Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • I tweeted Kyle about this but I'd like to hear what other Allies, both the "actual" Allies and Patrons, think about it.

    Do you think recording a few extra L&R segments and putting them as a weekly $1 Patron exclusive would be a good idea?
    Seems like an easy way to encourage people to join Patreon and it shouldn't take a lot more work to produce.

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    @DizBomber803 yeah! As I said I didn't use to be a fan of Ian, but I still don't understand this burning hatred that some people seem to have?

    I still read the comments but some of them makes me grumpy... do you think the people from youtube comments are lurking on this forum? I mean it always feels to be such positive vibes in here!

    Less QQ more L&R! <3

  • @Lotias I think part of the hate stems from Ian being and SJW( he is right? ) and wanting to be politically correct, both of those things people on the internet really hate. I try not to get too hung up on negative comments, but they're the ones that stick out the most and I can't get them out of my head! :anguished:

    But I'm super glad this forum exists. L&R :D

  • I almost shut off this week's podcast once Kyle said his favorite radio personality was Colin Cowherd. That guy is a disgusting dog whistler racist shock jock that lives only to get a rise of out of people.

    Seriously Kyle, please explain yourself.

  • Was I the only one who had to laugh at how much the guys had to scramble to say something about the japanese gaming market. Pretty funny how they talked around the topic, trying to come up with insights, obiously not having a clue. :D

  • I would just like to say, I LIKE PRINCESS BRIDE BETTER! I feel like the Princess Bride had more witty comedy while Shrek leaned heavily on pop culture references like the Men in Tights and the Matrix bit. It also had a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. It does have some moments of shining brilliance, but the Princess Bride was completely stuffed with intelligent skits and monologues.

    I think many people prefer Shrek because it's a more encompassing form of comedy that a larger portion of an audience would fully understand. Plus, I'd imagine that many people who responded are around my age (mid-to-late twenties) and would recognize the concepts that Shrek was attempting to satire rather than the concepts within the Princess Bride.

    Or perhaps just many people haven't seen the Princess Bride. It's a very niche film (much like Robin Hood: Men in Tights was). It was a very specific film for a very precise audience. I feel like it's one of those films that many people have heard of but considerably less have actually seen.

  • Ok I like Shrek but to say it's better than the Princess Bride is objectively wrong.

  • @crustef Absolutely. Don't get me wrong, I like Shrek, too. But comparing the two seems unfair. They utilize two vastly different forms of comedy. Shrek seems to be a parody of the Disney princesses and modern fantasy troupes while the Princess Bride parodies classical fairy tails and narrative story telling.

  • I don't like Shrek that much, but did laugh a bunch at some of the jokes in Shrek 2. The Princess Bride isn't just a joke machine, though. It has so much heart, and it clearly loves the genre that it's sending up. Easily one of my favorite movies ever.

  • @tokeeffe9 said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    I don't really agree with Souls having a Shrek effect.

    If it does get a bunch more sequels that keep getting worse than fair enough. But right now most people already agree that Dark Souls 2 is a good game but poor Souls game and all the rest of the games are fantastic.

    Someone was already spot on in another thread where they mentioned Sonic. It's had so much crap and people are beginning to realise even the first few games weren't as good as they thought.

    I actually feel it's just cool to dislike Sonic (even tho the train has left many years ago on being hip for that) and thus people say the first entries (which are still great platformers) are not as good. Just a reaction, not really people opening their eyes.

  • I really enjoyed this week's podcast, especially the "That's Mah Boy/Girl" game and the 3d platformer discussion.

    If I had a kid I'd definitely share: Super Mario Galaxy, Mother 3, and Animal Crossing with them. A good variety of genres and intensities.

    As for the discussion on 3d platformers, I'm optimistic. I agree with the sentiment that if Mario is alive, 3d platformers are alive, not to mention there's three really excellent looking platformers coming down the pipeline (A Hat in Time, Psychonauts 2, and Yooka Laylee) (YL and AHiT both featuring the musical talents of Grant Kirkhope, and both being released in 2017). And I've got to come out in support of Super Mario 3D World and Land, both those games are Jolly as all get out.

  • I laughed so hard to Kyle's "Children of the Corn" story. "Mom! No! It's so scary!" :]
    The whole That's Mah Boy discussion was really good.

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    I had a well laugh at the "Mah kid" bit - brilliant game! As Kyle said I think that Pokémon Red/blue would be a brilliant game to start off with, then if my kid would like it continue to gen 2.

    It is really hard as he said "you cant force your kid" to any game. However, I kinda had this luck to introduce my sisters to games a bit more. I think that Jak & Daxter are a really good starting point. Good pace, interesting enough mechanics, collecting things is always fun and its a cool world to be in.

    For the last game I am thinking either a RPG game - for a chance to see the depth that games can have rather than its just a "spend some dumb fun". On the other hand a game that really packed a punch would be fun. Bloodworth talked a lot about Burnout 2, but I would like to throw a bone to Burnout 3, which I think is slightly better. :D

  • I really, really, REALLY would love to see Bosman train in Jet Moto and then record the battle with his father.

  • This was a 10/10 podcast. Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and it radiated to me as well. Also the topics were interesting and well-chosen, so the talk itself was nice to listen to. As should be the case, of course.

  • I don't know how the comment section of YouTube hasn't picked up on Kyle trolling them with the, "no one online is sticking up for Princess Bride," gag but it's glorious to behold. I wonder how long he can keep it going.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    I don't know how the comment section of YouTube hasn't picked up on Kyle trolling them with the, "no one online is sticking up for Princess Bride," gag but it's glorious to behold. I wonder how long he can keep it going.

    I'd like to see him just keep on going. 2 years from now he can be like.. "So 24 months later not ONE person likes princess bride more in the youtube comments"

  • @DemonSwordsman This comment on the most recent podcast has me dying:

    "I get it now. Kyle got me.

    Each week I tweet and comment that Princess Bride is a masterpiece. Shrek can't touch it. Every week. Now I understand that I have been made the fool again.

    I'll get you one day Bosman. One day..."

  • Such a good podcast this week. Really, that was super nice and interesting to listen to. Especially the voice actors conversation, we need more moments like these. Wow, thank you. And that part about where the group is going had a great vibe in it. :} Furthermore, Ian and Ben (together) have proven to be my favourite guests on the podcast, the chemistry between all the four tends to peak every time they're in there. Joy to watch.

    Kyle also offered two insta-classic moments: That whole frantic Friday segment was pure gold, and then later "Never cringe!" straight to the camera. Keep it up, Bosman! :D

  • @DemonSwordsman So that's what it was!

    I don't see youtube comments courtesy of a cool extension that shows me reddit thread instead and I listen to the podcast in my car and everytime he was saying that I was like No way! I was really starting to wonder if the majority of Easy Allies listeners were just too young to appreciate The Princess Bride

    I mean, this week I was to the point where I was gonna go and comment/tweet to him to be the first to defend TPB's honor!
    I feel like a fool now, we'll get you for this Bosman!