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    Metroid Prime is a very slow game even if you forget the 5-10 times it makes you walk through Magmoor Caverns needlessly. Not doing anything, just walking. It's only 2 and 3 that sped the shooting back up a bit.

    Anyway, on stream today Damiani said he's going to stream Metroid Prime (go figure: it's a nostalgia game) after Super Metroid. He also talked about how he's never finished Echoes, stopping around when he got to the second area, Torvus Bog. My plan is to keep asking questions along the lines of "Why are you such a casual that you haven't beaten Metroid Prime 2," until either he streams it or I get bored ;)

    Eh. Some parts of Metroid Prime was unnecessary, but what the game does best is try to recapture stuff that made Super Metroid the real deal - an exploration game that allows you to unlock stuff, doors, and entering new worlds. The problem with the Prime games is that Retro Studios didn't really understand what made FPShooters great: Shooting bad guys.

    I really loved the atmosphere and pace of Metroid Prime. It's not too busy, and also not to boring at the same time. What you're describing is a "low valley," if that makes sense at all?

    As for your second paragraph: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA!

    Asshole. (Yeah, I'm calling you an asshole but in a joking kind of way. :))

    I just think the way Damaini said things in the podcast, he interpret Metroid Prime as a boring game which - which is far from the truth.

    I dunno, I can't point my finger at why I think Metroid Prime was such a great game. I do agree with Daminai on Echoes though. I stopped caring at 2 (Echoes), I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. That's the only thing I agree with Michael on.

  • @Carlos You're generalizing about the Prime Trilogy. They certainly didn't get how to make a totally satisfying shooter at the outset—comparing how shooting things feels to something like Halo 1 is just no contest—but they improved with each game. Corruption and to a lesser extent echoes feel way better to just shoot things in, and it helps that it didn't take as long to switch between beams.

  • This podcast was pretty damn good, although I wish @Bosman hadn't been silenced with the fantasy football updates. I definitely think it'd be a great segment to add in for the future.. But I may be slightly biased.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Meh! No one cares about Hand-CenterOfAVennDiagram.

    Joke from BosVWoz

  • Anyone know why Damiani has been on the podcast two weeks in a row?
    I was under the impression the podcast always cycled its two guests, since they have so many other Allies.
    I've been missing Bloodworth & Huber, feels like they hasn't been on in so long.

  • @Cyber6x I believe Blood has been on holiday and Huber was busy that night.

  • @Cyber6x said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    Anyone know why Damiani has been on the podcast two weeks in a row?
    I was under the impression the podcast always cycled its two guests, since they have so many other Allies.
    I've been missing Bloodworth & Huber, feels like they hasn't been on in so long.

    Makes sense, maybe the other allies couldn't make it.

  • @Easy-Allies Don't know if anyone has helped Kyle out yet concerning the Skylanders cards, but here is what I found at my local Wal-Mart:

    alt text

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    @Cyber6x both of us were out of town

  • @Bloodworth if you come in here and confirm stuff then how are we supposed to widely speculate? Seriously though thanks for clearing that up.

  • After this week's live podcast and its preparation on the stream I've been smiling everytime I think about Kyle singing that Smash Mouth song. "Some...!" :D

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    I left this in a youtube comment as well, but damn, over the past couple of days I've really grown respect for Ian! before I thought he was a bit stuck up, but after hearing him on podcast etc I really respect him and he seem like having some awesome views on things!

  • @Lotias Ian's a great member with a totally different perspective on games than a lot of the other allies. I love the dude.

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    @matteroffact yeah! before I used to think that he kept bringing up points etc that werent relative and so on, but the more Ive seen of him, the more I like him!

  • @Lotias I used to think he was weird. Now I know he's weird, and I love it ☺

  • I just don't want to read the YouTube comments for the podcast anymore... so much Ian hate down there.

    Other than that, during the GOTY discussion, I would give Best Fighting Game to Guilty Gear Revelator.

  • @DizBomber803 I gave up on reading youtube comments ages ago. It's never worth it, and always makes me grumpy. It's why I love this forum.

    And I +1 your vote there. Guilty Gear was amazing.

  • I really respect Brad for proffering up Dark Souls as the "Shrek of the 2010s."

    There's a few distinct game styles competing for the action game crown right now; Souls, Nioh, Monster Hunter, and Platinum's offering with the exception of Vanquish (ignoring their filler Activision titles). Holla if I'm forgetting any, but my point is this: Souls is a fad. I don't think any reasonable onlooker could describe its rise in popularity as anything other than meteoric.

    With the vacuum left by Souls' absence in the coming years, fans will begin seeking out replacements. Platinum's Nier: Automata is coming out in Japan next February and Capcom's next Monster Hunter title won't be too far out, I'd imagine (look for the coming of the NX at dawn on the fifth day). Nioh would obviously be the least adventurous of new games for Souls fans to fall into, but even that has a totally different combat system than Souls.

    In fact, these series each play very differently. I think it will be very interesting to see which ones people accept and reject in the coming years, and how often people are saying "Dark Souls" in a couple years' time.

  • I don't really agree with Souls having a Shrek effect.

    If it does get a bunch more sequels that keep getting worse than fair enough. But right now most people already agree that Dark Souls 2 is a good game but poor Souls game and all the rest of the games are fantastic.

    Someone was already spot on in another thread where they mentioned Sonic. It's had so much crap and people are beginning to realise even the first few games weren't as good as they thought.

  • I tweeted Kyle about this but I'd like to hear what other Allies, both the "actual" Allies and Patrons, think about it.

    Do you think recording a few extra L&R segments and putting them as a weekly $1 Patron exclusive would be a good idea?
    Seems like an easy way to encourage people to join Patreon and it shouldn't take a lot more work to produce.