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    Hmm this ep is a bit weird, probably because of Damiani trolling, but the pacing felt off. It felt short, but it was almost an hour and a half.

    Anyway, it would have been nice if Bosman put in the nominees for the Game Awards for better context. Would have made it obvious that said Nintendo game is not even on E3 critic's radar. They have so many weird rules though.

    About the CS:GO stuff. Super shady. Valve doesn't care about it. They actually benefit greatly from the gambling scheme because the more times an item transfers hands, they more money they get because they take a cut.

    I despise a lot of games, I couldn't even remember all the games I despise without having to think hard.

    Console wars is great. Heck, I was in the console wars before Sega was around. I was a PC Engine fanboy against Nintendo.
    I think the fans directly impact the performance of the console companies. If they don't give us what we want, or give us something we don't care about, they are deaf to their fans. Sony didn't win E3 because their execs wanted some time with celebrities, they won because they listened to their fans about what they want to see.

    Damiani wasn't really trolling, but he didn't really seem interested in partaking in the podcast. Which is a bit of a shame, because he does podcasts very well. Problem is, he's not always prepared for a podcast, but when he is, he sounds like an educated gamer.

    I mean, the only time he was trolling was when Bosman was polling for "despised" games. (I couldn't hear what he said, though. Someone tell me what despised games are from everyone in the podcast?)

    Journalists (ahem, critics) should equally be excited for games as we are. If you're not a gamer, then what's the point of you being a journalist? I watch the podcast, and I hear the panel saying that most of the announcements at E3 "don't matter" to journalists/critics/editors, but that's wrong. Because you're not able to communicate back to your readers or viewers about what the reception of a new game or new title in the franchise is like over there at E3.

    Case in point: The whole point of the critics awards discussion is to bring forth patterns in journalists' reaction to BIG games. For example: Fallout 3/4 reveals for a lot people would have been a resounding "yup." But it sounds like journalists don't care about Fallout franchise as everyone else. I'm not interested in Fallout, but the general public is; it even became the best selling video game of 2015 after Call of Duty.

    I would like to see Console Wars come back, too. It really was a good thing for the industry, everyone benefits from it. Same is true for 3rd party developers. This would have increased discussions on Twitter, facebook, google+, and whatever avenues there is. Forums would have thrived, as a result, too.

    Why companies aren't taking the "My console is better than yours" stance these days, I don't know. But competition is good for everyone. It resulted in better commercials, convincing commercials, killer apps, quality games, more diverse IP's, new IP's, and so on and on and on. The possibilities are endless. Nintendo vs SEGA will just go down in history as the best Console War of all time.

    And I agree, Sony winning E3 is because Sony listened to their fans. I agree that fans impact the performance of the console companies. That includes 3rd party companies.

  • I honestly feel like I got into gaming more because of console wars. 10 years ago I had joined the Gamespot forums that had a System Wars forum for all the trash talking. Sony fans were Cows because Sony kept milking the fanbases for high cost peripherals (and right around the time PS3 price was announced, Microsoft fans were Lemmings because they would jump off a cliff for them, and Nintendo fans were sheep, similar to a lemming, being guided around by Nintendo. PC fans were Hermits because they live alone in a dark basement playing on their PC.

    It was hilarious and all tongue and cheek. It got heated but it made me want to follow gaming news more.

  • love these podcasts

  • Does anyone know what time they usually record at?

    By the time I get my question in, it's usually been around 7 hours since Kyle put up the post and there are never many comments after mine.
    Can't help but feel I'm getting screwed over by time zones here and they've already started recording before I even ask a question.

  • @Carpainter Pretty sure it records right after the group stream every Tues.

  • @DeweyDTruman Ah ok, thanks for letting me know! That means I should still be eligible assuming Kyle checks the comments an hour or so before the stream.

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    Maybe Kyle should join the green lizards if they stand any chance of beating the unstoppable force that is Brandon Jones

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    @kevboard said in Easy Allies Podcast - Official Discussion Thread:

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    Maybe Kyle should join the green lizards if they stand any chance of beating the unstoppable force that is Brandon Jones

    Kah Kah!!!!

  • Easy Ally

    @Carpainter I actually do the final check for comments for Love and Respect before I leave for Jones', which is usually around 4:15PM PT, so today it was up for just over six hours, which means you probably got screwed. Maybe I can post these late Monday nights

  • @Bosman I'd definitely like it if you did Kyle!

  • @Bosman Thanks for responding! That'd be great if you could manage it, but I understand that your life doesn't purely consist of Allies stuff so don't feel like you have to.
    Grateful enough for the fact the podcast even exists! :joy:

  • Oh man, Bosman. You and me, bro!
    My podcast question was exactly what was talked about, though I was pretty sure it was going to be the topic.

    I am so mad that people are praising Nintendo instead of Niantic. The people who work the hardest should deserve respect, and everyone is being so disrespectful to Niantic. I really hope more journalists set this record straight because even popular game media are putting Pokemon GO centric articles around Nintendo.

    Edit: About the L&R for dads, Stardew Valley is waaaaay mechanically difficult for dads who don't play games.

    It needs to be something really easy to understand, which all those simple mobile games do perfectly.

  • Argh, Would have loved if the Love and Respect segment would have gone into why or why not they think each game was in development or not.
    The last of us 2 is definitively in development, I can feel it.

  • @seppo91 Nope, they are working on Unkarted: Drake's Championship and the unannounced real Crash Bandicoot sequel.

  • I am surprised the Demon Souls one was all no's when there has been some smoke to it

  • @Lexad Well Miyazaki said recently that Demon Souls Remaster could happen if another studio does it, so it's most likely not in any state of development.

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    @Lexad Well Miyazaki said recently that Demon Souls Remaster could happen if another studio does it, so it's most likely not in any state of development.

    Sony owns the ip so I don't think they necessarily have to notify him if they start

  • @Lexad Hmm I suppose so, but From Software developed it. Sony aren't the type to do these things without some sort of collaboration or letting devs know that they're porting games. Every Sony port I know about had the original devs working with the porting devs.

  • @Whoaness I was sad to see the Demon's Souls connections cut from Bloodborne, and wonder how many others were trimmed. Given that Dark Souls 3 carries so much fanservice from the first game, an interesting dichotomy in that regard.

    On a From tip, i'm excited for what Yui Tanimura does next. I think the man's a genius, and Scholar Of The First Sin means the world to me.

  • the streak won't end
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