Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread

  • I think that if they're not going to quickly and effectively put together a solution for the visual stuff that they're looking at on the screen, then they need to stop doing it. It doesn't necessarily have to be on the fly screen switching, but if Ian just wrote down links for stuff he shows and then sticks it in the description of the video and any other services the podcast is on, preferably with timestamps.

    But honestly, I don't think they should be doing it at all. It's a podcast after all. They shouldn't be looking at stuff to see what it is being talked about, someone should be describing what it was through their words.

    Youtube Video – [58:19..]

    This is a good example. Kyle is describing what the show looks like but as soon as Ian brings up the trailer on screen everyone stops talking, reacts to what they're seeing instead of continuing to describe it for the listener.

    I understand why it might seem like it's a good idea, but in my opinion it brings the quality down, and instead they should do just a bit more preparation before hand so they're aware of what's being talked about, anything that's brought up by another Ally should then just be described by that Ally.

  • I loved the July 25th podcast because they talked about some games dear to my heart. :) For example, I loooooooooovvve the high praise for Arkham City! I agree that it's the very BEST. The VERY BEST game in the series. It's also the very best licensed game of all time. Besides the original NES game, Batman. :)

    When I was watching the gameplay trailers of Spiderman, I was immediately reminded of... the ARKHAM series! :D

    While you guys were talking about Octopath Traveler, the gameplay elements you spoke of reminds me of Atelier Iris. I plan to pick up Octopath Traveler at some point, but I really am intrigued by the conversation because I am getting a Atelier Iris vibe in there.

  • This week's podcast in a nutshell :]

    Youtube Video

  • #124. Brad's comment about making friends with Mario Party was funny as hell. :] And the hoodie discussion kept me entertained, excellent.

  • Maybe it was just a summer slump with not much news, but I wasn't vibing on the past couple of weeks of the podcast... August 8th's was really great though, multiple times I had to pause the episode because of how hard I was laughing.

  • #125 - probably the best Love & Respect section I can remember. Super jolly Pokemon game and those stories of support were incredible!

    Also, calling it now but -

    The Dragon Ball correction is a new bit. I don't know anything about the series but corrections two weeks in a row with the comment section blowing up over it? Seems fishy.

  • Late to the party, but wanted to say that kyle had me in stitches with his "little pig, little pig" antics from 2 weeks ago.

    He missed a prime opportunity to milk it one final time with his trademark sign off.

  • #128: I really like these poptart & toaster strudel episodes, this one, too, was very beefy. Good predictions and choices for most part. So many games coming up, I have to pick and choose, unfortunately.

  • @sentinel-beach the concept of the segment is already confusing to me as i don't even know what's a pop tart or a toaster strudel looks like, and choosing Pokemon let's go as a toaster strudel is also confusing because these game will get an average of 8/10 and will sell millions.

  • @a7x458 It's confusing to me since I like toaster strudel more than pop tarts.

    But the whole point of a toaster strudel is to tell people to be careful of a game, and they think people should be wary of Let's Go Pokemon.

  • Off topic : what's up with"go register to vote"?
    I know the US has a really bad voters turnout but is there a really important vote coming up in the US ?

  • #132: I was worried at first about the short lenght this week, but this turned out really fine. A tight package. I liked especially the tariffs conversation and the review trivia quiz. But what is Damiani's Guinness world record??

  • Undertale is brilliant, don't listen to certain mega sponsors.

  • Jigarbov's return was a fun surprise, liked it a lot. :)

  • #134: A really solid podcast this week, both informational and entertaining. Loved the PSN ID suggestions, loved the "Halo ship or Taylor Swift song" game, and really loved Kyle's Band Hero memories. :D

  • That Halo ship or Taylor Swift song game was fucking hilarious, holy shit. Massive L&R to whoever submitted that (Gramps, i think? I think i misheard it).

  • Just so everyone know, Dr. Butt Thunder is real, and he plays World of Tanks : http://gosutactics.com/tournamentTeam473-114164-dr-butt-thunder/

  • Nice, my correction about OLEDs made it into the Podcast! :)

  • what mics do they use?