Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • @Inustar the setting and in particular the mechs really push the idea of building up your strength and getting into fights. I wouldn't be surprised if an expansion down the line plays into that and makes combat an important and worthwhile thing.

  • @thenerdtheword I'd be surprised. The designer of the game and the artist really wanted the game to be about agriculture and war, so I doubt they'll put more focus on one side. Not to mention those mechs are for the most part not about getting into fights, instead more about moving workers around and getting you abilities. Though if you're Saxony, then you can really push the combat.
    This game is more about these weapons of War being used to avoid combat, than really starting it.

    I'm interested to see how Iron Harvest deals with the faction abilities, or if they deal with them at all.

  • This weeks live podcast was the stuff dreams were made of! Ben getting kidnapped by crickets, Huber just LOSING ALL CONTROL! Damiani tossing that salad, Brad on the beer and Kyle with literal steam coming from his ears at the lack of professionalism. That is what EZA is about, and why I am so happy to be willing to part with my cash every month from now, to help these guys stay amazing.



  • Any word on when the audio will be uploaded? I usually listen to them when I work out and I can't access the twitch stream do to a poor connection at my gym.

  • Already a few days later I had forgotten this corrections music! Can we please keep it? Pretty please. Oh man, this was just absolutely the best thing to witness, the whole show, side camera and all. :)

  • @naltmank

    Mine hadn't updated either, I just listened on youtube...you could always use a youtube downloader, save it and load it on your phone...though being this long of a file, it might not work

  • @ACardAttack uploaded today!

  • Podcast with the new look, nice! I like it a lot. It's fresh and also more professional-looking. Like you pretty much immediately know what's happening here. They're all just closer to each other as well, which works well for this.

    Good conversations, too. Everyone was into it. Loved the take on Injustice 2, nice for it to get some more coverage. The E3/PSX conversion was also interesting, especially when Damiani brought out the business side of everything etc. And of course it's always a welcome treat to hear from our boy General Hux. :)

  • I notice in the last podcast, Iron Harvest is now a sponsor, nice, I'm really anticipating that game.
    Also, it's nice to finally know what is Michael Kozachenko

  • I was shocked my question got selected for Love & Respect!! So much love!!!!

  • Loved Kyle's impressions of that 1980s NYC Assassin's Creed. So stupid yet perfect. :D

  • I thought it was heartbreaking listening to Huber talk about his reasons for quitting Overwatch on the latest podcast. You shouldn't be a dick to anyone in a game, but imagine being mean to Huber. I know they almost certainly had no idea who he is, but he's such a nice, sincere guy!

  • @gwnner True, and in no way do I defend anyone trash talking him (or anyone else for that matter), but if you haven't played the game in months, I don't think hopping into ranked play is necessarily the best idea. It's strange to think how much more toxic Overwatch seems to be on PC though, I very rarely encounter situations like that. Hopefully he'll hop back in someday with Brad.

  • There is no doubt that any online game has some toxicity in there. I don't think Overwatch is the worst however ranked play is it's own beast. Huber has brought up a good point that I didn't think of, the people who want to check out ranked while others know what they're doing. Ranked brings out the absolute worst in people.

    I did feel bad for Huber but once he said ranked, I understood immediately what had happened.

  • The ending of this week's podcast devolved into some truly amazing moments between the panel.

  • #71 was one of the happiest EZA podcasts I've seen. So much fun to watch. :) The mood was perfect between the four: banter, bits, jokes and points all over the place, but in just the right way and amount. The topic was also good, this kind of one big thing with list of games to talk about, so everything just ran super smoothly, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • #73: Good podcast, guys. Especially the whole L&R section, so thanks to my fellow patrons as well for those questions and that game that turned into something super fun. :) It was so simple. Also, Huber's ponderings and impressions about both an energetic and a moping platypus were golden. Too good, man. :] Blood was somehow pretty energetic himself as well. Or at least he let it show more this time, especially towards the end. Good final word!

  • #74: The podcasts just keep getting better and better. An excellent episode this week, I enjoyed it so much! :) There were good vibes through the whole thing, good conversations, but the absolute gold nugget was the superb Locks, Sleepers, Keepers and Busts part of L&R. That's a perfect concept for a podcast! I can't believe how much I enjoyed listening to that. Everyone had really good picks for every category, those kind of that surprised you a little, sort of, but that were really logical immediately after. Such a good section, 40 minutes of smiling and intense following of the conversation. It's always interesting to think about the future this way, what's ahead of us. Though it was also as cool to hear the last year's picks. Oh, this was just perfect. Thanks to the person who submitted this into L&R and thanks to the guys for the conversation itself. Brandon's bust, by the way. The reactions on both sides of the screen. :D

  • If anybody is interested in playing Marble Blast Ultra, the delisted xbox 360 game mentioned during corrections, you can download a PC port here. I coincidentally learned about it a few days ago and it's a pretty fun game. Keep in mind that this is NOT an official release

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah, I gotta say, that's probably my favorite version of the panel. Usually good vibes and a lot of jokes flowing when it's those 4 put together. That platypus noise though... it needs some work.