Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • @Sentinel-Beach Yeah, I gotta say, that's probably my favorite version of the panel. Usually good vibes and a lot of jokes flowing when it's those 4 put together. That platypus noise though... it needs some work.

  • Podcast 74: as a MGS super fan i find it disturbing that Jones picked MG Survive as his sleeper, also EZA is the only YouTube be channel i heard talk positively about that game, everyone else knows Konami is using Metal Gear name to make money and they just avoid it,even if the game is decent or good nobody should talk about it because of what it represent.

  • @A7X458 said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

    Konami is using Metal Gear name to make money

    Yes they are.

  • @A7X458 I don't like MG Survive or the idea of it at all, but I have to say I appreciate that EZA are willing to approach that game with an open mind and not let the behind the scene stuff get in the way. It fits for them.

    That being said, Jones is gonna be wrong. I don't see that doing well, mostly because of the bad will Konami has. That game could be amazing, and I still don't see it selling well.

  • @A7X458 Jones isn't the only one to speak positively about it, it was also Kyle's noodles on the last E3 version of Frame Trap... so I feel there's gotta be a fun game there. If a game is worth your time, EZA is going to mention it - whether or not there's drama behind it. It's just like when a new Kanye album drops. Sure, he's an asshat to a lot of people in the entertainment industry, but it shouldn't affect the quality of his work or how others perceive it. Konami has always been using the Metal Gear name to make money - they develop video games, that is their main purpose, just like any other developer.

    It just seems like it's being brought up because the general reaction when most people hear about it is one of disgust, so it's apparently better than those initial impressions. That being said, it does have that Metal Gear name, so it might also sell pretty well, and if you're in some weird league that drafts upcoming video games, that is the perfect sleeper.

    I'm still in the camp that really wants to believe Kojima has produced his most elaborate troll yet and the next trailer for this game will drop the "Survive" title, replace it with a "6", and have him run on stage to soak in the shock from everyone's faces. Sometimes, you just gotta believe.

  • Yeah, who honestly cares about the Kojima drama at this point?

    Survive looks fun and it's had a lot of positive reception from media at this point.

    If you want to commit some self-righteous protest against the game over some drama that's over a year old now then more power to you. But I like good video games, I want to hear about good video games, and I especially want to hear the allies talk about good video games.

  • @Hazz3r you're right nobody cares about the drama, i am talking about corporate greed and on a scale of 1 to 10 Survive is a 10, but if Konami comes out with a remaster/re-release of any of the MGS game i will buy all of them.

  • @A7X458 How is it corporate greed?! You realise how much money they poured into the Fox Engine and MGSV in general?

    You think they're going to use the Fox Engine for a single game and then never use the thing ever again?

  • @A7X458 Honestly, I view remasters way more as corporate greed. They're usually low effort and trying to capitalize on something that was already popular. They do allow a new "generation" to experience a game, so I'm not against them, but at least Survive is trying new things.

  • Podcast #76. Wow. Unexpected.

  • Spoilers for next week bet

    It's no looking good for the red Eagles the trophy is at 61% right now.

  • Every now and then I think that it'd be cool if they switched up the pairs for a change, but then I get a Ben and Ian episode and everything's just perfect. Man, I love the energy this group tends to have.

  • About the pairs (again, it seems): Blood and Damiani were great together, a solid line-up this way. The veterans, if you will. If we could get Huber and Brad together this way as a result, would that be too much or just great chemistry? I'm kinda hoping for some mixing up again after all.

    Really good EA conversation in any case. Glad that we got a special long topic because of the strong emotions.

  • @Sentinel-Beach it has to be
    Damiani & Blood aka The Vets
    Ben & Ian aka Sweet and Sassy
    Brad & Huber aka SoCal Hype Squad

    (Team names pending further review)

  • A would have loved them to have time to look at the CDPR letter about Cyberpunk like Jones teased. There really is no comparison between the two. EAs letter speaks like corporate jargon and buzz phrases. CDPR's letter speaks like actual people are making a game and they're proud of it even if it makes no money.

  • do they read posts only from patreon or do they also do mail?

  • @The_Andredal

    For Love and Respect? Kyle makes a Patreon Post for $5+ Patrons and people comment on that post. Kyle then selects a bunch of comments, games, questions, etc and picks out a few based on the mood of the podcast.

    For Corrections, Kyle reads through the Youtube Comments and picks out any Corrections people have made.

    So no, they don't do posts on the Forums or Emails. However, Frame Trap does take emails, so maybe give that a look.

  • @Hazz3r alright, that's what i though

  • Really liked the newest one, #86. Everyone was on a good mood, and it was nice to see Ian and Damiani together for a change. And Damiani was really energetic and funny and had a lot to say, which is always great. Loved that moment about his sources and the Dragonball game. And the Zelda moments at the end where he was literally like possessed by Triforce or something, channelling words from the past.

    Good topics in general as well. That EA / Respawn conversation was interesting as it made me think about the business side of things way more than I usually do.

  • #87. The Last Guardian conversation was a big miss in my opinion. I mean how come they didn't tackle the obvious point of having the Game Awards in early December, which automatically puts all the December games in limbo? That's the main reason TLG didn't get nominated. Films and music have their award ceremonies in January through March even, which makes a lot of sense. In a matter of fact, games should have their annual award ceremonies the furthest into next year as it's the medium that consumes the most time out of these three entertainment areas. This current date is frankly just stupid, ignoring 1/12 of the year.

    (I haven't yet played TLG, so I'm not bitter about its fate in that regard. Just annoyed about the Game Awards date.)