Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should)

  • @Nillend said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    Minecraft.... But with actual graphics!

    I think Minecraft would be better with 16-bit sprites. That is to say if it were Terraria. :)

  • @Thunder-Lobster said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    I've always wanted a good Ranma 1/2 RPG. I'd want it to be like Persona 4. I love the idea of chilling out in the Tendo dojo with P-Chan.

    You had me at Ranma 1/2 RPG. Then I saw Persona 4. Now I'm watching an SNES version of a fan-translated Ranma 1/2 RPG. :thumbsup:

  • As of right now, Nintendo and Koei Techmo would be wise to make Fire Emblem Warriors. Musou games are extremely popular in Japan, and Fire Emblem is is too. And now, Fire Emblem has become a big deal outside of Japan in recent years. Hyrule Warriors if I recall was the best selling Warriors/Musou game outside of Japan, because it was themed after Zelda. I bet a Fire Emblem version would do very well, too.

    And similar to Hyrule Warriors, FE Warriors would take some mechanics and themes from the series to make it kinda unique. Maybe being able to order your random soldiers around more, or bring the weapon triangle into the game. Either way, I would be so down.

  • @Thunder-Lobster I just want more games like Persona. But yeah, Ranma would be fun. And P-Chan is adorable.

  • A game that I wanted (and everyone else who's played the original) for the longest time is The World Ends With You 2. All other games that I wanted to exist have come out or are coming out in a year or two except for that game. Once TWEWY2 becomes a thing, I can die happy.

  • @DarkenRaul1 said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    A game that I wanted (and everyone else who's played the original) for the longest time is The World Ends With You 2.

    I'd never heard of that game, so I looked it up. Whoa... That looks incredible. I ended up buying the Android version.

  • Doctor Who: The Adventure Game. The fate of the whole universe depends on you. Not only the present, but the whole history and future depend on your actions you take. Where and when does the game play? Well, jump into the Tardis and you decide where and when the adventure takes you. Throw in a bit of Carmen Sandiego mystery elements in it and off you go on the biggest adventure game ever!

  • @Mortambulist Holy crap dude, awesome! Let me tell you man, you are in for a treat with this game. The art style is amazing, the soundtrack is fun and popping, the story is super interesting, the characters are fantastic, and the combat system is such a unique experience for a JRPG. The iOS/Android are a little lacking in terms of combat though, as you'd have normally controlled both Neku and his partner at the same time (using the touchscreen on the bottom while controlling the partner with the d-pad up top), but since you only have 1 screen, you only control Neku. But man, this game was so good, I need to go back and play it again.

    It's unfortunate though we won't get a sequel anytime soon. One of the main developers for the game is working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and he said that if they'd ever make a sequel, he'd want a crack team to make it just as good as the first in its own way, but that won't be until they're done with KH3 and if they get enough fans wanting it :/ ....

  • Dead Space 4. EA pls. Gimme more Mr. Carver & Isaac Clarke mysteries. Though if it does exist it better have offline coop.

    Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Half-life 3... Do I need to explain?

  • @DarkenRaul1 said in Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should):

    The iOS/Android are a little lacking in terms of combat though...

    Yeah, I read up on it to make sure the mobile ports were still good, and I heard about the combat compromises. But they were still well-reviewed, and I guess there's higher-rez graphics. Plus I'd have to steal my kids' DS to play, they're not always around, and it's bad enough battling with them to get my turn on the Playstation. I'm not even sure my old man eyes can handle the DS screens at this point. I'm trying hard to avoid wearing bifocals. One day I'll lose that battle, but not yet, damn it! :-)

  • A new prince of persia game with mechanics similar to the sands of time trilogy.

  • Escape from New York - the Game. I want to be in run-down futuristic NYC showing scum who's boss as Snake Plissken.

  • A proper Stargate SG1 or SGA game for consoles and PC, I always thought the JoWood game looked promising but sadly it got cancelled.
    Would be cool to have it like a Mass Effect type of game where you can freely chose where to go, follow the plot or do side missions etc, I would be all over it, it could even function as the never created but planned Atlantis movie.
    R.I.P. Stargate

  • An open RPG set in the Ridley Scott universe but not directly tied to any of the Alien or Blade Runner films. A customizable protagonist for sure. I'd play that. I also have high high hopes for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Well I'll be the one to bring up the now tired out trope: Valve's big 3: Personally would love a Left 4 Dead 3 and Portal 3 while Half-Life 3 would be exactly like I feel for the Last Guardian: I hope others get it because SO many want it. Why NOT make them and make even more money, or license them out to some developer(s) that would give these games the care and love they deserve!

  • An awesome Superman game. I actually quite enjoy the Superman: The Man of Steel and Superman Returns games...but there's never been a Superman game where I felt got the character right. Here's hoping those Rocksteady rumors hold some validity.

  • Call me crazy, but I want an atmospheric horror adventure set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry.

  • @Musou-Tensei I really wish it were possible, Ive had so many Stargate game ideas and other things floating in my head ever since I saw the original movie in the theatres.

    Any open world Cyberpunk game would be awesome, by Rockstar like one guy said would be interesting. Also have high hopes for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • An anime beat em up Street fighter type game. With different anime characters from different shows. Including yang of course

  • @Ellis Have you tried Tatsunoko vs Capcom? It's literally SF vs Anime :thumbsup: (a lot of the anime characters are pretty old school though)