Games That Don't Exist (but Really Should)

  • This one is a total pipe dream but that's what this thread is all about right!

    So a few years back I started playing the table top RPG Pathfinder. Pathfinder is an off shot of DnD 3.5 but what I really like about it is they have these iconic characters for each of the different classes.

    Basically what I want is a version of those DnD arcade games but set in the Pathfinder universe using their Iconic characters. The first game would be based off Pathfinders first official campaign called Rise of the Runelords. You'd basically be playing through that campaign and after each section you'd get to watch a little cutscene and make some choices about what you and your party want to do. Of course I want the game to use wonderfully animated sprites kinda like dragon crown but more in the style of Wayne Reyonlds art who does a lot of the art work for Pathfinder. As you progress you will level up and be able to put points in the different skills and learn new feats(moves).

    Man, a game like this would get me so hyped. More realistically tho, I'll settle for a new Dragons Crown or any decent side scrolling beat up in the DnD fantasy style.

  • I cannot believe that Dragon Ball Z fans have been so complacent with the video game treatment of that IP. They keep getting fighting games over and over again.

    How about a hand drawn anime style open world action-RPG. In the first game you start as Kid-Goku, a lighthearted title, you get into shenanigans with Oolong, Bulma, etc, and take on quests from the Ox King. Eventually, the game gets towards DBZ, then in the sequel it is a bit more mature and you play DBZ time frame. Quests off those side cities on Snake Way, quests on Namek.

  • Banned

    There's never gonna be a fun lighthearted steampunk-esk western action/adventure similar to Wild Wild West.

    Why even live?

  • Code Geass stealth action game. You could sneak around in both civilian and military-controlled areas. It could be great if they gave you enough preset options for geassing NPCs (it's a one time use mind control essentially) and designed the levels well enough. Plus, we need a good mech game. Plus, I would really enjoy any romance quests in that game.