The EZA Game of the Year Community Nominations!

  • Hey Allies!

    After some discussion with @Exist-2-Inspire, I've decided to launch the much-discussed nominations for our own Community GOTY list!

    The nomination process will be similar to previous lists.

    • I will ask you to rank your 5 favorite games of 2016. Send me this list at

    Your #1 pick will receive 5 points, #2 gets 4... and #5 gets 1.

    I believe 5 games is the sweet spot as some of us might not even have played 5 games released in 2016, and for those of us who have played more, it forces us to be selective.

    If you have played — or liked — less than 5 games, feel free to send a top 4 or even top 2 list, your picks will still be assigned points.

    • The list of games eligible only includes games released in the West (US and/or Europe) in 2016. If a game came out on a different platform prior to 2016 and was ported to a new platform in 2016 (for example Rise of the Tomb Raider), this game is not eligible.

    For example, Persona 5 (released in Japan in 2016, but in the West in 2017) cannot be included. However, Fire Emblem Fates (released in Japan in 2015, but in the West in 2016), can be included.

    • You may refer to this non-exhaustive list of 2016 games to jog your memory, or this longer one if you want to be sure not to miss anything.

    • As always, do not post your list on the forum before the reveal is over.

    • After about 2 weeks, the nominations will be closed, and I will proceed to tally the votes and reveal our GOTY list via a countdown.

    As always, feel free to post suggestions here!


  • What about a game that was released in the US in 2015 but in europe in 2016, so as european it would be a 2016 game.

  • @Musou-Tensei I was afraid this situation would occur, my gut feeling would be to say that as long as it came out in 2016 in the US or Europe, it is eligible (especially in the case of the game you mentioned, December 22, 2015 in the US, that's close enough to give it a pass ;)).

    But feel free to disagree!

  • @Axel

    Just submitted mine. Thanks for putting it together. I'm interested if any of mine make it. I'm pumped to see the full list!

    What is the full list count? Top 10? 20?

  • Sent my list in! I think I've played/seen enough of these 5 games to get a good ranking.. though I could have agonized over which of my top 2 to make number one forever

    Thanks for doing this! I'm looking forward to the results.

  • @Brannox I'm aiming for a Top 20 but ultimately it will depend on how many lists/different games we end up getting.

  • i sent my list

  • Sent my list, I have beaten around 38 games in 2016.

  • 5 lists so far, 14 different games. A clear leader, and some very interesting titles complete the top 5.

    This is going to be interesting, keep 'em coming!

  • I just sent my list in. Sorry if 3 copies of it show up. There was an error initially when trying to hit the send button.

  • Global Moderator

    Awesome! I will out together a list and send over to you! :D

    I must also say that I LOVE the lists on these forums! normally I find lists kinda.. cringey, but here its always unexpected results (in a fun way) and they always feel very... genuine

  • Sent my list through! Looking forward to seeing how it shakes down.

  • Quick question. Can games that came out on a different system in 2016 count? For example, SteamWorld Heist came out in 2015 for 3DS but came out for other platforms in 2016. Can that still be allowed?

  • List sent.

  • Sent in my list pretty quick but I do want to mention I missed out in all the big games after August :(

    I'm sure at least one would of made my GOTY list.

  • Cool that this does happen after all, I was just wondering about this on Monday.

    Two weeks time to send my list? I actually just ordered one game from last year I've been wanting to play so I'll have to see where that'll fit (if at all in top 5).

  • can we include games that got an english asian release but will probably never get an actual western release?

    because that's very relevant to my list :P

  • @Sieghardt
    I agree, this expection should be made if at this point in time no western release is announced (then it is simply most likely to never have one).

  • Sent my list. Thanks for making this :D

  • Sent my list of games. One of which everyone else hates!