Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • #112 - Gengar on the desk makes me way too happy.

  • #113. I laughed out of joy to Kyle's memories of just staring a wall in Perfect Dark Zero. :D Oh man, that jump to HD was truly something amazing back then. I had that with PS3 and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Uhh, such a great memory!

  • The new flat lighting with the hint of colour is great (I wouldn't even mind more colour tbh). I love the multiple angles. Wondering if the ribbon mics should come back or maybe a mix of lav and ribbon? I felt like the audio was ever so slightly muted. Not a complaint. Everything is great and I'm glad the community pulled through to make these changes.

  • Love the new camera angles and mics - almost want to start watching the podcast each week rather than listening on Apple Podcasts! And sure it'll continue to improve as the weeks go by :)

  • Banned

    Great shows guys. I just was wondering why no one has mentioned the passing of a fellow YouTube game critic. I think that would be news worthy. Where's the L&R ?

  • @acidtrip-69 For whatever it's worth Kyle brought it up near the end of his For Frog the Bell Tolls stream last week.

  • Damn this looked good now. And Ian was doing great job as the director, things worked really well. And he took part in the conversation in a good measure, no sudden or annoying or anything like that remarks. Keep it up guys, solid work! And Brad's whole final winning segment was just too good throughout. :)

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    @hanabi I guess but I think just one person saying little at the end of a stream doesn't cover the sad and big impact this person left on gaming and YouTube as a whole.

  • Such a good podcast the latest one. The excitement, energy and anticipation was all around the guys, I could feel it through the screen. The next seven days or so are going to be nuts! Overdose of EZA content and new games just everywhere. Literally countless hours, I'm ready!

  • 1:03:40
    Youtube Video

    Rufus is indeed getting old. Dufus is canon.

  • #118. What is the reason for so many down votes this time? The comments seem to be about some anime or fighting game, but when did they even talk about something like that? I completely missed this apparent controversy, could I get a time stamp or something?

    Edit. Okay, found it in the comments. So it was about that SNK thing around the Dark Souls bet. Didn't even know what that was. Insanity in comments. I'm good.

  • @sentinel-beach Damiani said, "A guide on how to be a better person by not buying SNK Heroines."

    So, them just putting their foot in their mouth again ala Peach Beach.

  • @sentinel-beach Personally, I always find it easier to measure someone by their intention and the obvious intention here was a joke (a bad one, albeit). Being offended is trendier than Coca-Cola these days though, so tons of downvotes. I can't count the number of times Borderlands and Bioshock have been dumped on (and fans for enjoying them) but I just shrug and move on.

  • @sentinel-beach it was clearly a joke but some people just want to find something to get angry about.

  • I wonder if it's all those same people who were upset about Brandon talking with Collin, who are that attacked the Peach Beach people, and are now throwing insults at anyone who enjoys fan service games.

  • There was a post that went up on the subreddit about it, and I was expecting it to be way worse. I thought it was a pretty funny bit. Definitely a case of a vocal minority (that will definitely never forget this and will bring it up every time fan service is vaguely alluded to from now til the end of eternity).

  • For whatever it's worth what I'm getting out of the comments is that people aren't really upset that he's not a fan of what the game is as much as they are that the phrase "be a better person, don't buy this game" implies that buying the game (nevermind enjoying it) makes you a bad, or at least worse, person. While it is just a joke it comes across less as "haha this game" and more "haha this fanbase" and I mean, while fans of anything don't like having their thing be put down they obviously dislike being put down themselves even more.

  • @hanabi Yeah. I don't care about this game, and I dislike games that have too much fanservice, but even I thought the be a better person line was perhaps a step too far. There is nothing inherently wrong with people enjoying looking at sexy characters.
    That being said I do think I prefer it if people say what they really mean, so if Damiani really thinks that... it's fine. He'll just have to deal with the comments.

  • Everyone knows who SNK Heroines is made for. At least be honest with yourself when someone draws attention to that. Because you could be a better person.

    Edit: Just looked at the YouTube comments. Wow, guys. You make it really hard to be empathetic.

  • @inflorescence I never liked this attitude. Everyone should play and enjoy what he/she likes. Not judging people is also part of "Love and Respect".

    SNKH is not a game I'm going to buy day one but there are games with lots of fan service that I really enjoy. The Senran Kagura games, Medarots Girl Mission and the Neptunia games just to name a few.

    Being called not a good person because of liking those games kinda stings.