, with giant scoops of Blade Runner.

    Instead of unlocking new areas in a horizontal fashion as is currently standard, you unlock new areas vertically. You start on the ground on foot, in the slums. Look up and you see flying cars, monorails, and at night an orbital space station. As you progress you literally move up in the world. Flying cars, cross city anti-grav monorail and then finally orbital access and limited space flight.

    Would make for an unforgettable final shot of the characters (not even Ian Hinck but one playable woman this time please Rockstar) looking down on planet earth.

    p.s. if they wanted to work with Kojima and have a dash of Snatchers I certainly wouldn't mind.

  • @flower_arrangement Yeah, sign me up for some of that! I have high hopes for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Silent Hills...

  • @Fridge-man
    And then the entire EZA forums sighed sadly.

  • Well its not that it doesn't already exist but man do I want a new Bushido Blade like game. For Honor and Chivalry Medieval Warfare are close but there really hasn't been a game like Bushido Blade since the sequel. I would love to see an updated version and my dream would be to have dynamic damage happen to the characters and clothes when they take damage. So when you slash someones leg for example, the blade cuts through the clothes and skin of the character, so at the end of the match if it was a close one you'd see it on your character. The newer MK games do this, but I would want it even more detailed. I guess one can dream.

  • Banned

    A proper sequel to Guardian Heroes.
    Fuck Guardian Heroes Advance and Code of Princess. That shit don't count.

    Also, Streets of Rage 4. I'd even accept a more fleshed out Urban Reign in it's place. I want my quality beatemups, goddammit!

  • @TheMarcV
    Oh my. Yes please, and great shout.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    Hell yes, more beat'em ups. I did enjoy Dragon's Crown when it came out and that Mother Russia Bleeds game loves cool too.

  • @Mortambulist said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I'd be inclined to heavy cynicism but ... CD Projekt Red ... so much potential ... let's Huber and dream together, my cybernetic implant post-human brother!

  • @flower_arrangement said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    And then the entire EZA forums sighed sadly.

    sigh :cry:

  • @Mechanoid said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    @flower_arrangement said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    And then the entire EZA forums sighed sadly.

    sigh :cry:

    Moorehale.. :(

  • The Legend of Midna. Ok. Bear with me. But I reaaally think its time for an actual Zelda spinoff. Not a Triforce Heroes type deal (though it was pretty fun), but an actual game with an actual plot. It would be so so so cool to explore the worlds of Zelda outside of Hyrule like the Twilight, or to explore Hyrule as a non-Hylian. With your own special abilities and ways to tackle obstacles all the while being seen as an outsider. We've gotten a taste of this in previous games but I want more!

    Also, a Persona 2 remake with modern graphics, the day system, social links, and Persona fusion. But maintaining their, rumor, food, and negotiation systems. People think P3/4 were crazy, but they ain't seen nothing yet. Idols, school rivalries, wish granting, shadow men, demon summoning detectives, Armageddon, BLIMPS, Philemon, extreme weaboo parents, astrology, machine gun guitar cases, suppressed memories, Hitler, floating cities, and of course ex-spy ramen shops. Not to mention the traditional, facing your other self motif. P2 has it all, and I feel like the day system and social links would help with P2's pacing issues. But mainly, I want to see all of P2's wonderful insanity (and Eikichi) in glorious HD.

  • I'll throw my hat into the ring and say that a Sid Meier's Pirates game that plays a lot like Assassins Creed Black Flag minus the assassin bullshit. Make the boat combat and boarding actions a little less arcadey and more realistic, and maybe even throw in some troop management stuff from the Mount and Blade series to boot.

    Add in some of the best water physics and graphics you can get, and it'll sell like mad.

  • Ok, this will blow your minds away:
    Minecraft.... But with actual graphics!
    Say whaaaaa...??!!!

  • My idea that I've had for probably 7 years going now is a game where you're a space scavenger, but you hunt for ancient history lost to time on planets no ones lived on for thousands of years. You live on a completely urbanized, cyberpunk esque planet that either needs resources that it can no longer produce, or its straight up find old knowledge cause why not. You travel to HUGE planets. and I'm talking planets, not "land here and heres a big area" I'm talking you are exploring a PLANET. The crux of the game is, planets are big, youre gonna need a mech. You travel around in the mech and can go anywhere also on foot. the design of the planets is so that you get out of the mech to explore ruins or ancient cites/forests for said knowledge or what have you, in a 3rd person shooting type of deal. I want it to be flexible so a lot of gameplay ideas can happen there. but the BIG deal is these planets are teething with huge monsters, and you get in that mech(which you can call upon at any time) and it turns into what I would call "God Hand but completely fine tuned" very fast paced high stakes action against huge monsters with loads of combat options. all parts can be modified and if say your arm gets super damaged you could reroute power to your other arm for huge damage or a stylish super move. So basically you have a low ground level exploration on foot and then having high octane fighting in your mech at a large scale. Never gonna happen.

  • @Tommynaut21 said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    Never gonna happen.

    It totally should though. I'd sure play it.

  • I've always wanted a good Ranma 1/2 RPG. I'd want it to be like Persona 4. I love the idea of chilling out in the Tendo dojo with P-Chan.

  • @Nillend said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    Minecraft.... But with actual graphics!

    I think Minecraft would be better with 16-bit sprites. That is to say if it were Terraria. :)

  • @Thunder-Lobster said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    I've always wanted a good Ranma 1/2 RPG. I'd want it to be like Persona 4. I love the idea of chilling out in the Tendo dojo with P-Chan.

    You had me at Ranma 1/2 RPG. Then I saw Persona 4. Now I'm watching an SNES version of a fan-translated Ranma 1/2 RPG. :thumbsup:

  • As of right now, Nintendo and Koei Techmo would be wise to make Fire Emblem Warriors. Musou games are extremely popular in Japan, and Fire Emblem is is too. And now, Fire Emblem has become a big deal outside of Japan in recent years. Hyrule Warriors if I recall was the best selling Warriors/Musou game outside of Japan, because it was themed after Zelda. I bet a Fire Emblem version would do very well, too.

    And similar to Hyrule Warriors, FE Warriors would take some mechanics and themes from the series to make it kinda unique. Maybe being able to order your random soldiers around more, or bring the weapon triangle into the game. Either way, I would be so down.