The EZA Game of the Year Community Nominations!

  • one of my votes is of a ps3 game that has been out in japan since 2014 so i know for sure it wont appear the others im sure will make a appearence

  • Thanks everyone for sending your lists!

    And thanks @parasitepaladin for suggesting I contact people individually, I received a LOT of new lists, which brings us to a current total of 38 lists and 60 different games!

    Many of them only got one or two votes, but the current #20 has 9 points, so a couple good votes could see any game shoot into our final Top 20!

    Even in the top 5, things are still very tight, so I can't say for sure who's going to end up being our GOTY.

    Since I think by now I've received most of the lists I'm ever going to get, I'll probably end the nominations early next week, so for those of you who still have to vote, go for it! :)

  • @Axel You are welcome. I didn't think you'd do it, aha. Glad it worked! Good work!

  • I sent mine in :)

    I played an awful lot from 2016, even narrowing to 10 was tricky for me so I did something a little different for my list. I put 5 games that would have at least been in my top 10, but they aren't necessarily in the correct order of how I liked them. One or two just wouldn't have stood a fighting chance, so I didn't bother putting them in my 5.

  • I think with so many games it should be a Top 50.

  • I could be wrong but if there's only 60 games mentioned and we did a top 50, I feel like some of the bottom rung will just have one person voting for it which feels... weird. If that's not the case, I'm all for expanding the list but I'd really not like seeing Ghostbusters show up because someone put it as #1 as a goof.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Well the names are attached to the votes, so we will know who the troll is ;P

    Okay, how about Top 30? Half of the submitted games?

  • @Musou-Tensei I personally feel like a top 20 would be the sweet spot, but that's just my suggestion. I'm sure a top 30 would also work well.

  • It'd be nice to see a larger list if the results can allow for it.

    Just sent my list in. None of the games are going to make it, but I haven't played that many this year.

  • If the total list of games is only around 60-75 I think it'd be neat to just name off everything nominated in one giant pile that didn't make the top 20, 30, 50 whatever as an "honorable mentions" or something.

  • @DeweyDTruman Yeah that's what I was thinking of doing: reveal the Top 20, and once it's over, reveal all the rest in a batch as honorable mentions.

    If I keep getting more lists I could extend to a Top 25 or Top 30, but as things stand, the games ranked #21 to #30 are almost all tied with the same amount of points, and only have one or two vote each, so it doesn't feel meaningful to put them in the Top list.

  • Sent my list in. Does anyone else have a #1 that nobody will agree with?

  • @DizBomber said in The EZA Game of the Year Community Nominations!:

    Sent my list in. Does anyone else have a #1 that nobody will agree with?

    Definitely, most people probably wont even have heard of a couple of mine but I love them dearly :D

  • @DizBomber I wouldn't be surprised if one or two people had the same number 1, unless it's a REALLY weird one. :)

  • Sent mine in. Definitely spent a lot more time this past year playing backlog games rather than new ones, so it made narrowing things down easy, but I imagine most of my picks will still be on a few other lists!

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    Sent my picks in my #1 might surprise you.

  • 48 lists, 67 games!

    Rankings are still changing and can still change, but I have to call a deadline now. So to anyone who still hasn't sent their list in and wishes to participate, please do so before Wednesday, January 25th at 8AM CET.

    Also, for those who have already submitted their list, maybe you've played a new game which you feel should make your top 5, or have second thoughts and want to shuffle their positions. In this case, feel free to send me an updated list before that same deadline!

  • @Axel Wow, another whole month?

  • @Brannox Oops, I meant January haha, thanks for spotting that!

  • @Axel Seems like a slow year. How many lists didn't have five spots?