Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • @Haru17 hahaha you have some weird obsession with copying and how that relates to being a fad. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • @ObbyDent I don't know what to tell you, man. Look up the definition.

  • I'd like to first start off by saying that I do feel that Shrek is a better movie than The Princess Bride, but that is only because I had never even seen The Princess Bride fully until earlier this year. Naturally I had seen clips from youtube of some of the more iconic moments in the movie, but when my girlfriend brought up a reference from The Princess Bride and I told her that I had not seen it, she told me that we had to watch it together. She explained to me that she grew up watching that movie and told me all about how much she loved it and how great it was, so I was eager to see it, so I could put all the pieces together from what I knew.
    I had not known she loved this movie so much, so after we finished watching, I had to pose the question to her: "Which do you think is a better movie, this, or Shrek?" Coming from someone who had just talked this movie up so much and made me watch it, you'd think its naturally The Princess Bride. Wrong! I was absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that she still thought Shrek was better . Her explanation for it was that Shrek had a sense of fantasy and wonder that The Princess Bride did not, that TPB was just a story about conceivably real people in a world that isn't too spectacular by comparison.
    I thought I had found the one, to finally be able to have someone agree with Jones, but sadly, the quest must continue.

  • @sean_marino

    You sir, are evil.

  • Fun fact: the intro melody to Fantomenk's EZA Podcast theme (the first 10 notes) can spell out "EasyAllies", "EZAPodcast", "EZAReviews", and/or "EZAPreview". Also, in the same song, there are 5 additional notes in the melody. I hypothesize that they could mean "The Stream Will Start Soon", which is used before a Twitch stream begins. Why are there no intro graphics that do this?

  • You can see the terror dawning on their faces.

  • My apologies to Brandon for repeatedly forgetting to post a comment on this, but I will always view Princess Bride as the better movie. Maybe it's an age thing. While Shrek is an excellent movie, I was 21 when it came out. I grew up watching movies like Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, and The NeverEnding Story repeatedly for years. That's some significant nostalgia that Shrek would have to overcome, which isn't going to happen. My wife (33) and daughter (5) both agree that's it the better movie as well, btw.

  • This week's betting part was hilarious with all the language stuff. :D Thank you.

  • After watching those last few minutes of this week's podcast I'm really hoping that they get the studio sooner than later. But something needs to change a bit, I also think. The Patreon number has not been exactly growing from that 37k-ish. Some supersponsor(s) could change things with big numbers and maybe even daily visibility? Before every stream? Would that be too much, though? But some neat tweaks could be appreciated with the monthly money flow. Easier said than done, I know.

  • Great that there's now a seventh sponsor! Yeah. :)

    In other news. Has someone already taken a name of "Alex Steep" on chat? It's bound to happen.

  • Saw this suggestion on youtube and wanted to share.
    Imo the best for betting groups would be that regulars i.e Brandon and Kyle both lead a betting team and each are complemented with one of the guests.

  • I actually have the Shrek Smash n Crash Racing game they mentioned in Love & Respect.

  • This was such an excellent podcast! Some reveals spoiled below.

    Such fun games and bets this episode! And the sheer DIS–RE–SPECT!! The Red Eagles — and Trollin' Kyle — take it by one point (20 to 19) and devour the Green Lizards. Not only that, but the wayward remnants are forced to form under the banner of the 'Purple Platypi' — an unmarketable name if I've ever heard one — and are pressed under the Brandon's poison thumb.

    The Tyranny of the Sun is real indeed. Now the other forest creatures know to beware the Red Eagle's shadow.

  • The new team name is excellent. :) There's some cool weirdness to it with a touch of jollyness. Yes. Purple Platypi.

    To mark them in the archives, the other contenders were:
    Happy Hawks
    Sizzling Scorpions
    Jolly Bears
    Tyrannical Toucans
    Courageous Corgis

  • It's probably too late to suggest this since they most likely recorded the Love & Respect only episode right after, but I hope Brandon will read the Sponsors with a Santa voice

  • Can't wait for this sound being made at the end of every podcast

  • @Doctor-Professor First comment I see, "I want to hear Ben Moore make that sound."

  • @SabotageTheTruth Didn't even see it. That's fantastic

  • I've already posted this message in this weeks 'Love and Respect' thread over on Patreon, but I wanted to open up this to discussion with other Allies and get some feedback. I'd love to know what you think!

    Hello Allies! Love and Respect from the UK!

    I'd like to make a suggestion regarding the coveted 'Prove It' ticket.

    There was a lot of talk in last weeks episode about the Levelling up system, and that often the goal of the panel (and the community) is to see it go unused so it will reach the higher, more juuuuuuicyyyyyy stages in future episodes. This in turn forces Kyle to continually one up himself and devise newer, greater powers.

    In an era of Purple Platypi and Ultima Brad, I am proposing a potential new system for the 'Prove It' ticket going forward, that balances out its usage, and gets the entire panel more involved.


    At the beginning of each podcast, each member of the panel (including Kyle) rolls the four sided dice FOR THEMSELVES to see which level their own personal 'Prove It' ticket reaches.

    So, for example, if Brandon rolls and lands on a 2, he receives a 'Level 2 - Take it Back' ticket. The other members of the panel then roll for themselves, to see which ticket they receive.

    With everyone now armed with their own 'Prove It' ticket, the podcast begins with a whole new level of tension and hilarity, since at any given moment, someone could throw their 'Prove It' ticket into the mix and shake things up.

    This also makes everything much fairer for the rotating panellists, as under the current system they have a much lower chance of ever getting any 'Prove It' ticket at all.

    SIDE NOTE: The current four sided dice (and their corresponding levels) stay the same, until such time as Kyle (or the community) decides to go beyond Level 4 and invent new abilities requiring the use of a dice with more sides.

    Level 1 - Prove It
    Level 2 - Take It Back
    Level 3 - Back Me Up
    Level 4 - NOBODY KNOWS (that's not a suggestion. I mean literally, we have no idea what this is).

    And that's it! I'm an old Gametrailers fan that has stuck with you guys for years, and i'm continually thrilled and impressed with everything you have achieved as EZA.

    Congratulations on all your success, Love and Respect,

    Jay Tee

  • Huber's face right at the beginning when he learns that Red Faction and Saints Row happen in the same universe. :)