Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • I really, really, REALLY would love to see Bosman train in Jet Moto and then record the battle with his father.

  • This was a 10/10 podcast. Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and it radiated to me as well. Also the topics were interesting and well-chosen, so the talk itself was nice to listen to. As should be the case, of course.

  • I don't know how the comment section of YouTube hasn't picked up on Kyle trolling them with the, "no one online is sticking up for Princess Bride," gag but it's glorious to behold. I wonder how long he can keep it going.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    I don't know how the comment section of YouTube hasn't picked up on Kyle trolling them with the, "no one online is sticking up for Princess Bride," gag but it's glorious to behold. I wonder how long he can keep it going.

    I'd like to see him just keep on going. 2 years from now he can be like.. "So 24 months later not ONE person likes princess bride more in the youtube comments"

  • @DemonSwordsman This comment on the most recent podcast has me dying:

    "I get it now. Kyle got me.

    Each week I tweet and comment that Princess Bride is a masterpiece. Shrek can't touch it. Every week. Now I understand that I have been made the fool again.

    I'll get you one day Bosman. One day..."

  • Such a good podcast this week. Really, that was super nice and interesting to listen to. Especially the voice actors conversation, we need more moments like these. Wow, thank you. And that part about where the group is going had a great vibe in it. :} Furthermore, Ian and Ben (together) have proven to be my favourite guests on the podcast, the chemistry between all the four tends to peak every time they're in there. Joy to watch.

    Kyle also offered two insta-classic moments: That whole frantic Friday segment was pure gold, and then later "Never cringe!" straight to the camera. Keep it up, Bosman! :D

  • @DemonSwordsman So that's what it was!

    I don't see youtube comments courtesy of a cool extension that shows me reddit thread instead and I listen to the podcast in my car and everytime he was saying that I was like No way! I was really starting to wonder if the majority of Easy Allies listeners were just too young to appreciate The Princess Bride

    I mean, this week I was to the point where I was gonna go and comment/tweet to him to be the first to defend TPB's honor!
    I feel like a fool now, we'll get you for this Bosman!

  • Probably the best podcast by EZA so far. Absolutely loved it.

  • "Waterproof!"
    "That's what you cross your fingers for?!" :D

    Huber <3 <3

  • @Haru17 "Souls is a fad"


    Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne will go down in video game history. The games have been around since 2009, that's anything but a fad.

    I suggest the opposite of your post: there may be people who don't like the franchise, there may be people that hate it. But besides yourself I doubt there are many that would call the series a "fad" lol

  • Started laughing so hard with that opening shrek comment that I fell off the pull up bar in the park and almost completely ate shit. Great podcast.

  • @ObbyDent Typically fads swell rapidly in popularity, like the spike in black-looking "hard" games you see nowadays. Neither fans like you or critics like myself can judge its impact without the benefit of hindsight. That was the point of the rest of my post — we're going to have to let it breathe before we can accurately judge the role of Souls as either a series or a source of inspiration for other works.

  • @Haru17 nah. demon's souls is seven years old. there are games that have released sooner than we've judged just easily. We all know what role The Last of Us will game play in game history and that game only came out three years ago.

  • @ObbyDent All we know about The Last of Us is that people haven't copied it so far. (Unless you wanted to attribute the crafting bubble to it, which would be a stretch.) Besides, Souls wasn't popular with Demon Souls or even Dark Souls' release. It gained a ton of popularity later in Dark Souls 1's cycle, and into Dark Souls 2's release. Your argument has a strainer-like amount of holes in it. We need to be patient to get any sort of meaningful historical perspective.

  • @Haru17 hahaha you have some weird obsession with copying and how that relates to being a fad. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • @ObbyDent I don't know what to tell you, man. Look up the definition.

  • I'd like to first start off by saying that I do feel that Shrek is a better movie than The Princess Bride, but that is only because I had never even seen The Princess Bride fully until earlier this year. Naturally I had seen clips from youtube of some of the more iconic moments in the movie, but when my girlfriend brought up a reference from The Princess Bride and I told her that I had not seen it, she told me that we had to watch it together. She explained to me that she grew up watching that movie and told me all about how much she loved it and how great it was, so I was eager to see it, so I could put all the pieces together from what I knew.
    I had not known she loved this movie so much, so after we finished watching, I had to pose the question to her: "Which do you think is a better movie, this, or Shrek?" Coming from someone who had just talked this movie up so much and made me watch it, you'd think its naturally The Princess Bride. Wrong! I was absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that she still thought Shrek was better . Her explanation for it was that Shrek had a sense of fantasy and wonder that The Princess Bride did not, that TPB was just a story about conceivably real people in a world that isn't too spectacular by comparison.
    I thought I had found the one, to finally be able to have someone agree with Jones, but sadly, the quest must continue.

  • @sean_marino

    You sir, are evil.

  • Fun fact: the intro melody to Fantomenk's EZA Podcast theme (the first 10 notes) can spell out "EasyAllies", "EZAPodcast", "EZAReviews", and/or "EZAPreview". Also, in the same song, there are 5 additional notes in the melody. I hypothesize that they could mean "The Stream Will Start Soon", which is used before a Twitch stream begins. Why are there no intro graphics that do this?

  • You can see the terror dawning on their faces.