Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • @ACardAttack Well, obviously Bosman can do whatever he wants with his show.

    But it's obvious he has a different idea of what the prove it ticket is, versus everyone else. He thinks everyone would want to use it immediately, but everyone else just wants to see it level up.

  • Well, that wasn't the best podcast we've seen. A lot of things felt somehow just... off. I don't know if that superpowered "Prove it" ticket made people feel weird and watch their language, but it wasn't the whole case. A slow news week didn't offer many interesting topics to discuss, I believe that was the main reason. And also the panel didn't feel particularly energetic, I guess that late hour spot gets the best of us at some point.

    The EZA review guessing game was fun to follow, as were the bets results, LOL.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I liked the new prove it ticket level 4, though might need some tweaking

  • Speaking of Matt Blair (who got mentioned in episode #46) - Does anyone know what he's up to these days?
    It would be awesome to see him as a guest ... Not sure if he lives anywhere close to the EZA environs though...

    On another note - I thought the Like Potato was hilarious :), though they forgot to deduct points for it at the end of the show. I guess that'll be fixed next episode (corrections music please!).

  • I was super happy Kyle chose my game and the panel seemed to enjoy it. Even though Damiani claimed he doesn't do cryptic stuff well I could see a smile sneaking onto his face when he got the F-Zero one early. I was surprised though that Secret of Mana turned out so difficult. Maybe I should have started with "A boy finds a blade" but the whole start of the game wandering around the wood is actually so much stronger for me (emotionally) that I went with "A boy in the woods".

  • @HaikuHunter Your game was great! Playing at home, I got secret of mana right away. I have never even played it, but it's one of my wifes favorite games.

  • @HaikuHunter Thank you for creating my favorite game on the podcast so far! Lots of fun listening to those haikus.

  • A very nice podcast this week, Ben and Ian might be my favourites on the couch (even if I don't want to keep any favourites). And especially that banter between Kyle and Ian is one of my all-time favourite things in EZA. :) <3

    I didn't even own Wii U but this was a great sort of eulogy for the machine. I enjoyed listening the whole thing. And that game with the game titles was really nice to follow.

    I wonder how much truth was in there at the end when they briefly mentioned Damiani. That he wouldn't propably appear in the podcast anytime soon. It wasn't his best night two weeks ago, maybe, but we all have those. I hope people didn't say mean things to him. I, too, said something here as well, but in a more general level. It was the whole package then that didn't really get going. We need all the Allies on the podcast, so hopefully he'll be there again in March. Talking about Switch. :)

    And hey! Somebody please send Kyle a copy of The Last Crusade. I mean that was just brutal. :)

  • @Sentinel-Beach I agree completely. Watching Kyle and Ian banter gives me so much joy, they're a delight together. <3

    Hopefully they just meant that Damiani would just be too busy with BOTW to make a lot of appearances! I think it is important to have lots of different voices in the podcast and it would be a shame if he was avoiding it just because some people can't distinguish being critical and being mean.

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    We need all the Allies on the podcast

    Still patiently waiting on Don...

  • Anyone else losing interest in bets? With the poison thumb and then the like potato, the purple platypui have lost two points and it's starting to get destroyed again.

  • I have to go on the record that eagles don't "Scree" either, this is a falsehood perpetuated by pop culture. The call we usually associate with eagles is actually the call of the Red-Tailed Hawk.

    Check this story out:

    Eagles actually just 'toot' - https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Bald_Eagle/sounds

  • @ACardAttack Those two examples are one offs. I don't think there will be another point deduction thing for bets again, and Kyle has said that he's going to give Damiani a chance to get the point back. As long as there isn't another cockamamie way to deduce points I'm fine with bets.

  • Hey guys,
    Two podcasts ago, Kyle played part of my Love and Respect song on the show. If anyone was wanting to listen to or download the full thing, you can do so here:


    I tweeted it last week, but I should have made a post here, too. Please enjoy!
    -Kevin Jennissen

  • I thought I was the only person on the planet that played (and loved) Stick it to the Man! but Brad seemingly loved it too. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy adventure games in any capacity.

  • @SabotageTheTruth You're not the only one. Also played it through PS+ and enjoyed it too.

  • After watch the latest episode, I just want to address the community that they are always welcome to talk about any game they want, zeitgeist or not. There will always be someone to talk with you here about it if you want to.

  • @Nillend said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    After watch the latest episode, I just want to address the community that they are always welcome to talk about any game they want, zeitgeist or not. There will always be someone to talk with you here about it if you want to.

    Yup, especially on discord. We geek out on older titles all the time there.

  • Picking your battles is the best answer to the zeitgeist thing. Or finding a way to not care about it.
    But really you just gotta pick the MUST play games, that you need to play right away.

    Also I look forward to next week's LOTR lore lesson.

  • I really hope everyone here has subscribed to the EZA YouTube channel. If not, please do so. And maybe ask your friends or people on other forums to do so as well. I know I did on this Finnish gaming forum I frequent. (There's an Easy Allies thread I update if not on daily then weekly basis.)

    At the moment the number is 97 988. So close!